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It's just a quick question. Do people prefer to RP on here (RPR) or discord? From what I've seen in my small circle of friends, it's pretty split.
I bet we'll be pretty split in this survey too. :)


(Personally, I won't even entertain RPs that are run on Discord. I find it less-than-appealing to keep up with multiple sites and like when my RPs are all in one place.)
Juls wrote:
(Personally, I won't even entertain RPs that are run on Discord. I find it less-than-appealing to keep up with multiple sites and like when my RPs are all in one place.)

I can understand that. I've moved more over to discord since I don't really RP much here anymore, sadly. I've got one or two, and then it's more to talk with my friends here and store characters.

I like Discord for a few reasons:
  1. Notifications - I receive push notifications. In RPR, I can't seem to make them work, and I only get them via email.
  2. Cross-platform - There's an app for Discord.
  3. Servers - The servers are pretty easy to make for roleplay. For each partner, I have a server. One text channel for OOC, one for media references (such as like what dress my character is wearing, etc.), one for each roleplay that we are doing, etc. Sometimes I'll also make one for character sheets and one for specific lore that we can reference later. It depends on how elaborate the roleplay becomes.
  4. Organization - I love the fact that I can organize my servers into folders and whatnot. And I think having the servers creates an organization of sorts.
  5. Bots - Discord has bots. These can be utilized for roleplay purposes.
  6. Not BBC - It's easier to just upload images without having to use a code. Also, you can use * instead of code to create italics. I dunno, I just think it's easier.

Now, with that being said, RPR is a fantastic website and I love it very much. Kim did an amazing job and for its purpose, it functions very well. However, my preferred method is Discord for the reasons stated above. I still roleplay on RPR, mind you.

EDIT: I use RPR for the character creation function. I prefer that over Discord. That, and I can roleplay AS my character, with the avatar and everything. That's one thing RPR has over Discord.
I play here. I favor the pacing this setup encourages as opposed to something more instant chat-like.
Sanne Moderator

I don't like using my personal username to roleplay with. It gets confusing, and it makes people cross the line between IC and OOC for me too often. :( I exclusively RP on RPR these days, I much prefer just having my character's icon and their name associated with my posts and have it easier to look them up without having to fumble with keeping track of URLs.

Oh and most of my characters are anonymous, and Discord is in no way anonymous for me since it contains my name!
i'm willing to rp here, but most of my rps these days are through discord if they're not on furcadia. i'd be happy to rp here if someone preferred, but as others have mentioned, the functionality provided by discord is just really useful! i like being able to have multiple channels and things like that. for example, i had a little server with someone i used to rp with, and we would keep character references in one channel, details about the setting in another for easy reference, and things like that. i always have discord up if i'm on my computer, so i'll never miss a post. also, i've never used bots for rp purposes, but i think it'd be interesting.

it is true that discord seems like an instant chat type thing, but since i am a multi-para rper, it never winds up feeling that way to me!
Libertine Moderator

I enjoy Discord for group role-plays, RPR for 1x1, though I'm in a couple "partner" channels for categorizing multiple settings with one other writer. I used to prefer Discord for its fast pace, but find I lose things because of it as life gets busier, so I'm writing more and more often on RPR.
RPR for sure, and for more than one reason as well
  • My characters names and icons appear in RPR, and while nicknames and photos can be exchanged on Discord, that extends for one per server for nickname, and one per photo per account
  • discord doesn't really have a good way to display character profiles even when using URLs to tag RPR/other site profiles (it could maybe work for a small amount of characters in a dedicated channel, but anything beyond that and it's easy to lose track of the profile links)
  • discord is set up more so to accommodate concise responses in my opinion, and my preference is forum posting. I find it more descriptive and enjoyable than concise responses, and my lifestyle is also rather incompatible with many discord servers I've come across
  • maybe it's my own luck here, but nearly every discord rp I've attempted to engage in has quickly collapsed....might be just my luck as previously stated, but experience has taught me not to place a lot of stock in them as a result

Note - There may be more reasons I am not currently recalling

All in all my opinion is that RPR and Discord aren't even in the same league when it comes to rp. RPR is a website dedicated to roleplay, and while sure it doesn't have an app, my own experiences (which are like 90% on mobile) is that it runs 100% fine on mobile without requiring a dedicated application to run. Discord, on the other hand, is not really built for rp. While, yes, you can undoubtedly use it to rp, I don't think it really compares to the ultimate roleplay website that is The Roleplay Repository :)
I prefer RPR for IC/RP.

