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Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

The dragon squinted in the dim light from having seen darkness for so long. The colors and images swirled as paint for a time. When they calmed down, he opened his eyes to look at 'Sonne'. They were of the vibrant sunset, a stark contrast to his dark body.

" The sun is missing...then you speak the truth. My name is Yuyami, dusk. Often called the twilight dragon. I do not seek destruction as you claim but understand that everything has its time and will end. New beginnings rise from those ends and so I maintain balance. This why my sister bound's time the sun set" The chains sang as he struggled to lift his weary head. An aura of the blazing sunset and purples of night surrounded him. " If you agree...then you may partake of my power"

More glittering dust scattered about when the demon was cast away. A breeze flowed through the room to coat everyone in the glitter. Sonne chuckled, albeit broken by pain, at its 'frivolousness'. " Beautiful creatures? No...they are hideous...imperfect beasts...that are to be pitied...not looked up to"

" We're not...broken" Yuuma stated. His fingers twitched as he attempted to move his arms. When Lisa showed up, he looked over with wide but gentle eyes. The purple receded to turn them sea blue. " You're beautiful..." He said casually. His heart froze when the words hit his mind and the purple returned to his eyes. How quickly he looked the other way as his face turned bright red. " I-I-I mean...I didn't...sorry...oh man..."

On the other side of the room, Nasr knelt by Inei. He propped her up and grabbed hold of the sword when he noticed the darkness shift by minuscule amounts. Was Fear stirring again?

At the same time, Sonne looked at the burning chains with little care. It was still his body. " Protect him!? It might be...worth it...with a few...conditions" She said with a cruel smirk. " But I have...more important my answer"

Ghostly shadows, aimed for 'his' heart and neck, burst forth under a second. Sonne closed her eyes smiled when she heard the sweet sound of them piercing flesh and blood splattering. The pain would end and she could restore her order. No room of gold and jewels awaited her when she opened her eyes though.

She found herself staring into the eyes of her sister. They were as brutal as a hoar frost yet pained. Her dark blood dripped across the stolen body and stone while holding back the dark spikes. " You may not protect him...but...I will" Kuroi said through grit teeth.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

The antimagic circle activated destroying all magic in it including the chains, "instresting", Elena said, "well his body is broken. Shouldn't expect much", she said walking over to Nasr and threw him out of the room like greed

Ok. I'm going to meet your mother", he said as the circle taking him to the dream world appeared and his cat eyes returned. A thread lies ding to the sub goddes was formed at reached her, "hmm. Seems weak for your status don't you thonk", he said connecting to her soul now to the point he could communicate with her
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

Disembodied laughter danced around the room before another shadow darted across; striking both Kuroi an Sonne across the chest. A second came back for the kill, but Kuroi took her dragon form and dropped her head.

The shadow bounced off and flickered to reveal a tainted dream form before fading away. Sonne smiled when Nasr was cast out. " You think it's...magic?" She taunted. " It's close...but no magic is needed..."

Inaudible whispers popped about with whatever secrets they held. Yuuma lifted is head to listen. " Dreamers...but how?" A quick glance down revealed the extent of his wounds, making him cringe.

Mana was siphoned along the thread to feed the sun goddess. The curse of old which destroyed the first race was still alive in her very prescense. " The audacity!" She roared. Her fury turned the thread into a scorching strand of solar energy. " You are a product of ancient times! Do not speak to me like you are greater!"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

I would speak to you with high demeanor but it's not like you can burn this body from where you stand", he said with a taunting voice, "I mean sealed up and all. Seeing as you failed in those times then I shouldn't expect much should I", he said as a manifestation of sonne appeared to face her

Ha those nasty things. I thought it was fear. They weren't here to kill shinigami. The came to kill sonne. Well Nasr would be mad I threw him out wouldn't he. What with all the blood by the way", she said looking down, "well if Tobi was here it would be easier"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

Ribbons of fire lashed out from the sun. The flares held far greater power than Rage. " I knew you had defiled my blood but to appear before me with her form!? Blasphemy!" Her fires hissed and roared for a time. " I am not done with the world, fool! Failure is not mine"

" How pathic" Sonne sneered. " I am trapped in this flawed body! His body! They are here for his life since I can't move" More whispers could be heard as the shadows flickered about. One placed its talons on 'his' neck but faded once Kuroi glared at it.

