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The Duchess (played by Kim)

Although no one could remember there being an estate out in the Evergreen Forest, that was the address on the gold-embossed invitations that were received just a few days before.

Your Presence is Humbly Requested for
a Winter Masquerade
A Magical Evening of Revelry
Mysteries and Competitions
Masks Required
Come if You Dare!

- La grande-duchesse de L'hiver

On the appointed evening, the trees part to reveal a grand manor, its eaves softly glowing with tiny, flickering white lights. Surely some form of enchantment? The adjacent field has been prepared for a banquet, filled with cloth tents embroidered with holly, tables laden with food and sweets rim the area, and a band plays beside a temporary wooden dance floor. The whole is bathed in the hushed blue light of a full moon.

masquerade.pngInto this scene steps the Grand Duchess de L'hiver, a coy smile on her lips below her elegant mask. Before her, she gently holds aloft a white rose.

She proceeds to a small table at the center of the glade, and gently places the rose into the air above it -- it hangs there, suspended by some invisible force, and then there is a shimmer and a glass dome has formed over the rose. Is it your imagination, or does the rose now pulse with its own light?

"Welcome, one and all! So long as this rose remains in bloom, this glade is enchanted to attract the best of everything one could want at a party -- the best interlocuters, the best dancers, the best comedians, musicians, chefs, wits, beauties, sweethearts -- They will come from all over, perhaps even from other planes, to bask in the light of our little winter masquerade! But be warned - this enchantment is powerful, and there may be other forces attracted to it with less noble aims. If you wish the party to continue, make sure our rose remains until its bloom is spent!"

With that, she claps her hands, the band strikes up an energetic waltz, and a sudden warmth descends on the glade despite the winter chill.
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

((Welcome to our first official real time masquerade! This RP chat will be open for 12 hours to ensure that all time zones are able to pop in for at least a moment or two. We hope to see a variety of characters, an inclusive atmosphere, and an ever-changing cast to interact with.

We strongly encourage you to make a new, anonymous character to attend with! The setting is a masked moonlit gala in winter; the setting for this first masquerade will be high-fantasy renaissance, but time travelers are welcome. You may attend with any of your existing characters if you really want to -- All characters will be required to wear a mask, but that is the only restriction - bring me your dragons, your halflings, your vampires! All characters are welcome, provided they don't destroy the venue.

When the masquerade is over, the masks come off! Everybody can announce who they played after the masquerade ends, so that you can connect with your newfound friends and disappear down the plot bunny's tunnel to make new stories.

Remember - be respectful of your fellow players, and do your best to promote a fun and exciting RP environment for all comers.))
Yukina (played by Rinny_Howler)

The young Yukina was wearing her typical cute fox mask. She had recently caught wind of this estate, and wished to check this out. "Why, hello everyone! Roses... how beautiful." The warmth of the whole area even warmed her heart. Yuki joined into the festivities, hoping to meet new friends.
Falcon (played by Kada)

Greetings everyone. I've got my eye on the snack bar, particularly the roasted wieners and cheesy casserole bites! Bless the gods, who made these delicious treats?!
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

The Grand Duchess de L'hiver turns, as if sensing a new presence among the crowd, and proceeds across the lawn with her head held high. She walks straight to Yukina in the fox mask, threading her arm through the girl's as if they were old friends. "Ah, I'm so glad you've made it. Let's see to it that everyone enjoys themselves, hmm? You can be my special assistant for the evening."

She steers Yukina toward Falcon, a wide smile on her blue-painted lips. "I've had delicacies imported from far and wide for this event! Marvelous, aren't they?"
Sir Robert saunters casually into the glade, a hand on his sword and dramatically sweeps his feathered hat from his styled and waxed head. "An honour to be invited, your grace, my ship has just docked at Portsmouth and I somehow have found time to join your delightful company." He looks confused for a moment, perhaps at the strangeness of his arrival but he quickly dismisses the expression from his face.
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

The duchess' eyes sparkle as she spots the moment of confusion that Sir Robert experiences, but just as quickly as he recovers himself, she hides her own amusement in favor of a simple, warm greeting. "Sir Robert! Such a pleasure to have you with us! Where are you most lately from?"
Falcon (played by Kada)

"Indeed, your grace," he answered the duchess, inclining his head respectfully. "It is a pleasure meeting you both. Please don't judge me for devouring these lovely items. I have been eating the same stew for months!"

