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Hi! I'm DyingEmbers, and you might've seen me around here. I'm part of a few roleplay groups, I've been participating in forum games, and I've been welcoming new players like crazy. But I never really properly introduced myself. So here I am.

I joined the site as Dying Embers not that long ago, but I'm not new to the RP Repository. I first got into roleplay about two years ago, I'd heard about it and thought it sounded like something I'd be interested in. So I decided to give it a try. And I stumbled across this welcoming community. It was really my first gateway into roleplay, and it gave me excellent oppertunities to be creative. Alas, life got a little crazy, and I couldn't remain roleplaying on RPR. And now, I'm back. I've started roleplaying again, and now I have an all new and inproved cast of characters. It's awesome to be back.

I mostly do fantasy roleplaying, I have a werewolf character, a variety of characters with magical abilities, a doctor (for sci-fi rps, of course), and an insane girl. Quite and interesting cast, I know. And I'll be adding even more characters. I enjoy pretty much any style rp, long or short term, heavy with plot elements or just fun little rps, etc.
So...yeah, that's me. If you want to know more about me as a person, what fandoms I'm a part of, etc. just read my profile.

So, this is my sort of 'formal' intro. I'm glad to be back!

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I just assumed you've been here about forever. ;)

So, an official "Welcome!"
Thank you!
Welcome to the wonderful site of RPR! Have fun! :D
Well, let this be a chance for a new member to welcome you! Thanks for sharing your background and your affections for the site. I hope you continue to have nothing but good experiences!
Thanks very much! I hope you enjoy your time with the RPR community as well.
Very belated welcome to RPR!
Officially welcome aboard.
Hi there!
Thanks to all!
Oh, and hello!
Hi welcome to RPR! DyingEmbers hope you have lots of fun rping and make new friends. 😃 👍
Hello, and thanks for the kind words!
I guess this is a welcome back, then!
Welcome back and thanks for the proper introduction! :D
Hey!! Welcome to RPR!! I hope you've been having a lot of fun
Thank you all, and I'm very happy to be back. I have been having a lot of fun, and I'm glad I decided to return.
Well here is a proper wellcome to you.

Hey what took you do long? Let’s add some wood chips and dry branches to those DyingEmbers and draw out a flame!

Welcome to RPR no matter when you got here!

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