From her place in the shadows, Inei lifted her head and slid her hand over the wound. " Yes...he will be razzed...Fear is distinct in how it attacks...draws out the kill"

" Steady now, Inei. I'll get help for you and Yuuma" Kuroi looked down at Elena. " Shinigami turned the floor to blood for training the others. It's a blood dragon that trains them" With the heart gone, Vaulkar had no reason to stick around. She looked into darkness and roared, making the blood ripple. When it fell still again a pair of red eyes glowed in the dark.

" Calling me out for what? I tire of that brat" He said stepping into the light.

" Heal the two then introduce yourself to our new guests"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

It's just my soul that's here to get rid of me you have to destroy her body. And since your sin is providing mana I can stay here as long as I can", he said as the flares passed him, "they look scary though. So how's the marriage life. I know you're not talking much with your husband since he sealed you up and all but did you tell him about the kids"

Oh I see. Smart. Antimagic and a blood dragon that doesn't need to use magic as a guard. I see hey he left here unworried. Well if the knowledge is true they love blood. Lisa what blood do we have", Elena said

Phoenix and some rest. He might not like them", Lisa revoked finishing Yuuma treatment

Ha then a goddess blood. Tobi should be prepared for it", Elena said walking out the circle
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

" Destroy the very daughter who has served me well!? I have seen countless fools but you are their king!" A dragon's face appeared in the sun and bared its teeth before blending with the flames again.

" That sorry excuse of a son. How dare he defy me! No matter, he cannot provide you with mana forever" More flares stretched from the sun. The wispy tendrils weaved together to create a vague image of the goddess. She should have been the demon of pride with how she presented herself. " Go ahead and waste your time with paltry questions. My children and that flawed diamond who claims to be a god are of no concern to you"

" You heard correct" Vaulkar said snaking his neck down to them. " All blood is sought after but some types are more valuable than others" A sly grin showed when he looked at Elena. " The blood of a goddess you say? Sonne's golden blood will be worth almost as much as the diamond moon"

" You cannot take my blood!" Sonne glared at them. " You have no right! I may be willing to give a little to whoever returns me to my proper skin"

With the wounds tended too, Yuuma sighed in relief. Exploring caused many injuries but those of battle were something else. " Thank you" He said to Lisa.

Having been transformed, he understood the strain of being in an unfamiliar body. Her tricks had been witnessed one too many times though. " I believe he may be thinking the same thing"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Come on your talking about your husband here", he said appearing whispering by her ear, "why not show him all the love he's been missing. Well maybe you fail in that area too. Lets see child bearing, parenting and caring for the world. You've failed all of them", he said with a dark taunting voice, "so why should I look to you as a perfect being"

Well he's trying to get something to kill a goddess", she said as mana moved through her body and a miniture sun formed by her palm, "liz. Protect them would you", she said as the magic circle on her eyes appeared again and the sun glowed some more.

Tobi appeared in a portal, "package. One vial of silver and golden blood. I'm busy so be quick"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

A fierce anger burned in her eyes but she maintained her poise and dignity. " Where would ever believe I failed in child bearing? I have many children...even those of the dark" She hissed through her teeth. Calm and steady, she stepped away from him. " I drive the world forward into perfection. Ever and always they must better themselves, struggling along the way "

She stopped and turned back around to face him. Wings of fire flowed behind her as sheers. " My perfection shows in the progress of my creations! As for Lumerin..." Solarium said raising her head. " Whatever love we shared was lost long way" No remorse could be seen in her eyes.

