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Hello There.

Even though my username is Fruityxtooty, you can just call me Fruity. :3 I am a 30 yr old. I know, so old. Oof. How could a person like that be still in a place like this?! I think I am a cool open-minded individual. lol I do have a lot of responsibilities, but I always try to make time for my hobbies and possibly make new friends. I am a gamer. I play PC & PS4. I have Xbox One, but like 3 games for it. It isn't the favored system in the house. I do love role play. I have been doing it for a long time. I do edit my own pictures. I don't mind helping out other people with that sort of thing. :3 My favorite subjects in school was English and Creative Writing. I clean houses for a living and I am a stay at home mom. I only have one child. The kind of role play that I enjoy the most is adventure kind that has action, comedy moments, drama moments, left in suspense with mystery attached. Kind moments, times where it's better to lie and hide the surprise for another time. I really like a good story. :)
Great interduction and username. Welcome to this fine upstanding community called RPRepository created by Kim. Welcome to the family.
Hi, Fruity!! Welcome to RPR!! I hope you have fun here! I know a couple of 30+ year olds personally who roleplay tbh so like, w/e yknow? Be sure to head over to the forums once you're ready!
Welcome to RPR, Fruity!

There's probably more of us in the over 30 crowd here than you might realize. ;) (Don't get me wrong, I'd bet we're still well outnumbered by the 13-29 crowd, but we're not that rare!)

Happy RPing!
Hey Fruity! Welcome to the site and thanks for telling us about yourself! I hope you're settling in okay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask around as there are a ton of helpful people around willing to answer questions. Cheers to making new friends and having a lot of fun RPs!
Welcome to RPR!
Welcome fruity! Hoping you enjoy RPR!
Welcome to the family, Fruity! We’re glad you could make it! Can’t wait to see what types of stories you’ll be writing!
Welcome to RPR :D
Hi Fruity, welcome to RPR :)
Hello Fruity! I hope you enjoy RPR!
Bonsoir, Mon Ami! Welcome To RPR! :D If You Have Any Questions, Let Alone RP Ideas, Don't Be Afraid To Ask/Tell! Happy Writings!

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