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Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty)

So the idea is a school called Ravenwood High, it’s full of people with powers like demons, angels, vampires, and shapeshifters.

The characters meet at school and become friends. After that they become chosen ones to fight the bad guys that come their way.

The biggest enemy for them all to fight is Realm, he made this thing called the Rhelm of Darkness. He controls and hypnotizes some others to become a strong army and those who are actually the only ones to save the world are the characters that go to Ravenwood.

Rp Rules:

1. Be nice to each other
2. Ask to join first and say what character you may want to use if I don’t like it I will ask you to change it
3. Talk to Skykitty
4. Everyone will be students ages 13-20
5. Every character starts as a freshman
6. No using powers on other students only bad guys please
7.Must use shapeshifters, demons, angels, elementals or vampires

8.Have fun

Adi moaned as the morning sun shown through her window.’Oh boy’, she thought,‘ another day of school’. She sat up in her empty dorm room. The school had a mansion by it full of dorms for the students.

She got out of bed and got on her black T-shirt with a purple bat. She got on some leather pants and her leather boots. She got her black lace gloves and headed out of her dorm. She headed down the stairs and out the front door of the mansion. She turned to see the school.”Thats the miserable place.” She told herself.

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I wa wondering if I could join?
Gordon Trask (played anonymously)

((Is this an open RP?))
Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty) Topic Starter

Ah sorta what’s your username?
Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty) Topic Starter

((When you come back just dm me))
Krillian stood under a semi-shadowy tree on the outskirts of a large modernly styled dormitory, wrapped up in the visual presentation of the surrounding area as well as the placement of windows of each room that she could see. The colour palette mixed with light still bright filtered between clouds and leaves above made her eyes ache to the point of needing to squint. Her thick hair made the already warm air that much more warmer- black being the main choice shade of her outfit also didn't deter the higher temperature either. There was a relatively fresh scent though, most likely from the flora, that made the heat almost comfortable.

A flash of moment caught the young woman's eyes, which brought them down from the glancing at windows to the front of the building, where a single person now stood. Black and purple hair as well as black and purple everything else was as much she could make out from their placements. The brunette shifted slightly at the new addition to the scenery; should she approach and introduce herself? Would that be bothersome? Yet wouldn't it seem odd to stand away? Would it be rude to not introduce herself? A plethora of questions rushed her mind, none bore a straight answer that she could think of. Krillian instead took a few steps forward so she was danced along the tree's shadowy edge, which would hopefully catch the other person's attention, and then handle whatever reaction came after.
Numunu (played by Icyrosyseal)

Numunu darted onto the grounds in a brisk run, a small bead of sweat on her forehead indicating she had ran quite a distance to arrive at the school. She usually preferred to take her time to travel from place to place on bright, warm days such as this one, however this was not an ordinary day for her- in addition to her attendance at Ravenwood starting today, it would also mark her first full day away from her family, provided everything was to go well. Neither the distance she had travelled nor any amount of nervousness could keep a slight spring out of her step as she came to a gradual halt, looking up at the building ahead of her.

She was wearing a short-sleeved light grey shirt in order to appreciate as much of the warm sunlight as possible, and a simple pair of seemingly homemade black trousers. She had a darker grey hoodie tied around her waist and a woven bag slung over her shoulder, a goodbye note still tied to one of the handles. A strawberry hairpin rested on her silver hair as she looked around her, noticing two other students dressed mostly in black standing nearby.


She suddenly felt slightly confused on what to do- the building looked nothing like what she was used to, with most of her time growing up being spent in more foresty areas, making it come across almost daunting to her. Maybe it would be best to approach one of the two figures nearby first? Though she enjoyed exploring, her journey had been rather lonely to someone so used to company, so if nothing else, it would be nice to make some new friends.
Kayley (played by jfo7)

Kayley was out for a morning walk, her nose stock in a book as usual. She looked up and saw she was just about to walk into a tree. She looked around, embarresed to see if anyone saw her but all she saw were a few figures in the distance. She kept her space, as she was shy with people she didn't know.

She walked over to a tree only slightly closer to the figures and started reading again.

((Sorry it isn't that long but at least I finally posted))

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