1. Character names + connected to profile. (Not something possible on Discord)

2. Organization. I prefer RPR's organization of the inbox folders for RP over discords, even though discord does have a good organization system.

I prefer Discord for OOC chat though.
Mercyinreach wrote:
I prefer Discord for OOC chat though.

I can agree with that for sure
I actually have both!

I RP here mainly, but I do have two RPs going right now on discord, one with someone who wants to test the waters of RP, and another with a friend who knows my characters already and isn't on RPR :>

So long as it doesn't get too hectic, I'd be fine on discord RPing, but definitely RPR having the character pages and #aesthetics is nice <3
Discord > RpR for me when it comes to roleplay itself. I have my own roleplay servers but aside from that I’m also a part of other servers.

The main reason why I personally prefer it aside from the above mentioned technical and organizational differences is because it’s so easy to go without OOC there if you wish. Most servers I’m in tend to avoid asking to roleplay/possibly getting rejected by recreating roleplay like it used to be in yahoo chats and other oldschool situations (think MSN messenger or AOL). This makes one able to do realtime hop in/hop out and the combination of those things significantly reduces my anxiety.
Here for sure.

I mean I can see some situations where discord might be preferable. It does seem like the superior nature of its instant messaging lends itself substantially better for group RPs where participants have synchronised free time. Plus it's superior for mechanics-driven RP given the voice-chat element and better real-time functionality.

There are other advantages to discord as well with regard to it being a general social platform, but honestly, if those advantages are that important to you, why use a forum RP site in the first place (beyond RPR's very good character profiling system, of course)? Because it's likely not forum RP you're actually looking for.

As for RPR, it is so much better in so many ways than using discord for novella-type RPs. Being able to post directly as a character, the sorting functionality of RP folders and the social media site-like activity feed make organisation and immersion significantly better. Plus, I much prefer having everything in one place, and having to use external sites that mean having to add yet another site to my regular checks is not that great a thing. In fact honestly, RPR is better than any other forum RP site I've used... not that I've used many... most I've used have been forums with RP sub-sections or are forums supplementary to in-game RP... but those that I have used do not have the same level of community, the same character profile functionality or the right amount of users that mean that there are enough people online for the site to not really have any true 'dead' periods whilst at the same time not going so fast that your LfRP post is going to get lost in a sea of other ads.

I feel RPR is better for social anxiety as well, because there's no pressure for real-time RPing as you might get in discord. And you have access to so many different RPs and groups without having to hop in and out of other servers run by strangers. If I'd describe finding a discord RP, it'd be like walking down the street popping into shops that might have the RP you want going on in them. RPR is like sitting at home, turning to a family member and asking "do you wanna RP?" I have pretty severe social anxiety - enough that it caused my to drop out of Uni and has made it very difficult to find employment - and of all the venues I've used for RP, I have felt so much more comfortable here than anywhere else. The idea of going on discord with strangers terrifies me. Starting an RP with strangers on RPR? It's exciting. That to me is the difference.
Kinda depends on the expected post length. This site is nice for longer-form RP's, especially because I can easily keep all the RP stuff together in its own thread and talk to people separately from that. Discord is nice for quick, real-time RPing where the response time is less than a minute.
Here. I use RPR exclusively for roleplay. Furcadia is an OOC chat haven, but I would like to try some casual persona play on it sometime. Discord-wise, I don't like how the servers are set up; trying to roleplay in one or a general chat room feels way too complicated for my tastes. Like Sanne said, I also can't set my Discord to a specific character like RPR without having to change my entire username.

I can see the appeal, but I'm more used to RPR because it's built for roleplay to begin with. Discord's more for gaming and guild chats in general; I don't join MMO guilds that use Discord as a gathering spot, so I don't need it.

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