" Something to kill a goddess? Seems impossible" Vaulkar stated with a grin. He took a step forward when Tobi appeared . " Ah, good" He reached out and took the vials. Both were inspected before he turned to theothdrs. " Aaahhhh. These are perfect. What is it you seek to buy with these?"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

We hired you to guard his body. Don't tell me you haven't been doing that", Tobi said moving closer with a glare, "protect him. Now I have to go protect the gold girl.", Tobi said as he disappeared back into the portal

Well you've made him bring back the old man attitude. Anyway. I thought dreamers loved the sun", she said as her skin turned black like metal, "why dont you come on out and play. I really hate puzzles you know. Hide and seek in a fight is what I hate in a fight"

Well you are the worlds mother so it's no coincidence I would try to get close to you", he said appearing face to face to her, "and how many times have you told your self that lie. Perfection is a false goal sought to make things better but you've taken it to the depths of bringing despair to the ones that you loved. Not going to lie I thought better for a goddes"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

The devious grin returned to Vaulkar when Tobi got in his face. " Ofcourse I was protecting him. The silver blood was a lovely addition is all" When he vanished, the blood dragon turned to find Kuroi giving him an odd look. " I did have to call you out. He is right this time" She said.

" Aw, you wound me! It's not like I left him defenseless" He motioned towards Yuums and Inei. He noticed the shadows move at that point from Elena's taunt. " Your fighting ghosts with dreamers. Their bodies are resting at home"

" Get close to me?" Solarium sneered. " What do you gain from getting close to me!?" Though the idea was absurd, it did make sense. The fire grew bright with her pride as she chuckled but what he followed with made her silent.

Her glare was fierce yet noble. " You are no god or woman. What do you know of perfection?" Her tail flipped behind her as she lifted her head. " There is a saying among women that pain is beauty. Without this refinement of pain there is no beauty or perfection. The sooner the world knows this the better!"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

And there's a saying among men that you can't understand women fully", he said( is she in dragons form), "well the pain brought nothing dod it. Do you feel as though you should be satisfied. Look around you and give me your honest answer lady goddess"

Not here. Tobi is busy protecting them and shinigami could find them with soul magic. Guess my area of espertise isn't here. Lisa you're up", Elena said

Lisa began to glow blue and purple mana, "Ada", she said as her eyes turned purple then it stoped thanks to the antimagic circle, "this thing is annoying. I see why he hired the blood dragon. We are useless here so let's just defend for now", she said sitting down, "my dress is soaked in blood. Not a good sight"

He wont mind. Just know we are the first thing he see when he wakes. Say kuroi I sense a spirit around here. Does your spirit possess mana"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

She looked down at the world and her own handiwork. The war had marred all her hard work marking an era almost for naught. " I was satisfied" Solarium glared and him. The form of the dragon was scattered for the fire strands to rush past him and spiral up. They weaved her form back together so she stood at the top of the sun. " Then the dark pretender brought your kind to a time you do not belong in. You have become a stain, a scratch in the flawless diamond I was polishing. She is the one I am disappointed in..."

" It's just blood" Inei stated as she watched with a single eye open. " Clothes are stained with it all the time" The blood touched her stomach where she was sitting, almost touching her own wound. With a sigh, she leaned over and rested her head on a nearby stone.

Some magic was still being used which got Yuuma thinking. Carefully he sat up and dotted blood on one hand. " I-it is a pain to wash...out...mabey I" His hand trembled when he reached towards the blood at Lisa's feet. A deep laugh made him jump and lookup. " Don't bother dragon boy! Only I can remove it completely from her dress" Vaulkar said with a proud smirk.
Yuuma's eyes darted nervously between the blood dragon, Lisa, and his own hand as he curled up. " I-i just...wanted to help...maybe it was foolish"

