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EDIT: This raffle is now closed, and all prizes have been sent to the winners. Congrats again to xArix, Sauron, and Crystaldragon126! Thanks for playing, everyone!

Hey everyone! Rose collector Lucree here with three Rainbow Roses for three lucky winners! If you can't afford these multi-colored beauties, then this is your chance to win one for free; after all, these won't be back for five years after the sale ends!

Put them on your profile, pull the petals off for a cute quote, or just stare lovingly at them in your inventory! To enter, tell me about an OC you'd love to hang with during Valentine's Day, and what activities you would do with them! It can be your OC, or another player's character.

This'll be open until Valentine's Day, February 14th at 7:00 p.m. CST, then I'll start rolling for winners! Good luck, everyone!

Current Entrants

1. TardisCatTwo
2. Optimusprimal99
3. turntechGodhead
4. Kungfu6453
5. Sauron
6. QueenSerenity
7. Dib2435
8. Abigail_Austin
9. Dndmama
10. Crystaldragon126
11. staticnightmares
12. LakotaSiouxWarrior
13. BreezyDawn
14. xArix
15. Deumeawyn
Honestly, I'd love to hang out with my Crowley. He's floofy and sweet. I'd cuddle him and feed him chocolates forever. I'd give him all the flowers and candies and cuddles and watch movies with him.
To be honest, i would be glad,
happy and an honor that i could
have a date with Lily Marie Cordova. Played by Chewbacca. i would
love to go out with her to the
movies. hang out in a park on valentine's day. and to hunt out
some vampires, fight some werewolves ect. and at the end
of the night we be together just
lily and me. a candle light dinner. maybe we get to know one another,
and a hug from Lily, or maybe a kiss.
Well , I love all of the characters I have but Out all of them , Two always come to mind. Both Oblivion and Karma would be nice to hang out with. But out of the both of them , I would choose Karma , After all he was my probably my first character I've made and I have mentioned them a lot along with Oblivion as well. And plus , If I wanted to hang out with Karma , they wouldn't be busy as much as I put Oblivion to be so I would have much more time to have some free time with Karma.

Activity wise on something like Valentine's day , Karma would probably like to do something like go adventuring and go to different Universe's or even have a nice dinner.

Although , I would have chosen Ergo as well (Hence one reason why because his other personality's name is Valentine and it's basically just hanging out with him on his 2nd so called birthday and his personality is just quirky to me) , I chose Karma because they happen to be one I like the most.

My oc Thanatos Though I don’t know if I have a favorite oc. We have a date a casual dinner and spend time under the stars and enjoy there friends and maybe dance as well maybe enjoy the flowers of life. Then spend the night in a magical garden.
Firstly, thank you for holding this little raffle :) I don't typically enter them cause anxiety buuuut;

Huh, this was harder to choose than I thought it'd be! But I love all of my OCs so im not too surprised. Though out of my own characters I'd probably want to be with my elf lad Melron for a Valentine's day date!

He's a sweetie and cares for others over himself 99% of the time, but he's still a very strong person. Even if he wouldn't have any idea what the heck a Valentine's day is he'd be my pick XD

As far as activities.. Gosh, probably just go for a nice stroll in nature. Preferably at night because Melron adores the stars, they're very important to him/his people, that and I mean what's better than star gazing on a calm clear night for Valentine's day? It'd be super nice.
As much as I love all my characters I would have to pick my favorite blind witch Selena Labyrinth. She doesn't get her blindness hold her back and she always up for an adventure. So for Valentines Day I would take her to the great outdoors to walk a trail and then end it with a cute picnic lunch for two. Even though she cannot see she could feel the pure energy of nature all around her and I am positive she will enjoy it and so will I! :)

I must thank you for holding this raffle! It’s very generous of you! ^^

I’d probably pick my OC Sali. Despite her past, she’s a very strong and happy woman, not letting anything hold her back. She’s honest and a total sweetheart, and heck, can she charm the socks off of anyone! Mine and her personalities would most definitely go together, since she’s a very happy-go-lucky person.

As for a Valentines Day date, I would take her to a nice, fancy tavern, one that is very high class, as it would be a special treat for her and something she probably has never experienced before, and Sali loves new experiences. After chatting over a few drinks, I’d take her for a nice walk in the forest, as she is keen on the serene setting of nature. Perhaps then, I would walk her back home, and finish off the night with a kiss, if she would allow it of course. I’m sure that Sali would enjoy that, as would I. It would be a very fun date if I do say so myself!
I got to say Amber , I think it would be cool to hang out with her . We would probably bing watch the real Ghostbusters and pull some prank's on some unlucky people . Amber is such a amazing person plus she is an Disney nut just like me to be honest
I can't pick just one, so I'd have a Valentine's Day party with JoJoApple's character Lux, LowRezCrab's character Maddi (although she would already have plans...) very dear friend's character Queenie.

Now you put all three of those OC's in a room and I'm not sure what would happen, but I'm just saying--there would be food and wine, would be alright, prolly... :)
Whoo! What a rosy raffle! Thank you Lucretire!

As for my entry, I think I'd want to hang out with my character Thalia. And by 'hang out' I mean invite her over, make her dinner, then pay her to watch my kids so that I can have an actual Valentine's Day date with my husband. She's single and could use the extra money!
Thank you for hosting this raffle! :)

I’d hang out with Jules, a character played by my friend SeaWarriorRachel. She’s an amazing character who’s really sweet. We’d probably listen to music and read or watch movies together.
I would love to hang out with my Harry potter oc, Ollie. He's a sweet little fluffball who adores playing around on the mid and collecting bugs to gawk at. I must protecc >:) we'd probably just spend all day in the mud, watching bugs and cute guys >.>

I would hang out with Scarlett Sara Dylan. She's a popular character with stories to tell. Love found and lost. We would drink red and white wine and chat. Thanks for hosting this raffle.
I'd love to hang out with Corina! While she isn't adventurous, she loves books as much as I do, and I would beg her to show me her ice dancing, teach me few tricks, and then we'd go to the coffee shop she works at and I'd buy her one <3 *sigh* sounds delightful.
I would love to hang out with my OC, Ari MacMillian. We'd most likely nap all day, or we'd play videogames and maybe er...prank call someone, lmao. That, or he would teach me my favorite spells, and teach me how to do transfiguration, or to apparate!!!

Thank you for doing this lovely raffle!!! <3 <3 :star:
Lucretire Topic Starter

Update: Another rose has been added! Now you have a chance to win one of three rainbow roses!

Keep sending in your entries; I love reading all of them so far!
Lucretire Topic Starter

Only two days left to enter the raffle if you haven't done so already!

I’d like to hang out with my OC Heather Greene! We would go to the sjste park and I sound try skating, and we voided dit snd have lunch and talk...
Lucretire Topic Starter

Last day to enter the raffle! I'll be pulling for winners at 7 p.m. CST! Good luck to everyone who enters!

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