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It's as simple as explaining what some (or all, or one) of your characters mean to you :) They may have been made for a personal reason, or maybe they're the first character you even roleplayer with!

For Ex, he really was a milestone for me. Having a true first kuudere character in my list. I've never been very fond of his personality myself (ironically XD), but he's always extremely fun to play! Never a dull moment with him

Cara (she's unlisted lol)
My first true, strong woman character. I also LOVE her personality! She's what I've always wanted to be. I made her specifically for a Spiderman roleplay, and she reminds me of all the good times I've had in it.

Where to even START with him! Another milestone of a character for me. Really, when I first made him, he was just a bratty kid. Nothing else. That was his personality. But as I got better at roleplaying, I revamped him, and I'm really proud of where he is now! Sure, I made him a bit insane..but he's good by heart <3

He's the first character that I actually fleshed out, and he's the first character that I ever truly roleplayed with that's not a pony (when I was younger, I'd roleplay My Little Pony)! I roleplayed with him on Amino all the time. I really loved him. He was my favorite, and he is still up there today!

Now, Ollie was hardly changed. The only difference is that he's not Jason's son any longer XD Really, I don't have much to say about him...but he is definitely another one of my favorites personality wise!

I really am proud of the story I gave to her. Truly, I worked so hard on her character and why she feels like she has to be happy all the time. It's all sentimental, and I just love her so much.

I'm also in love with her story! She's the most motherly of my group, and it's always nice to have that one character! Sanya is also a milestone, having a focused young woman..that can somewhat get caught up if she's bot careful!

And that's about it, for now! I hope you all enjoy talking about what your characters mean to you! <3
Hmm.... every character I create has some niche to fill and incorporate some memory of mine of either myself, someone I loved, or someone I may have dreamed of being at some point in my life. I'll throw a few out there that are most dear to me (Sorry if these stories are redundant to some of you)

John Roby - A tribute to my cousin who was killed in action in Vietnam. the 4th page of his profile is dedicated to the man. He was someone I looked up to as an older brother, and it is my honour to have a character to honour him.

Starlight Diva - A tribute to a woman who I met online in an RP then found out we worked at the same company. We RP'd a lot through the oughties and I lost touch with her in 2009. I found out in February 2019 that she had passed away from MND. She was a good roleplay writer and a good friend, and this character keeps her memory alive.

Sargent Chip Hill - A mashup of two of my favorite sargents. One was Sargent Saunders of the TV show Combat, and the other is Sargent Hill who was my best leader in the many scenarios of Squad Leader I played through the years. He reminds me of all the fun I had as a kid and as an adult playing wargames.

Steve Harrison - Steve is a 'recent' character created as a one-off for a high-school RP here in the general forum In slate 2018. I took sons personality and physical characteristics of a few guys I knew thtough high school and mashed them together to get Steve. He and his story has since taken on a life of its own from the dozen or so RPs he has been in, and currently are in. The public RP he was created for didn't last too long as it got overrun by less-than-one-line spammers, but all the PMs he got (mostly from girls) for appearing in that RP led to some really interesting (though brief) and some quite good RPs, of which a couple are still going now! I’ve had to edit his timeline of events to try and merge in all the parallel RP storylines and managed to make sense of it. I only had to toss out completely one RP that was totally far out and abbreviated another. What Steve represents for me is all the fun I’ve had here on RPR!

Another totally fun character in made who started as an NPC in the same school public RP is Darrell Sanders...

I have more as they all have meaning to me.
I'm not gonna do all of my characters, but here's a few of my favorites.

Ghaurug gro-Khazgur is probably my favorite fandom OC. He's one big love letter to the universe of The Elder Scrolls. He started out as a ten-second extra in a fanfiction I've since scrapped, where he died as soon as he was introduced, but he's grown into a main character in his own right and I love him dearly. He's not a good man, being a cannibalistic vampire assassin, but he's my good boy. To me he's an expression of my ability to take an existing work and use it to explore new themes and ideas that the original didn't touch on all that much. On a simpler note, I like orcs, I like vampires, and I like The Elder Scrolls, so I smushed them together to make an orc vampire from that setting. Writing with Ghaurug makes me happy, and really, that's the important thing.

