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I'm whispers, and I've been roleplaying for about six years now! Roleplaying has really been what's sparked my overall passion for writing; its helped me grow as a person and as a creator! I adore writing; it's basically all I do in my free time these days, haha.

Not currently looking for a new rp, as I've been working on one for a while with a friend of mine (before moving onto this site), but for whatever reason, I love to browse through the "find rp" section of the site-its just so fun to see everyone's ideas and think about what character I would throw into the fray and how. Still, I get wayyyy too obsessed with my rps; I can only really do one at a time as a result of how I hyperfixate on whatever I'm writing for months at a time. Oops.

My dream is to one day become a published author, and to impact at least a few people with my writing. Mostly, however, I've just impacted my sleep schedule, so that's, y'know, greaaaat.

Yeah, not sure what else to say. Happy to be here! :3

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Hey Whispers, glad you found RP Repository! Hoping you find RP Repository a fun place to be! Love writing myself, and tend to get deep into my rps and am always expanding the story around them, and sometimes interconnecting them.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also, here is a useful link to help you get started deeper into your journey here on RP Repository ...
'Getting Started' Guide

And if you want to know more about character-page creation here on RP Repository and all you can do with these Character pages, this link has a lot of helpful information on navigating the processes...
'Character Creation' Guide

Happy Writing, and may you realize your dreams!
Hey there, welcome to RPR! I hope you have a lot of fun here!
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
Woa, welcome!

Wish you all the best on your dream of being a full-fledged published author!

And welcome to rpr, you’ll love it here! <3

Hi Whispers! <3 Welcome to the RPR!
Hello, and welcome to RPR! I hope you'll have a good time here!

There are lots of things in the dropdown menu, like Help and Forums and Find RP. You seem to be doing well so far though! If you wanna chat about things like pineapple on pizza, manga, mint chocolate chip ice cream, pistachio ice cream, or NaNoWriMo, and other controversial things- let me know! I'd be happy to chat with you for a bit. I also like roleplay ideas. I also like writing! :P Lately I've been working on a few ideas, but a lot of them are just fanfiction. Hehe. :D :) :)
If you have any concerns, you can ask the community and/or the moderator community, with the Help and Suggestions forum and the mod Request buttons. There's also a Bug Report form. :) And anything else, like how to implement a character with this or that, or the best way to approach this or that, is something people might like to discuss, so you can ask in one of the forums. :) And you'll have started a topic, woohoo. Ah, there also are games on here sometimes! And events! And other community things. So if you see one, wouldn't it be interesting? O.o :O :D :d :D Heehee. Anyway, maybe I'll see you around. But then again, maybe not! Haha! :)

That's all for now, okay?! :D Have a good time, be good, stay cool (if you wanna?), maybe make some friends (also if you want to), and explore the creative wonders and joys of the RPR, yahoooo! :D :) :( :) :) :) :D Bye-bye! :)

-Shinyrainbowlithogra <3 <3 <3 :) :) :) :) :) :) :d :) ;D :3 :O :D XD :) :) XD :P ;3 ;D ;) :D :) :3 :D :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3
Welcome to RPR whispers! Hope you make lots of friends, have lots of fun, and have great RPs!
Hi, welcome to RPR! :) I’m sure you’ll find a lot of fun here.
Welcome to RPR, my friend, you'll like it here
Hi, happy to have you here! I feel the same way about writing. It really is the best way to create, to inspire, or just to put your deepest feelings into the physical world.
Welcome to RPR, Whispers! I hope you enjoy it here!

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