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Fell creepy (played by Fell-san)

Ugh another kid hit cause kids are too easy to kill
Fell creepy (played by Fell-san)

Ugh another kid hit cause kids are too easy to kill
Jason (played by ALTY_Heave)


"Ah, yes, believe it or not, I could kill you in the blink of an eye!" he exaggerates, laughing as he grabs his knife.
“By King’s decree, I declare that you children stop fighting. As a result of your actions, you will now face a dozen lashes in hopes that you will stop this killing madness.”

Oren (played anonymously)

"I'll give you a kiss....but only if you let me wear your crown."

“I’m not sure what to do with you, so...Hit?”
Exavier (played by ALTY_Heave)


Exavier lightly pecked her on the cheek before walking off, saying nothing else.
"Kiss! MWAH!!"
Aodhan Carrick (played by Lanx12)

"Hmm Its against me to kiss strange women, and it goes against my teaching to kill...So....Yeah I'll just give you a little bonk on the head!"
Wilhelmina (played by Somnom)

"Pucker up, sunshine. You look like you need a smooch," Mina said while waggling her brows.

Alexander Saber (played by Lanx12)

"I've always had a thing for the outgoing ladies." He smirked and winked. "A bit of kissing is good for the soul after all."
Thazzar (played by Pantrane)

“Noble knight, eh?” The beast leaps down from a hidden perch. “I shall make you into a meal. It’s the holiday... And I shall feast.”
"I'll just kill you so I have less inner demons to face..."
Sanya (played by ALTY_Heave)


"I think you deserve it..." She gently kisses his cheek.
Misaki Yuihara (played by Lithe)

Misaki nervously peeked out from under her hoodie, a nervous whimper coming from her mouth. She mumbled quickly.

¨H-Hit...sorry, you just a-aren´t really my type. B-But I promise to make it u-up to you! Ill uhm....take you out for dinner and buy you a gift. I just dont like being rude......¨
Miaha (played by MordosKull)

"Kill, naturally, but I'll kill anyone for the right price, heheh, ze."
Ambrosia (played anonymously)

"Likewise, darling."
Oliver (played by ALTY_Heave)

Oliver frowned. "I uh- h-hit...simply not my type, s-sorry!"
Sol (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)


"Just another soul to the tallies!"
Kioko Shilang (played by Lithe)


“Tsk, I’m not remorseful to people who kill for the fun of it.”

“Person below me, don’t even think about trying to kiss me.”

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