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Hi, I'm John. I haven't done much RPing, a little on a different site but my anxiety stopped me from getting too into it, now I'm trying again here. I'm in college for Cybersecurity and that's pretty much it. I'm a boring person.

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Welcome to RPR~ It's a loving and welcoming community, and I hope you feel at homeeee!
Hi John. Hello and welcome to RPRepository the best roleplaying website ever thanks to Kim.
Welcome, John!

When you're ready to jump into a game, check out the Looking for RP subforum, which is where folks scout for RP partners or players for their group games. :) There's a ton of different RPers and styles here so hopefully you find something that suits your tastes!
*Rolls across page*
I'm weird. Welcome.
*Rolls away, spreading unusual L U M P S*
Sanne Moderator

Hi John, welcome to RPR! Cybersecurity sounds pretty exciting! XD I hope our community can make you feel welcome and help ease some of your anxiety. :) Please have fun!
Heya welcome to RPR! <3 I'm positive you'll quickly find lots of great games and fantastic new friends. The RPR community is very active and kind, so don't be afraid to ask questions or talk to people.

P.S. There have been raffles, and game going on in Forum Games and Smalltalk where people have been giving away items due to the RPR fundraising event. Wouldn't want you to miss out! ;)
Hullo, John! o/

Not being overly experienced is just fine :D
I hope you find loads of great plots and friends!

Welcome to RPR, enjoy your stay! :)
Hey, welcome to RPR! Hope you have fun here!
Welcome to the Repository
Hello and welcome to RPR! Hope you're settling into the site okay.
Welcome, hooman! I'm a newbie to this site and I can totally tell you that it is amazing. Within minutes I had really cool roleplays going. It is okay if you do not have lots of experience with rp! Everyone has to start somewhere. The more you do it, the better you should get. Good luck and if you need anything, message me. I am pretty snazzy >:3
Welcome to RPR!


OoooOOOOOOOooo cybersecurity! That's actually really neat! I currently know two people who have careers in this field and both love it.

Also, welcome ~

I hope you have an awesome time here!
Hey! Welcome to RPR! I hope you that you have a lot of fun here! I hope this site is a lot easier to do!

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