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Shinigami (played by Great7)

And you’re mine.”, he said scrolling through her hair gently
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

A glow appeared under her hand as she traced the structure of his collar bone. From it, a tiny crescent moon curled around a spider appeared on him. She kissed it, imbuing it with her mana and it faded.

She swore she could hear his heartbeat now in the comfort he offered and slowly drifted off with each stroke. The shroud lifted from her desires. Dreams within a dream of how she would protect and provide for him, fight by his side, and more. Perhaps what was unusual was she didn't flinch when she heard the laughter of children. Instead she sighed with a smile and her heart began beat. Surely she would never tell Elena for reasons but...what if he was witness to her dreams?
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He hawks her tightly close, “just wondering. Have you found anyone else?”, he asked, “like yuyami. Yuyami says Yuma might have not existed at all”
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

Her eyes opened once more as the memory of the lake returned. " Yuuma and the boys are ok. Where they are you and Nasr are dead" She dug her claws in slightly with the thought.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

I see. Can’t wait to see their faces when they wake up. Though I had to let death kill me”, he said, “sorry I showed them such a sight”
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" I didn't say this but...Pavol has been missing you the most" She said with a chuckle. " Death didn't slay you in that dream. My sister and mother did"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh no. They didn’t come close. Wait death sliced me in half. That’s how I woke up. He visited my soul then I got out with his so how was I severed as bad as you say?”, he said confused, “I was only touched once”
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

She shifted to straddle him now and leaned forward; hands resting on his waist while holding a canary-eating grin. Her chest was exposed in this position she held. " That's what I aim to find out. Dreams are the only answer so...what have they done to me? I can't bear the thought of killing you in my dreams"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Hmm what is going on you look like you’re about to do a lot of...”, he was woken up again

Gosh darn it tobi what is it this time”, he said waking up

Not now”, tobi said with a blank face

What?”, he asked

Not now”, Toni said

Not now what”, he asked her

You don’t want a pregnant kuroi now or this year so keep it down there”, tobi said folding her arms

And of course you were watching”, he said facepalming, “what time is it”, he asked looking around, “nasr you up?”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Yeah, I am awake" He looked at Shinigami with a single eye open. " Lucky Tobi refuses to watch my dreams" He said with a chuckle. " While you were playing with the goddess, the whole city flooded again. Almost noon. We need to go up to fight Solarium" After a good stretch, Nasr leaped to his feet. The dark flame returned to its massive size instantly.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

But I said sunset. “, he said lying back down, “tomorrow it is”

Nasr went through a lot of trouble to help you bd name that fire”, tobi said

Now it is”, he said standing back up, “where’s yuyami?”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Name the..." He looked back and forth from the flame to Tobi rapidly. "it is not a pet! Ugh..." After rubbing the bridge of his nose, Nasr tossed his arms up in a fit of whatever. " Yuyami was here about an hour ago. Said something about catching his prey when they breach the waters surface"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Ol does the dude not know we need him here and why didn’t you wake me up”, he said walking over to the ball, “I should tell kuroi”

Already did. Now go work”, tobi said

Ok. Now we need him”, he said

Want me to get him?”, tobi asked
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" The guy likes messing with our heads" He had a blank look while waving it off like no big deal. " Why would I wake you up if you are having hot dreams? Tobi could have woke you too but I think she wants to see your kids too despite waking you up"

He had a devious look now as he looked at Tobi. " What is the big deal? Sure, that is a risk but I think he would prefer to knock her up in reality"

" Both would be preferable" A booming voice responded. Nasr staggered back and fell on his rear. " Can he handle the rush of taking her in reality and dream at the same time?" Eyes of sunset appeared in the dark tunnel before a dragon stepped out, a few extra wounds covered his body now. Once a foreleg touched solid ground, he returned to his human shape.

" Y-Yuyami!? Fine timing you have!"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

And you’re already bleeding. Good. Come here. Let me get some of that blood”, he said transforming into his fourth form ten teleported to yuyami a side. Got some blood then teleported to the ball and use the blood to draw a circle around it, “ok now we just need some place for the light to go”, he said looking up as a sword appeared on his hands. It was the one he gave pavol in the fake world, “you might want to watch your heads”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Watch problem" Nasr flopped back to stare at the ceiling. Some of the cracks were...growing? His eyes got massive while two steadily creeped towards each other. " Not a lot of time!"

" Mortals..." Yuyami huffed while looking at the sword. " Just do what you must"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Well I warned you”, he said making a swift motion with the sword, “done”, he said turning around. The roof gave way to form a circle. Circles cut from each floor to the top began to fall, “nasr I need the purity of the flames at its peak”, he said activating the ball. It began to glow and the bands turned around it, “oh yuyami. You can flood the city with your blood now”
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The reality of 'watch heads' struck like a maul in Nasr's gut when the ceiling began to fall. " Oh shi-" He vanished through shadows mere seconds before the pieces shattered on the ground. When he appeared again, he was hovering in the air as a wereraven, brushing dust off his feathers.

" Peak purity? Fine by me" The dream form overshadowed his physical form when he got close to the flame. " I hope you can see in the dark...or nothingness" His demonic grin returned just before his talon slid behind his collar bone. Glowing purple blood flowed out when the talon was removed and fell into the flame.

It was as a bomb how the darkness devoured it only to erupt. Ravenous darkness fed on every trace of light including Solarium's. Only the open ceiling and dark flame offered a glimmer of light. Her growl filled the new void only to be met by Nasr's sinister laugh.

" You've grown strong" Yuyami said. " Guess it's my turn" The glint of sunset signaled his departure.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Thank you”, he said as the ball absorbed the flames. He was rubbing his eyes, “but my fault tobi. The darkness is a good place to sleep”, he said as about all the flames were absorbed and he could be seen

You tried going back to sleep. You think I wouldn’t notice”, tobi said

You didn’t have to smack me that hard”, he said as a paw print was revealed on his cheek

Nevermind it’s done”, Toni said

The ball absorded all the flames teens the bands started rolling around it and the ball began spinning. It was activated
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" A rodent can do that!?" he stared in awe at the paw print on his friend's cheek. " That must have been good dream! What did she do to you?"

A shudder ran over him when the darkness was pulled into the orb. Solarium's light lit his feathers which he quickly dove down to roll out. " Ow! Damn! Hot! Ok, ok! Is it ready! Time to end this so I will not burn and he can screw his girl"

" That's a bold statement" A familiar yet distant voice said. It was shadow but he was nowhere to be found. " The ghost must go for that. The orb looks marvelous. You still must deal with the other gods"

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