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Forums » Forum Games » IC “Core Memories' in 10 words or less

The rules are simple: describe a core memory in only 10 words or less, I’ll start

Getting left in a foreign kingdom for three days
My pregnant wife was murdered while I was at war.
Ruin (played anonymously)

Humans sacrificed the innocent for their sins. I took vengeance.
My brother-in-arms sacrificing himself to save me from a bomb.
Dael (played by Quillweave)

The night my mother kissed me goodbye.
When I lost nobility to become a composer.
Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

He was the worst privateer, and I, the greatest pirate.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

First tattoo, had nightmares for two weeks straight...
Jude (played by Banshee)

"I ate my dad. Literally. He deserved it though."
Cassi (played anonymously)

Someone tried to cut my hair, that was frightening.
Ivian (played by Ilmarinen)

His eyes were the color of heather honey.
Their bodies hanging on display to welcome me back.
Pwent Thibbledorf (played anonymously)

Killed a dragon just to die to a blood sucker.
Silver (played by fiesch)

"Eyes, blue like night, held mine till they were silent."
Kukiko's memory

It was either me or them, I chose me.
John Watson (played by Atheist)

I didn't think at that moment. I fired the gun.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

Once alone

I found a home

In a false dream
Pint (played anonymously)

A bunny in a cage.
James Moriarty (played by Atheist)

Nothing can hold me no matter how hard they tried.
The day of the fight with my mother. *sobs* Excuse me, I still can't get over it.

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