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Hello everyone and merry Imbolc to anyone who celebrates today. <3

I'm starting another lovely Raffle to be held on Valentine's Day for all secret and no so secret love-birds and closet romantics! :D

Soooooo ....


1. Post in this thread starting now and until February 14th mid-day (noon) EST with a character linked to your writer profile (not anon.).
2. You can only post once.
3. To enter the Raffle, this character of yours must write at least a paragraph about what would be their reaction to receiving a book with a red rose inside on Valentine's Day, but from a secret admirer. You can make it sweet, corny, angst-y, hilarious, all are okay.
4. You can only win once.


a book of pages
3 x red roses

The prizes will be awarded by RPR dice roll.

Steve takes a look at the interesting raffle and decides to fill out an entry form....

"I've seemed to of had a fair share of secret admirers over the last year or so, and some have been really interesting to pursue further. My reaction to answering the door and having a special delivery of a Book with Roses would be that of intrugue. I would immediately be curious and look around and to try and find out who my secret admirer is so I could return a gift. But the thing about secret admirers is they like to remain secret. I would read the book and look for clues. However, if it was my girlfriend Jenna that answered the door and got this book and rose addressed to me, that would really be interesting. If it was addressed to her, I would be amusingly curious who secretly admired her."
Sunneva had never really noticed the book before. It was most likely because she had gotten distracted while looking around. The book was nestled away near some other objects. It was not until after several moments that her eyes finally landed on the book. With a curious mind she started to thumb open the book to reveal the flower hidden within. Her mind was bustling with questions about the book and the flower such as...

'Who sent this? Why did they send it? Was it meant for me or someone else? Where did they get the book or even the flower?'

With the questions swimming in her mind she would sit there wondering about the book and flower before setting the flower aside to start reading the book.
Zamma (played by Dib2435)

Zamma eyes widened alittle when she saw the rose " An rose in a book ? , Did Wesley sent this ?" . Zamma blush alittle thinking about Wesley for the second time today ,she was still in her class room it was almost the end of the day .

" I know that I'm cute , but I didn't know Wesley noice me or have feelings for me ." Zamma bit her lip alittle as she thought who would have sent her this book " what if it is Ash , after all the abuse he put me through he probably would think that this might bring me pack to him . "

Zamma close the book and place it on her desk " welp it's look like another misterye to solve . " . Zamma said to herself as she finished getting ready to leave for her apartment .
Captain Vallo (played by JetStorm)

The captain looked at this post and started writing something.

My Love,I just wanted you to know that I love everything about you.I love the way you laugh,I love the way you talk and express yourself.Small things about you make you so lovable,it can be the gesture of your hands or the expressions on your face.Even when you feel sad at times and may shed a tear,you still manage to look so beautiful that my heart skips a beat.I want to make it my life's purpose to keep you happy and content,I love you so much and I just want you to stay mine.
David Smith (played by MestStrauss)

David waved goodbye as the Winchesters as they got in their car and drove off. Five weeks tracking down this demon and another week just to make sure it was going to stick to its normal pattern. All this just to find out that it was meeting up with another demon that was even more powerful to report. If it had not been for the fact that Sam and Dean were hunting the other demon he would have been just another dead hunter. They had just played a game of paper rock scissors to see who would get to torture him first When Sam and Dean had saved the day. Arroth had been killed no problem. He was a low-level demon but the one with yellow eyes had gotten away. "Happy Valentine's day," he muttered to himself as he opened his door and found an old book with a rose between the pages. Opening the book he found that it was blank and when he picked up the rose he pricked his finger on one of the thorns and a drop of blood fell onto the pages. Strange writing began to fill the pages followed by a flash of blinding light. When his vision came back he was standing in a room filled with an assortment of both men and women. The walls were white and the room and there was a red door. The door was made of stone and had no handle. One of the women an attractive redhead rolled her eyes. "Welcome to the club," she said. A quick look would tell him that some of the fashions were more than 50 years out of date. "Just one more reason to hate this holiday," he said with a sigh.
It was a busy day of course with mail, Oblivion had already glistened through most of their mail until they spotted something in particular. This was odd for something specific like this to stand out from the rest of the stack . Having already seen that most of the mail that they had gotten were either something to do with trade or that they had something to settle with in court. Of course , They had already signed those papers off , It was no trouble really but this? What was it? They quickly pushed away half of their mail and trailed their hands across the book along with a tall thin crimson rose which sat in the middle of the books pages. They opened it to where the rose was as they picked it up and placed it gently on the table on top one of the other letters they received having to be careful and not prick their fingers. They then rested their eyes on the books pages , wondering who would of have sent this to them.

After so they placed themselves in complete thought , placing the book still opened off to the side. What if it was Paragon , after all it was Valentines day and seeing as they were already both married. That could of been it , Maybe it was an early gift? But that could of not been it , after all Paragon did mention that he was busy with work for the past week leaving them to deal with mail orders from his side. But maybe it was Quetzalcoatl or Xolotl? No , that would be nonsense , complete nonsense. But Xolotl could of have- , of course not. They then brush it off to the side, thinking that maybe it could of have been a prank or just a set-back. But in the end , there was still a person they didn't mention who would of have sent this odd arrangement.
Kaido Richards (played by ELS1526)

(This is for Kaido's DEFAULT AU. No confusion..!)

