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Hehe, Hi guys ! It's nice to meet you all! I've Roleplayed before but it's been a while since, so I hope to get back on track and have fun with you guys soon!
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
Welcome! Any questions so far about how the site works? :)
Hello and welcome! If you're ready to find people to write with, you can always use the Find RP tool or check out the Looking for RP forum.

Cheers to making new friends and finding lots of fun RPs to be a part of!
Welcome to the RPR family!
Hey Hey and welcome to RPR hope you find some awesome rps that suit your taste soon!
Raikiri Topic Starter

haha, thanks for the warm welcome guys! And nope, I have no questions as of yet.
Heya, welcome to RPR. You'll find lots of awesome people, places, things, verbs, adjectives, nouns.... you name it! Here are a few things that may help you to get started. :D

Find RP: is a great way to look for ads other players have put up looking for other players to join in and collab in a game that already has some seed of a plot.

LFRP: Is much the same as Find RP, but you can put up your own ad that can be seen by anyone in the applicable filters.

In both cases you can use filters to find exactly what you are looking for for your optimal RP experience. Also, don't forget about GROUPS, where you can find whole worlds to RP in with other people.

Happy gaming!! See ya around! <3
🙏 Welcome 🙏
Geez Rai chan im late to the partyyy of welcomes? Well welcome then ... now excuse me while i carry the crazy one away for ... more welcomes *carried away rai*
Hello and welcome the RPR! I'm also new here and maybe we can rp together but there are a lot of people to rp with. You will find your match and it will be fun!
Hello and welcome to RPR!
Hey there, welcome to RPR! I hope you have a lot of fun here!
Hello and Welcome to the RPR!!

If you need any help or want to just goof off send me a PM!!


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