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So I'm not new to RPR, but I haven't played in ~3 years and I'm looking for a completely fresh start! Just here to introduce myself and say hi! If anyone's down to chat or anything, feel free to hmu :D
Welcome back!
Couldn't stay away, huh? ;)

This hobby has a way of calling us back!
Welcome back to the family.
Hia Slimepunk! Welcome back to Roleplaying! I hope you have fun here on RPR!
Welcome back!
Hi and welcome back! :D
Welcome back to the site! :D
Welcome Back to RPR!

I hope you have lots of fun here! ^^
Welcome to rpr
Hi 👋 slimepunk welcome to RPRepository. you will find new
friends to rp with here so have fun.
😃 👍
Welcome back! :)
Welcome to RPR!

Welcome to the Repository
Hello! Welcome to RPR! I hope you like it here. Feel free to message me if you'd like to rp or chat.
Hello! Welcome back! Hard to resist the good, clean fun here, huh? :P I hope your writing goes well. :) If you need any help out finding RPs or anything like that, there are many friendly forum people, including myself, who'll lend a hand anytime. Good luck!

:D :) :P


Welcome to RPR!

If you'd like to make a friend or roleplay partner than let me know!
Welcome to RPR!

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