Walking out of the local bar, Kaido set off on his motorcycle for home at 1:52am. He'd had a long day of killing off deadly criminals, traffic and people in general firing up his frustration. He was just sober enough to drive, drinking the last of his whiskey when he got home. The next morning when he visited that same bar, the bartender looked straight at him. "Well good morning, ya lucky devil", she said with a smirk. Kaido looked at her with slight confusion. "Lucky devil? What are you going on about? Also, the usual please..."
The bartender laughed and took out a small book with a rose marked in the pages, along with a glass of whiskey. "This is for you", she said as she gave it to him. The male observed it and opened it up, jolting slightly as his thumb was pricked by a thorn on the rose. He read the following message:

My dearest sweetheart, I couldn't get enough from my first glance to you on that fateful day. You are the light that shines through my darkness, the cure to my sickness. The way you speak makes me swoon with the thought of your looks. I feel as if I'm seeing an angel from above, a messenger from God! I want to prove myself worthy to you, to prove that I can fulfill your needs as your partner. If you have the same faith as I, come to the [insert park name] at 3:00pm on February the 14th. I hope to see you there.

I love you,
Your secret admirer

Kaido raised his eyebrow as he finished reading the note, unaware of the shade of pink dusting his cheeks. "Okay...Um..." he wasn't sure about how to react, flinching at the sudden snort from the bartender. "You're expression says everything! Have you never gotten a love letter?" she asked. Kaido only shook his head, adjusting his eyepatch and then biting the tip of his thumb. "What should I do?" He asked, slightly flustered from rerunning the cheesy note in his head and flipping through the pages of the book, seeing countless sketches of different people including himself. The bartender leaned in and lightly poked his head. "Go and meet your secret admirer, that's what you should do!" she said with a small laugh. He decided to take the challenge, curious as to who he would meet on that fateful day, downing the glass of whiskey and heading out with the book and rose.
Ohhh it was nice to be here, in front of a crackling fire in her favorite nook of her small apartment, feet stuffed into fuzzy socks and curled beneath her, dark brown mussed ringlets escaping from her messy bun, and just an air about the place of warm solitude. She had just gotten back from the library, where she had checked out her favorite book - yet again. Yes, she was known to re-read. Some called her bookish, but she didn't mind.

After taking a sip of her steaming latte, she opened the book, gasping as the red rose fell from the much loved pages to land on the blanket over her lap. Carefully, she picked up the rose and instinctively held it to her nose, closing her eyes to inhale it's wonderfully delicate fragrance. "Ohhh..." She breathed. Then her eyes fell on the note. It was short and sweet, typed, so she couldn't use the handwriting to ascertain the person responsible. It stated simply, "To the one who holds my heart." Bufferflies seemed to suddenly be loosed within Corina's ribcage, and she looked around her room, as if suddenly feeling eyes upon her, even as she found a secret smile lifting her lips in an upward curve. How wonderfully sweet. But whoever could it be? Now the pages of her favorite book held an even greater mystery, and a dearer love than before...

**Thanks for the fun Dorian!**
Still time to enter folks! :D So far we have met and seen 8 characters react:

1. Lt Steve Harrison (played by Shadow-Ranger)
2. Sunneva (played by Krispythekritter)
3. Zamma (played by Dib2435)
4. Captain Vallo (played by JetStorm)
5. David Smith (played by MestStrauss)
6. Artemis Oblivion LightVale (played by turntechGodhead)
7. Kaido Richards (played by ELS1526)
8. Corina Jackson (played by BreezyDawn)
Bellerose (played by Winters_Fury)

Jules had just returned to his dressing room, having finished a lovely cello performance. Upon entering said dressing room he eyed the book left on the table in his room, and made his way to it after setting his instrument down carefully. Opening the book, Jules would find the red rose awaiting him. An elegant brow would be raised at this finding. Glancing around his room, he found no one waiting for him. There was no note either, so it was even more of a mystery to him.

A pale finger would gently brush the petals of the rose before slowly running down the stem of said rose. Finally, Jules would pick the rose up and would lightly sniff the rose. Ah~! What a lovely fragrance the rose held.

"...I do wonder who left this for me, and to what do I owe such a show of affection?" The vampire mused softly.

Jules would softly close his eyes, just holding the rose and thinking on the simple kindness someone had shown him. Rarely had people shown him such kindness in his life, since becoming an undead. This small gesture would be kept in his dead heart, as a reminder that there were good people in the world. Even if most of the time it didn't seem like it at all.

Jules would then tuck the rose back into the book for now, until he could properly tend to it and attach it to his lapel later. The vampire would soon go about getting ready for the next part of the performance. The book and rose patiently waiting for his return.
(( This is a super fun and creative raffle! Thanks for your generosity, Dorian! :D ))
Rivka (played by Juls)

A book? Why would someone send a goblin a book? Rivka couldn’t read at all, though she still flipped it open, hoping to find pictures inside. She enjoyed those kind. So often the pictures were of rabbits or puppies or small human children. All very delicious things!