Cchaaneh is a member of my original alien species, the varsit. Cchaaneh isn't in it, as I created them specifically to use on RPR, but I've gone through many iterations of writing a story about the varsit over the past decade or so, and I plan to continue doing so until I get something publish-worthy. Naturally, that means Cchaaneh and the species they're from mean a lot to me. They're a labor of love, and the varsit have changed a lot since their original inception, but I think the version of them Cchaaneh represents is gonna be the final one. Now, Cchaaneh themself is kind of special. They're trying to start a social revolution among their people, and they've been persecuted all their life for their dreams and ideals, as well as for the caste they were born into. In a way they're a self-indulgent way to vent my frustrations as a queer person living in the queerphobic American South, because of the whole "persecuted for things outside of one's control" thing. I realize as I type this that venting about that by writing about a soon-to-be martyr at the front lines of a societal upheaval might sound rather conceited, but whatever. It's not like I think I'm a soon-to-be martyr at the front lines of a societal upheaval.

Saä-sahĭ, öž Kīr' Ynrú is the first character I made for the wonderful RPR group Tam'nýer—a'. She's a traveling merchant, which I specifically chose because I wanted a character who could experience as much of the world as was possible for one character to do. It's a really amazing setting, and Demi has poured countless hours of hard work and just as much love into creating it. For my first character I couldn't decide what I wanted to be able to play with right off the bat because it was all so cool, so of course I picked all of the above. Even aside from that, Saä-sahĭ is a joy to write and (I hope) a joy to be around. She's a force of positivity and she's constantly bursting with energy and excitement for even everyday things. The joy of living is a matter of religious importance for her, and I mean that literally, and some of that zest for life rubs off on me when I write her. She's a feel-good character for me as much as she is an expression of the wonder Tam'nýer—a' inspires in me.
Oh boy! I am SO here for this thread. I'm going to put this into a collapse because I tend to ramble.

My kiddos

Jay is my longest running character, and I have been actively playing her since somewhere around 2011. She is driven solely by her desire to be more that what other people ever saw for her. Both in her human life and the one which came after. She's been reborn several times by different means but still somehow her achilles heel will always be her remaining humanity. The desire to please and comfort the people around her is something that she cannot shake, no matter how much she tries to ignore it. She is strong, but deep down she like many of us longs for a purpose.

Kenzi was a fun one to build. The place where I am originally from is intensely rural and is largely a settling point for those moving 'north' from places like KY hollers. A great deal of the families there were started when their ancestors ran out of coal mining work and so regional traditions followed. Kenzi is all about cheap beer and not so much about proper speech patterns. She's a proud blue collar worker who doesn't feel like she's of value if her hands aren't dirty. Her sense of community is a strong one, and to her they are all family. She knows that living so close to a city means she isn't quite smart, fancy, or savvy enough to fit in. But she's happy with that fact, because she knows that when she lays down each night she did her very best to make the world a little better by keeping parts of it moving. Her speech is based heavily on the place I grew up in, and I had a lot of fun turning my cultural experiences into a functional fictional person.

Lady Ashling suffers with the same OCD themes that I do. I made her beautiful, and strong like I wish that I was sometimes. However, I gave her my biggest flaw. I love writing her thought patterns because I guess in some way it's therapeutic for me to do so. I also hope that by interacting with her that maybe, just maybe other writers might be able to understand the disorder a bit better. It's not one that's painted accurately in media portrayals and it's never really a fun conversation to have. SO--Sneaky education it is. ;) Which is why her job is technically that of an educator. It's just something I did to make myself snicker from beyond the keyboard.

Devin Marks I made her as a one off to participate in a more social kind of rp, but I just kept building her. Dev is a big mirror of myself IRL. She initially was a bartender and server which is a job that I did for several years and she shares the deep passion for it that I did. I once had a guest at a restaurant add me to her will and tell me that I had been blessed with a servant's heart so that was the concept I used when I was building her. She has the kind of bleeding heart that I do when it comes to total strangers, but also the sort of personality which is vastly adaptable if only for the sake of other people's comfort, another very me thing. Dev has a weak body, but a strong mind and an even stronger heart. Normally very shy and awkward, she feels invincible and useful when she's standing behind a bar or carrying a tray. No one will ever love you more than the person who sees their plate of chili cheese fries coming to them. ;) She's sharp witted and knowledgable but plagued with a deep sadness from which she might never be truly free. (CW: Self harm etc.) Dev also has struggled for most of her life with self harm and a poor body image. It's something that again I feel has been poorly written in some cases for shock value. As this is something I dealt with for a long time, I thought I might try to portray the experience I had personally in a way that might help other players be more understanding..