Kuroi couldn't help but feel bad for him. A familiar struggle she saw in him yet had no way to aid. Her gaze was cast down when the weight fell upon her. "It's hard isn't it...when you don't understand enough to know or even gain what you want" It was Elena's question that made her return to the group. " My spirit? You know of Averin? He has some mana, yes, but is minor in skill"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Tel him to find their real bodies. I'm going to play with their flesh when I find them", she said as a throne appeared and she sat

I'm fine. He doesn't mind the sight", she said then looked over to vaulkar, "you do love playing with their weaknesses. I bet he asked you to do that",

Of course he did. Yuuma right. Women will use that weakness against you even succubus especially them. Don't try to find ways around them. Shinigami did and failed. That's what he told me but I found out he didn't", she said, "his father helped him with that project"

Oh come on admit it. Your children don't have plans for giving you back this world and your loyal daughter is the only one with a mind to bring you back and chances of that is as slim as you coming killing your husband. Just don't deny it anymore. I came here to anger you but no need for that. I already have what I need. To see that face", he said with s grin
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

" Oh another who enjoys messing with bodies" Vaulkar said. He lost his physical form to vanish into the blood. " It is fun to play with weaknesses. To watch friend and foe squirm about in their skin..." He chuckled and reformed behind Inei as a red Valra.

The blood chased his talons as he ran them along her; healing the wound. With the pain fading she pulled her dagger to strike but he stepped back. " It's delicious" Vaulkar said licking blood from his claws. " Idiot..." Inei growled.

Weaknesses were indeed easier to find in some. Yuuma looked towards the girls when he heard his name. Suddenly his eyes darkened. " S-succubi? I thought...they were only myths? I-I'm not they would...use it against me. I am more coward than..." He buried his face and shook his head.

Uncertainty, unease, insecurity...could one ever find certainty and security like that? Kuroi backed into the darkness as she took her human form. A quick glance was made at Lisa before she turned and ran.

Not noticing her vanishing trick, Yuuma peeked over his arms. " What...project?"

The sun flared beneath her. It's heat threatened to light the world below. " Insolent fool! You come here and waste our time for what? To discuss a petty family and whatever worth you believe they have in my ambitions"

The flares on the sun strung together to extend her tail which was used as a whip. Yuyami's mana strand threatened to snap, shaking the vision of the proud goddess.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Well you're a sun goddess. More powerful than sonne. Meaning your energy will be able to burn her. You disturbing the thread means your energy can be taken to the world from here. Thank you for the gift. It would have been easier if you had destroyed me from the beginning and I would have been out of your hair", he said as sonne body began to burn from the mana she threw around at him, "thank you for the gift. Also remember this if mana is put into the body of someone not chosen the weaker gets destroyed", he said giggling as he began to fade, "last words?"

Lisa looked around, "she's gone"

She did day she won't protect him and had more important things to do. Let's do it ourselves. They're waiting for him to return. Be ready", she said as the sun grew larger
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

It seemed impossible that Sonne would burn as a second goddess of the sun. " What did you do to her!?" Solarium roared. Her wings shot open and dangerous flares rushed towards the world. " She was chosen you fool! You will suffer for this!"

Mana long since spent, Yuyami fell limp in his binds. Levias ran over to see what was wrong. More silver flowed from his body as he trembled. A vision presented itself before him, one that made him cry out in sorrow. " So...the fall of the sun scars the moon...little sis, don't suffer alone...don't lose your source of light"

Sonne couldn't help but laugh at the witch for placing her words in Kuroi's mouth. To ruin her sister's life, she had to see it, watch her one light be stripped away. A wish she would not be granted. The laugh changed into a scream as the bond between body and spirit was pulled apart.

Streams of fire stretched from Shinigami's body and stirred up the jeweled gold dust. It mingled with her spirit, the dream form, then danced towards the sky. The glittering fire formed into a bright dragon, the second sun, much as Solarium did. Freed from worldly bonds, Sonne found new power fit for her role. Her tail lashed out to burn Vaulkar and Inei.