Instead, there were various hand drawn hearts, a red rose, plus a note. The skinny shaman’s ears drooped in some dismay as she stared rather helplessly at the indecipherable note.

“Spirits! Protect Rivka!” she whispered nervously. Was it a threat? Had someone just cast some kind of hex on her!? A thorny flower (not even good for eating!) and drawings of internal organs surely could not be meant as a good thing!
Rivka wrote:
A book? Why would someone send a goblin a book? Rivka couldn’t read at all, though she still flipped it open, hoping to find pictures inside. She enjoyed those kind. So often the pictures were of rabbits or puppies or small human children. All very delicious things!

Instead, there were various hand drawn hearts, a red rose, plus a note. The skinny shaman’s ears drooped in some dismay as she stared rather helplessly at the indecipherable note.

“Spirits! Protect Rivka!” she whispered nervously. Was it a threat? Had someone just cast some kind of hex on her!? A thorny flower (not even good for eating!) and drawings of internal organs surely could not be meant as a good thing!

I'm sorry but this was hilarious 😂👍))
BreezyDawn wrote:
I'm sorry but this was hilarious 😂👍
Thanks! XD
Crowley (played by TardisCatTwo)

Crowley sat down in his Bentley, and his eyes widened as he saw a small book on the floor before him. "Aziraphale?..." The thought struck him that, no, Aziraphale wouldn't just leave one of his books somewhere; that's just not how the Angel worked! He leaned down and picked up the small leatherbound book inquisitively, and the parchment slightly scorched his hands. "Maybe it is his.... It hurts like Heaven...." He gently opened it, and his cheeks quickly became flushed. Inside was a slim, red rose. He gingerly picked it up between is index finger and thumb, and softly smelled it. He finally understood what Aziraphale had meant when he had said that something could feel loved.... "Aziraphale! It...... Must be his..... No, it..... I can't be, we're natural sworn enemies! I can't be seen fraternizing with the enemy!..." Crowley gently placed the rose on the dashboard and quickly slammed the book shut, flustered as he set it aside on the seat beside him.

"Nobody could love me after I've fallen..."
River (played by River_Cipher)

The day was just like any other day for the young girl. River didn't have anyone special to spend the day with. So, she stayed home and relaxed with her kitten. She wasn't expecting the doorbell to ring and a mysterious book to be on her doorstep. She cautiously picks it up and brings it inside. She didn't remember ordering anything.

River notices the rose that was peaking out. She opens it, her heart racing a little. Did she have a secret admirer? But who could it be? She asks herself.

River smells the rose with a small smile before putting it in a vase with water. She finds a note inside as well and opens it.

My Dearest River,

You may not know who sent this letter. We have known each other for quite a while now. And being the romantic I am, what better way than to confess on the day of love itself?

I love you more than words can express. You're beautiful both on the inside and outside. If you wish to know who I am, meet me at Gia's Cafe at 5pm.

With lots of love,

Your secret admirer

As she read the letter, River felt her cheeks get warm. She never knew someone felt this way at her. And she had no idea who it could possibly be. She decides to get a dress on, getting ready for this meeting.
Heather was leaving school to go head to the skatepark for the afternoon. She hated school. She was only there this day to meet the minimum attendance requirement. She walked to her locker with her resting bitch-face wanting to dump the books and get her board. When she opened the locker a piece of paper floated down to the floor.

"What the hell is this?" She said to herself as she squatted to pick it up...

'Dear Heather... been admiring your skills at the skatepark for a while now.. Bring this to the taco truck by the park for a free taco and your gift.
Signed, Your Secret Admirer'

Heather huffed. That freak in the taco truck has been oogling her while she skated.... well she was going to tell him where he could stuff his taco... She dropped her board to the floor and shut her locker, taking off down the hall.

She arrived at the taco truck and was about to ream him out when he pointed over to a bench. There a nice ornate leather-bound book sat with a rose sticking out from under the front cover... she was awe-struck. She went over and picked it up, reading a fine scripted note that said, 'To Heather'

She wanted to be mad, but she had never been given anything so nice before... well, not from someone who would not reveal their identity. She went back to the taco truck and asked as the guy handed her a chicken taco. "Did you do this?" Sshe asked. He shook his head and said, "No, but I wish I did."
James frowned as he came upon the book of poetry on his desk.

He touched the worn binding.

Old, by any definition, he concluded, yellowing paper, perhaps a first edition...

But why was it on his desk? It's not like he knew anyone on the ship.

He sat down and opened the book, and it fell open easily to the page with a pressed rose inside of it.

At this point Farrell busted out laughing.

"A rose?" he said aloud. "There's definitely been some mistake." He closed the book and resolved to take it to lost and found in the common area, then he opened his laptop and began working.
Somnom wrote:
(( This is a super fun and creative raffle! Thanks for your generosity, Dorian! :D ))

You should enter! It's more about the fun than the prizes! :D

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