Diana Watkins This particular character is a tribute. I lost someone extremely close to me and I was absolutely devastated. There is a hidden dedication on the first page that reads thusly:

"For those unaware, I had a loss before Christmas 2017. I'm not looking for sympathy. But I don't feel right not placing a dedication here. Credit for inspiration. In an instant, someone I loved very deeply was gone. So this character bares certain similarities to the person who left his mark on my muse forever. No, it's not an imitation of a real person who existed. Only little things about him and his being that have left me inspired and made their way into Diana. It can be incredibly hard to be the sole keeper of memories you once shared the weight of, in spades, with someone who is no longer there. Little things, small shared songs and opinions, I don't know what else to do with this information anymore. It's become so incredibly heavy in the past months. So, why let it ferment? He always loved my stories, so I a way this feels right.

I hope that wherever you happen to be, you'd be proud of what I made. I hope wherever you are, you're laughing. God I hope you found peace. I love you, Brat. And one day, I'll see your smiling face again."

It's too hard for me to actively play her.

All my characters, to some extent, are self inserts. So they all mean a lot to me in different ways 8)

Cut for Length

Rémi is a character I played heavily years ago, but is long retired. At the time, I was lonely, living in a foreign country, feeling like that if I went home, it'd be seen as a shameful thing. He was a wreck, more bones than man, consisting on a diet of coffee and cigarettes. I honestly never expected him to get a girlfriend. I didn't expect my friends to like him so much as a character. I didn't expect him, of all my OCs, to get a 'happily ever after' in retirement. So because I related so heavily with him at the time, it was actually really uplifting to have all this happen to me.

Sparrow's is also retired - her RP came to an end a few months ago. She was such a fun character to play because she was trendy, nerdy, and a little sassy. In some regards, it was a throwback to a younger, weebier Claine. Want to name a deathbot 'Choco'? Sure! Want to use kaomoji and cutesy speech? Okay! Want to speed down the highway blasting PONPONPON? Just you try to stop me!

Of all my active characters, West is the oldest. He started as a fantasy character (and even his profile states that he's an AU) but to be honest, this has been the 'real' version of West for 2-3 years now. He kind of shows how my writing has evolved as I've improved / aged. For example 'Cowardly' has always been a descriptor in his character profile. Although I wasn't exactly a 'power gamer' I also didn't like to lose, so he never acted cowardly. He'd always draw his sword and without thought, charge whatever monster he was up against. And win. And even more recently, I've even been rethinking this. Because even through he may be piss-your-pants scared, even if he is fleeing, or hiding, or holding back tears, he keeps on pushing forward so he's actually kind of brave 8)
I love as my children and my personal creations. My personal favorites Aylssa Nicole Kennedy and Melissa Ann Kennedy mother and daughter. Scarlett Sara dylan, chardonnay parker, catlin aylssa franklin, Josephine Jamie Page.
Ooh! Okay, why don’t I just focus on ones I’ve actually optimized/used for RP, instead of, like, all of them? XD

My babiiieeesss!
Evan is the kind of character I’d like to RP *against* and for some reason that really appeals to me right now as the kind of character I want to RP *with.* I’ve always liked when werewolf characters are interpreted not as violent, bestial individuals, but as warm and alert and familial... and that’s what I wanna capture with Evan, here. As a male character with this kind of attitude, he means a lot to me because, y’know what? I don’t need to produce more threatening dude characters than already exist. Instead, I can add to the “kind and comforting” pile.

Rho has only been out there once or twice, but I like her concept and her potential. She’s actually not super fleshed out yet - like, I’ve got no idea of her direction - but she’s really close to my heart and that makes her stand out to me. If I’m being honest, I gave her a lot of traits I had as a kid, and as a kid I had some neurological stuff going on that never got seen or acknowledged. Sounds like it has the potential to be a downer, I know, but I want for her to live up to who she is and to feel right and confident and supported! What are you gonna do, kiddo? Whatever it is, I feel like I’m gonna be so proud! *soppy mom tears*

Zeugma is a character I threw together in like an hour in order to participate in a sci-fi RP, but I absolutely fell in love with him. He’s the first character I had that was basically an open door to the world around him, instead of just receiving the idea for the character and nothing else. XD I like this whole “gaining an awareness of who you are” thing and it shows up in a lot more of my work than I realized until recently. I like the potential for growth, and I think what I want for him is a sort of “found family” deal. I really hope to get to explore this character some more!