" Imbeciles! I'll take him with me!" The blood on the floor lit as she dropped her head to swallow his body. She was greeted by a cold, silver light which knocked her back and scattered a portion of her spirit. With a growl, she looked to see who was responsible.

Tucked under his hand was a small silver chain and a bit of lunar paper. Though tricky to see, the shape of a crescent moon glistening between his fingers. When was that placed there?
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Don't bother she's already dying", Elena said lookin over to sonne, "I'm a witch. Many practice magic but people call me a witch. Do you I is why. It's cause I practice in flesh. Bonds with body I can fix or destroy. So whatever you do to my boy I can fix so go ahead have fun. I can bring his body back from my own blood. Oh wait you're all ready going so yeah bye and if you come back I will kill you for making him go through this much to get rid of you", she said with anger in her voice worse than shinigami

Not so nice mother goddess. It's not good to have favorites you know. They can be used to hurt you. Best if you love all that needs to be loved right mother goddess. Oh I shouldn't ask you, should I. Especially since you failed in that area too", he said then his souls went back to donned burning body. Her body was biting up to the bone, "Tobi"

Over here", Tobi said a mask to help pavol's body breath

Good. Sonne take the form of a ring. I can't come get you but I can take you there. Use the remaing mana you have and you can rest later", he said with a smile, "I see. Guess we have one thing in common. It's hard having to handle that night goddess isn't it. See you on her side", he said as a flash appeared and his soul was drag back into his original body leaving hers to burn while she was drag back to hers. At the interception he gout part of her soul and took it with him?m, "might be useful", he said to himself
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

The dust began to form a new body for Sonne; solidifying at the teeth first when she attempted to bite Elena. Her energy was dragged away before any harm could be done.

When he nabbed a fragment of her spirit, she glared but a glimmer of amusement hid in her eyes. " You still have something to lose" She said with a smirk. The moment of joy lit like flashpaper with the searing pain of her own body.

Mercy was granted from her mother who released her soul. Their fury swirled around Yuyami, snapping his binds and tearing his flesh. Metal groaned and chains sang when he collapsed. Many Levias died but it was of little concern when Sonne was taken to her mother's side.

His head was by the opening which led to his prison. Steam rose from the waters surface. Death would rule for a time it seemed. A time for his sister to find her strength. " A ring I cannot become...I will join you in time"

A moment of thought became so much more with Solarium's rage. The clouds spread out into swirling steam, the Valra cried out and ran for the pools when their feathers lit, and Rage could be heard tearing the earth below. A storm of shadows and spirits filled the air with screams. What had he done to trigger the end of the era so soon?

She could not stand back and watch as the world burned or risk him dying with the destruction of the world. It was more than him now, his mother and even Lisa had to be protected. She reached for the pendant but she had left it with his body. " Kill me later" She said with a smile " ...Shinigami...I said I wanted to help you obtain your home..."

Drawing on her renewed power, she took a form of a massive night dragon that shadowed most of the continent. She flew to intercept her mother's attacks and gave off a bright glow. When it faded the air was cold and dark clouds blotted out the sky; protecting the world. Winter had been gifted yet the snow became rain as it absorbed Solarium's heat.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Elena went on and heal his body, "you just were lucky you know", she said helping him stand.

She's risking her life again isn't she. I told her to leave it to me. Well things are done. Sonne is dead and if she's still alive I stole part of her", he said as Tobi came back giving him the stone. He used it to fix his clothes and dyed his hair black again. He touched the circle and got rid of it, "caulker thanks for the work. You should already been pain. Go into hiding. That goddess used my link to make a last attempt attack", he said opening a portal to his roomas Tobi gave him the locker he took from Travis and he wore it, "kuroi will deal with the sky for now. Go assist her. We will go deal with the demons", he said going in the portal to his room. He opened his bag and brought out a hooded trench coat and wore it, "where's Nasr"

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