With a glimmer in his eye, he smiled curtly at them. Giving a wave towards the gentleman who just arrived.
Yukina (played by Rinny_Howler)

"Hm? Me? Oh, I'd love to help around!" Then she looked at the two guests. "Hehe! Good to see that we're drawing people in already! Nice to meet you all." Yuki smiled, seeing that everyone here was quite kind to the young Nohrian princess. She preferred to keep her lineage hidden, so she acted like any normal person. "Thank you for the invitation though ma'am!"
Robert bows even more deeply at the assembly, wafting his hat further to express his courtesy. "Your Grace, I have ventured far and wide, but lately I have visited the shores of the fair Afrique. A wondrous place full of strange beasts and delights to tempt even the most devout!" His eyes twinkle as he rises to stand and restores his MAGNIFICENT hat to its rightful place.
Torie Lucius (played anonymously)

Torie adjusted the Arctic Fox mask on his face, glancing around some. Niklin had told him that masquerades were fun, although you couldn't see anyone properly because they were all wearing mask. The elf let out a yelp as Niklin grabbed his hand and pulled him towards some of the other guest. "What are you doing Nik?"

"I am giving you a nudge in the right direction, hiding in a corner is not an option right now." Niklin smiled, tapping his Fox mask. "A Fox never hides in a corner, got that?" He was trying desperately to get Torie to open up some to strangers.
Yukina (played by Rinny_Howler)

"My land is most known for magic, seeing how I'm from a far off kingdom! Magical creatures though? I'd love to visit there one day." She turns to the new guest. "Hello Torie! Welcome!" She smiled, looking at the small group she'd just met. Yukina loved being around other people.
Elora slowly entered the clearing, clad from neck to toes in a shimmering midnight blue dress. She offered a subtle smile to those who were present. "Good evening," she said to the duchess, adjusting her mask slightly. The dark elf was looking forwards to this event, hoping that it might get her mind off her recent troubles, if only for a little while.
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

The duchess inclines her head deeply in response to Sir Robert's oh so fancy bow. "We are honored that you were able to make time for our humble gathering, despite your magnificent travels!" Her attention turns then toward the man in the falcon mask. "The same stew? You poor creature. Are you also a traveler? Surely you and our magnificently-hatted friend here can regale us with tales!"

She spots the new arrival with the Arctic Fox mask, and laughs in delight. "My foxy friend," she exclaims to Yukina, "Look, you have a companion! Go, see what else you have in common!"
The Duchess (played by Kim) Topic Starter

The Grand Duchess de L'hiver's eyes narrow, and she turns toward Elora, as if sensing a dour mood despite the party atmosphere. "Well met, my friend. What would make your evening truly magical?"
Yukina (played by Rinny_Howler)

"Ah, hello! Ooh! A fellow fox, I see? Yay!" She skipped over delightfully to Torie, her face was filled with joy. The more foxes the better, she thought. With glee, Yukina stood with Torie. Hopefully she would find some new friends here!
Torie Lucius (played anonymously)

Niklin smiled triumphantly as he pushed Torie gently towards Yukina. "Interact, have fun, I'll be by the food." He said before disappearing towards the food.

"Umm... Hi...?" Torie had no clue what he was doing, wishing Nik hadn't gone for the food. "I.... I am not sure what I am doing..." He gave a sheepish smile. He'd never been to a party of any sorts, always being busy with helping with his siblings.
By the time Cass stepped from the silver trimmed black carriage she felt cramped and ready to breath the fresh air. Smiling at the footman who helped her down she offered a sly wink at him and rolled her eyes - the green blue of which were just visible behind the mask she had donned on the way. "Ohh." She breathed, taking her first steps onto the glorious lawn and beholding the vast preparations that had been made. "So we aren't to be stuck inside all night." She said aloud to herself. Gathering her skirts she promptly moved between the other party goers, catching eyes and smiling vibrantly as she went - all the while reminding herself to play it cool. Word couldn't get back to mother that she'd not done her due diligence. Remembering her manners, which she'd gone through painstaking lessons to learn, she moved toward the one she assumed to be the hostess and waited with her hands clasped before her, a demure smile on her face as she waited her turn to speak.
"I present you all with gifts from my travels, these were meant for Her Majesty, but I feel it is appropriate to share them with you now." He opens a pouch carried at his waist and produces a selection of curiously flat objects, deep red and appearing to have a powdery coating. "The locals count this among their favorite snacks, it is a cured meat, spiced for flavour and a delicious treat for the senses!" He hands pieces out to the assemblage, breaking them into smaller chunks to be sampled.
Gustav Dirksen (played anonymously)

Gustav made his way into the glade, after exiting the carriage he had arrived in. Though he traveled a small distance the scenery showed that the travel was indeed worth it. He looked around for the sight of the duchess and walked up to her the moment he saw her, "Hello there, you must be the duchess I presume, this is a nice masquerade you've set up your grace" he said kindly to her, "I'm Gustav Dirksen, from the kingdom farther east." he introduced himself. Though he was royal himself he didn't want to cause a scene, all he wanted to do was get away from his palace for a day or so and have some fun for a night.

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