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I want to start a thing in 2020 where each month I draw a random person some art for their birthday. The plan is that at the end of each month I will draw a name, perhaps even two names, and draw that person/people art of one of their characters that are listed on their page for their birthday in the latter month.

So I'll be drawing a name at the end of december for someone in January, and a name at the end of January for someone in February, and so forth, in case anyone's birthday is the 1st-7th of the month, I won't have to rush too much.

Therefore... I need a big ole list of birthdays!

So drop your birth month and day below if you want to be put into the list for your birthday month and potentially be surprised with birthday art ^-^

If you'd like to support with a donation: PayPal link.

A few examples of my art, though am developing my style more atm.


If this goes well in 2020 I will continue doing it most likely.













Cool! 12 November.
Oh how fun! Mine is October 30
Love supporting a fellow artist! I should return the favor-
The big birthday is April 5th!
Hrm...there is no harm in sharing my birthday I suppose...

March 24th
So awesome of you to do this.

July 13 is mine
Thank you for doing this!

My birthday is September 3rd
This is awesome!
My Bday is July 3rd
I'll nominate myself! It's the 21st of December ... so over 12 months away XD
This is a pretty cool thing to do! I'll toss my birthday in to chance some Mercy art :) June 17th
This is awesome!
28 June
October 19th
This is cool! :D Thank you!
January 25th
September 6
Sounds nice! September 20th
sounds cool,march 11
July 2nd :)
July 1st!
Thank you for doing this! :)
What a cool and generous thought!

April 21st

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