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Hey all!

I'm new around here! It looks super awesome, lots of resources and such!
I love fantasy RPs, and I've been RPing for a looong time haha.

Anyway, hello!
'ello 'ello! Welcome to RPR! This site has been amazing for me so far, and you are right, the resources are great! I hope you can find some good writing partners while you are here! Have fun!

Hello. Welcome to the new improved updated 2.0 RPRepository created by Kim.

Hello. Welcome to the new improved updated 2.0 RPRepository created by Kim.
Hello! Welcome to RP Repository! I hope you enjoy your time here and have a bunch of amazing roleplays!
elariel Topic Starter

Thanks all!
Hey hi hello there, and welcome! ;D I hope you enjoy your stay at the RPRepository, and have a very good time here. I love fantasy RPs myself, and am interested in various other fantasy-related things. Also sci-fi. :P

If you want any help, advice, or just a chat, I would be totally happy to get a message from you, as a newbie, a fellow RPer-neighbour, or a new friend. :3 No pressure! We have lots of fun forums and games and threads here, so there's probably something for everyone.

Well, that's just about all! Have a good one, play nicely, have fun! And welcome to our community.

Hello! Welcome aboard. Let us know if you have any questions regarding how the site works-- we just had a shiny update and there's a lot of new features!
Hello Elariel i personally welcome you to the new and improved 2.0 RPR!!!!!1 if you need anything at all come to me or one of the other players.
Hello and welcome to the site!

Cheers to making lots of new friends and having a lot of fun RPs!
Hey there, Elariel! Welcome to RPR. What sort of RPs do you like to do? x
Hi! Welcome to RPR!
A lot of cool people use this site and are always opened to creative roleplays! I’m sure you will find lots of friends and I’m just gonna stop being corny and cringey and just...leave...
Hi there!! Welcome to RPR!!
Welcome to RPR!
I love all the resources too! Welcome to the best roleplay place in the webs.

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