Finally, I wish I could explain why I love my Ripley so much, but it’s hard. She’s one of three characters who came out of a dream I had once that just kinda never went away. I think I like her because she’s personable, and I like having the chance to put people at ease even in RP...? Also, she’s got some neat talents, but ultimately she’s kind of an “everygirl” which means she’s more versatile than a lot of what I come up with. I dunno, man! I just love her.

I’ll actually just stop there because, while I love my characters a great deal, I actually haven’t gotten to use them much in RP environments, haha!

The thing is, most of my characters came from stories I wanted to tell, but before the last couple of years or so I never felt sure enough of myself to actually see any of those projects through. I thought, “Pop ‘em in the RP jumble bin - maybe they’ll be useful there!” But it’s hard to divorce them from their original concepts, so it’s hard to actually engage in RP with them??

But the characters I talked about above, they were pretty much fleshed out with the intention of using them to interact with other people, so I feel like they’ve got the greatest chances of success in this arena! And I think ultimately that’s why they mean so much to me in this context.
Ooh, this seems like a fun idea!

I guess most of my characters were a way for me to empathize a lot of my feelings. It gave me a chance to find someone I could relate to and know that I can find a way out of it. There's way too much stuff that I could say about my characters for me to put here.
Well, here I go

Mr.Hansen(Unlisted): my first character, Oh the memories I have with him, never gave him a first name, could not think of one

Jadzea: First Female character,

Ender: is me basically, but with superpowers

and that is my main ones
Each of my characters has a fragment of me placed into them. Some more noticeable than others. Their creations are very deep though, so if you wish to know details pm me.

These three have a special place with me.
My treasured characters
Niju actually started as an OC for a Beyblade rp. Now she has her own story and her spirits have become my art symbol. Her insanity somehow got her loved by many, making her my first popular character. Her personality is extremely fun to play too. This has made her one of my personal favs and I hope I can use her more on this site.

Nasr is actually a fairly new character. I designed him for a story I am working on and unintentionally fell in love with the character. I put more fragments of myself into this character than most such as his fear of new people and a highly sensitive sense of smell. In some aspect my own pain was poured into the character. He is a Valravn and is of the dark element. Those of the light element use him and his kin to their own dark purposes. As scapegoats they are the ones feared and hated. His own love of weaving nightmares and things others deem gross or evil doesn't help. In truth he has a soft heart and just wants to be excepted for who he is. Not everything dark and spooky is evil.

Wraith is actually a variant of an rp character that I used with my best friend. The rp he was apart of lasted for a solid 9 yrs. That is plenty of time to grow attached. Sadly I lost contact with that friend. I hope to use this character again but so far no interest has been shown here yet.

Now that I have a couple of characters I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in here...

All of my characters are pieces of me. I actually began to role-play for that reason, to have the freedom to explore different facets of myself. Right now I have 3 characters in different stages of development:

Kara was created originally for DnD with friends. She is a forest gnome and is the hippie/kinda nerdy side of me. She is my longest character and can do rune magic. She was created to express the Pagan-magical part of me.

Krise is the goth girl. She's very skinny and shy. She was my first character specifically created for roleplay. I actually created her on a different site, but after getting ghosted and being unable to find any kind of fantasy role play that was not school-based I ended up coming here and using Kara. After getting a bit more comfortable I moved Krise over as well because I missed her. She is probably the most "me" of my characters, though she also has magical touches. She can currently turn invisible, but I feel like there is more to her magical ability that just that. I am trying to flesh out a better back story for her, but she is my lovely little goth baby.

Salena Flitterbyte
Salena is my World of Warcraft character. She is very very new and the least developed of all my characters. I only have the absolute basics for her right now. I am trying to save up to buy a new laptop so I can actually play WoW. At that point, I will be able to develop her a lot more. She is a tiny little hyper bundle of excitement. She represents the parts of me that get overexcited about little things and is hyperactive (I have undiagnosed ADHD).
Sarah Williams

Sarah is the first character I took the time to create a fleshed out character form for. I had a couple other characters before her but they didn't stick around as much as Sarah. And I actually created her personality based off what I am actually like so she is almost like a part of me and who I am.

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