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Most definitely a snog or two!
You seem a lovely lady!
Taluna (played anonymously)


"Ugh, humans and their boomsticks."
Taz (played by Taz)


"sorry but your a little weird for my liking" she shrugged
Nancy (played anonymously)


“Bad medicine....”
"It's highly unlikely I'd meet you. I'd rather avoid you, seeing that if exploring of the Americas happens, I will surely be beheaded given the presumed timeline we are in."
Anthony D'Angelo (played anonymously)


"The rich and or royal do not catch my interest in the slightest. We come from completely different worlds, so even if they did, it wouldn't work anyhow."
Vinnie (played anonymously)


Opposites attract
John Robert Marron (played by Juls)

"Sneak over here for a smooch, darlin'"
Da-Xia (played by MissPixie)

"You look like someone I would absolutely love to avoid."
Darlene (played anonymously)

I wouldn't mind a little sugar in my bowl.
Xepil (played by MordosKull)


"Those legs look scary and I am thoroughly intimidated. Grrrr."
Sibella Hale (played by Grim-Blue) Topic Starter


"I think I'd prefer to converse with someone whose sentences don't end in...'grrr', or someone who isn't intimidated by legs, given I tend to wear shorts more often than not."
Tristan Humphries (played anonymously)


"Get your cute butt over here and give me a big old smooch, will you?"
Joel (played anonymously)

☺️ Oh I don't think you'd like me much...
Evelyn (played by MissPixie)


(Cool character site/layout, btw! It looks great!)
Nolan Hayes (played anonymously)


"Snogging a beautiful girl like you would be the highlight of my day."
“Yummy...I’d definitely snog with you.” She mumbles.
Justice (played by Kada)

I'd definitely snog you until you loved me......or hated me....
Lukasz (played anonymously)

Bro it's not gay if you don't make eye contact bro 💋

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