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Hello! I have a long username so feel free to call me Duck, or Ducky. I am new to this site but not new to roleplaying, I started on Gaia and have generational stories with a friend I made on there years ago. I am always looking to improve on my writing but also just to have fun and find some fun plots and characters to write.

Currently I only have one character made but am always looking for an opportunity to make others. I look forward to meeting and making some new friends! ^^

Little about me - I work full time, am above the age of 21, enjoy horror movies the most and will have a couple classes starting soonish. Anything more I can reveal as you get to know me.

Warmest Greetings!
Welcome to RPR, Ducky! :)

When you're ready to dive into a role play or 2 (or 20 ;) ), hop on over to the Looking for RP forum. That's where people scout for partners or groups. There's a bunch of different RPers and styles here, so hopefully you find something interesting!

Also, the Find RP tool (in the main site menu) is helpful. It allows you to apply some search criteria to topics posted in the Looking for RP forum over the last couple weeks. Plus it searches active groups too.
Hello, Duck! Welcome to RPR! I hope you're settling in okay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as there are a ton of friendly people around that are willing to help out with anything you may need. Cheers to making new friends and finding lots of fun RPs!

Hi there! I'm Hibari.
It's nice to meet you and WELCOME TO RPR!
I hope you're enjoying your stay so far. HAVE FUN!
Hello and welcome to RPRepository.
Welcome to RPR!!
Hi, Duck!! Welcome to RPR! I really like your username!! I hope you have fun here! Be sure to check out the forums once you're ready!!
Hello! I know I’m a few days late because I’ve been gone for a week and thought it’s only fair to welcome all the new members! So anyways, welcome to RPR! The community is very kind and it’s so easy to make friends. I fell in love the moment I came into the site and received so many warm welcomes. Also, I love your profile picture. No face is the best and I love the movie~
Enjoy your stay, you live here now <3
Hi Ducky!
I am also new to the site, but I like to peek around at others that are new and welcome them, too. Since we are all in the same boat. I also wanted to say great choice on your profile picture, Spirited Away is one of my all time favorites!! I also love horror movies, as well! I think we could be friends :D
Hello and welcome to the RPR

A lovely community with amazing people! I hope you have much fun on this site!

:star: Welcome to RPR Ducky :star:

I hope you find lots of fun here :3
Welcome, welcome Ducky! Good luck in your search for partners to write stories with!

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