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Shadows Kill (played by Taz)

"hmm, your nice.... why not go all in? snog maybe?" he smiled his perfect canines at her, his eyes full of lust.

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Davenport Family (played by Lanx12)

Sharron smirked looking the man. “Oh baby let’s snog all night long.” Evan and Lucas rolled their eyes a bit.

“Seriously sis you’ll snog anyone!” Evan said as Lucas sighed. “Sorry sis our little brother is right...some self control would be nice..”
Maw'tea (played anonymously)

"I am not entirely sure which one of you I'd be snogging or marrying ... But the more the merrier. Lets all try a snog and see where it gets us."
Maiev Shadowsong (played by MordosKull)

"Avoid, ugh, put some armor on! You look like some kind of maiden."
Mokk Grun (played by Pantrane)

“Right then”, the Rhinoman says in surprisingly crisp and articulate yet raspy notes. “Appears to be a proper elf, is it?” He pauses to look her up and down. “Well a good snogging is in order then. Can’t be bothered wiv no marriage, yeah?”
Etharine (played anonymously)

"I suppose we could lock horns and snog, if you wish," she said with a small smile pulling at her lips.
Zen Whitlock (played by Mintelle)

"I'd give you a quick snog."
Kwan Jin (played by ELS1526)

One quick snog if permitted; I wouldn't want to force anyone to do something that doesn't feel comfortable.
Bee (played anonymously)

"Oh, um, sorry. Avoid. You're too young for me," she said with a wince on her face.
Jin-Yeong (played anonymously)

"Sure, little snog could be fun. Not ready to jump into marriage yet."
I would Avoid any marriage and snogging if possible as I am a princess and I will wait for my one true love!
“Your true love is here, dear Princess.... For I am King Haar the Fourth. Sovereign of Luvaria. Red Spade of Cottonhorn Castle. Royal Mage of the House of Malvix. A marriage to an elven princess will do absolute wonders for my public relations campaign, as well as add much needed diversity to the family line.”

“I shall send a carriage to fetch you at once... Armed if necessary.” The King smiles while raising an ornate chalice decorated in elegant stones.
After hearing that proposal Charlotte decided it was time to move out the country and change her name. She went into hiding for the next few years until she knew it was safe.
Enio (played anonymously)

"HELL YEAH! Let's snog, tootsie!!!"
Mokk Grun (played by Pantrane)

“Hell yeah”, the Rhinoman says while scratching his bare, scaly chest. “Let’s snog, Tootsie.”
Shamshir (played anonymously)

“I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that I decline on all fronts, sir.”
Aimee (played by Kruhee)

"You are quite the charming man, how could I say no to a kiss? If that's alright with you of course."
Caius (played anonymously)

"You...and I. Let's have a snog, hmm?"
Aelia (played anonymously)

"Avoid, because the other options are unthinkable." She says, turning up her nose and acting as snotty to him as ever.
Aurelius (played anonymously)

"Marry. If it won't rain down figurative hell on th'both of us."

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