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In this game you simply say something most people don't know about your character either IC or OOC. Little or big just an interesting fact most people wouldn't know or wouldn't think about. Perhaps an inspiration or the seed of an idea. Maybe it's something you find funny and you want to share.

I'll go first... I have a character named Willy, who is in fact a groundskeeper. <_<

Not_Voldarian_Empire (played anonymously)

The truth is.....I really am Voldarian_Empire....

I'll go for serious in a minute...looks fun I just couldn't resist since this humorous 'character' was still around in my dashboard
Yoshikage Kira (played by KatrinaPride)

My name is yoshikage kiwa. I'm 33 yeaws owd. My house is in the nowtheast section of mowioh, whewe aww the viwwas awe, and i am not mawwied. I wowk as an empwoyee fow kame yu depawtment stowes, and i get home evewy day by 8 pm at the watest. I don't smoke, but i occasionawwy dwink. I'm in bed by 11 pm, and make suwe i get eight houws of sweep, no mattew what. Aftew having a gwass of wawm miwk and doing about twenty minutes of stwetches befowe going to bed, i usuawwy have no pwobwems sweeping untiw mowning, just wike a baby. I wake up without any fatigue ow stwess in the mowning. I was towd thewe wewe no issues at my wast check-up. What i'm twying to expwain is that i'm a pewson who wishes to wive a vewy quiet wife. I take cawe not to twoubwe mysewf with any enemies, wike winning and wosing, that wouwd cause me to wose sweep at night. That is how i deaw with society, and i know that is what bwings me happiness. Awthough, if i wewe to fight i wouwdn't wose to anyone.

((I'm sorry, I found this owoified version of the yoshikage kira copypasta, and it was perfect for this. Yoshikage Kira is a furry))
If you rp with Siira, you probably shouldn't look at this - serious spoilers are enclosed
Truth is....I have a kind of emotional disease even I'm not aware I have, which is a result from racial cross mating with a different species which takes mates slightly differently (biologically speaking). As ironic as it sounds, without even knowing I have this problem, I am actively searching for the cure, without even realizing it is a cure to a disease I don't know I have
John Roby (played anonymously)

“Hello, I’m John, and I’m forever young at age 22 having been in the wrong place when a mortar shell landed during the Battle of Hill 875. My cousin remembered me and created this memorial character for me. There is some information about me in the Notes of Honor, but if Little Richie knew the stuff that went on in ‘nam.... I’m glad they ended this horror before the draft came for you....
I confess I'm aylssa Nicole Kennedy's daughter and I drive her crazy sometimes. But she's the greatest mom ever. I'm also the miniature version of her. I'm so adorable cute humorous and also humble.
Creatia (played by Lucretire)

A little known secret about Creatia? Well... Once upon a time, long before she had petite pride in her non-existant bust, Creatia... had boobs. Large boobs. *gasp* ...Yeah, when I first started drawing Creatia, she had D to DD-cup boobs.

Also... Her initial character concept was that she hated being seen as overtly feminine. The idea was that Creatia would hide her long hair by braiding it, wrapping said braid around her waist, then putting on an oversized sweater to hide her hair and her curves. That way, she would look like she had short hair and was very chunky and plain jane in order to ward off curious men. After drawing her like that a few times, the idea got scrapped for a different design later on. (Ironically, her current design is uber-femme and she loves every waking minute of it.)
Roselin was once an assassin, despite being at least 25~30 years old, but now she handles the assassin work. Despite being rich, and all, she still has a hobby of going to the range, preferably with a new gun. She has yet to find the gun she loves, but it'll come to her some day...

People assume she gets called "Rose" because it's the shortened version of her name, but it's really because she likes deep red roses. She accepts roses (as long as they are red) from anyone, regardless of their gender. She probably has a hundred or more of them, and most of them are the fake roses, but she still appreciates them.

And there you go, a bit of Roselin for you.
My creator feels I could be a good gag character, but I don't see it. Says she could see me having outlandish reactions to things that annoy me, or just being monotone to the weirdest stuff going on around me. It's not my fault I get angry or just don't care!

I was also originally based on a photo she found online 6 years ago, and crafted for an RP where everyone was a half demon of some sort. My mother happened to be a dragon demon, and it was a requirement you spent your life not knowing who your parents were. It's why I grew up with humans, because that's originally what I had to do.
Bluebell bought a fake ID when she was 17 so she would be able to buy a guinea pig without parental permission :P
Lon'qu has a secret affection for gray wolves, truth be told~
Malakai (played by Avelithe)

Little known fact: This bashful boi has a fabulous singing voice, and knows some pretty mean chords on his guitar.👌
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

"A lil secret about me...mhhhhh...Well I don't actually know my real age. I just guessed it!"
Yes I had quite the career change. A world famous bikini model. To a leader of my band of followers after the world wide apocalypse. I miss the days when all I had to do was tan and model bikinis.
Sol (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

Sol has always been an angry man, but there's one soul he's never been angry at: His own mother. Despite her "work" for their survival, he was always happy to keep around his mother, until the day she died. Sol was never the same after her death, and his mother's death (from illness) is one of the reasons he lost his sanity, however, he was still quite sane up until the point when his lover, Aska, was killed in battle by none other than Umbra.
A little known fact about my deliciously evil Ghaurug is that he once fell in love! He had a fleeting acquaintance with a Dunmer man who showed interest in him, and Ghaurug wasn't interested at first, but the man persisted until Ghaurug found himself yearning to be with him. But their relationship was doomed from the start, as the Dunmer was actually engaged to a woman—which Ghaurug found out just as he was about to ask the Dunmer to make their relationship official. Furious that he'd been led on under false pretenses, he lashed out, and the Dunmer left. Ghaurug hasn't seen him since, but he's sworn to himself that if he ever saw that Dunmer again he'd kill him.

The story of how their brief relationship started is actually kind of hilarious, but it's also not exactly PG-13 for a bit of...not exactly violence, but I guess it would count as either violence or at least gore.
Rolf Steiner (played anonymously)

I hate Nazis. If any of my men let on about being a party member, I make sure they volunteer.... taking point, clearing mines, and other dangerous duties.
I confess I'm Jack sparrows daughter. I drink like a fish. I'm after booty and treasure.
Sol (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

"I tire of the phony war people pull against me. They're always underpowered, always outmanned, too. The last one I had, I had 25 soldiers to 1. I crush without care. Ever since my lover died, I've sought revenge by scorching this Earth with the blood of the enemy."
"I had a childhood crush on Shaggy from the live action Scooby Doo movie. I also know all the lyrics to the Danny Phantom theme song."

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