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Heya. My name is a bit unique so I named myself as my most used character. I'm 13 and female, looking for some new friends. I've been roleplaying for... I think about 3 years maybe??? But only with close friends. I'm hoping to branch out. I've played DnD a few times, and I'll probably add in those characters after this post. I love drawing, and I'm trying my hand at animation, too. I hope to someday work for Disney, or start my own cartoon show when I'm older.

Hi, welcome to Rp repository. This site has an amazing and friendly community made by the lovely Kim. My inbox is open if you would like to talk Pandimal, I will be there.
I love your aspirations, I also love to draw never really animated but I am making an animatic in my spare time. I hope to become a comic artist by making my own stories.
Hi! Welcome to RPR
Oh! howdy! were pretty similar! i also am named after my main oc XD If you would ever wanna rp or would like me to show you the ropes just Pm me, or if you don't know how to reply to this i guess ._."
Hello and welcome to RPRepository.
Hi, and welcome to the RpR family! Glad you could join us! Hope you have lots of fun here; and I’d love to see some of your artwork if you’d ever like to share! :)
Welcome to RPR!!
Hello and welcome to the site! I hope you make a lot of friends and have fun RPs here on the site!
Hey, welcome to RPR!! I hope you have fun here! Be sure to check out the roleplay forums once you’re ready!!
Hello! Welcome to RPR! I hope you like it here. Feel free to message me if you'd like to rp or chat.
Hello, and welcome!

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