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‘Ello! I’m very new to roleplay and excited to learn the ins and outs of it! I don’t have a ton of preferences, just no romance or anything of that nature, have a hard enough time irl let alone trying to rp it.😅

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Spoken like a true programmer. Welcome to RPR. ;)
Hello Christopher and welcome to RPR! You'll find that this is quite a friendly community. :)

What type/genre of RP are you interested in?

This will be a good link to find RP or post your own ad. Looking for RP
Greetings and welcome to RPR, ChristopherBarnesII. I hope you find what you desire regarding writing and many friends.
ChristopherBarnesII Topic Starter

Falyn wrote:
Hello Christopher and welcome to RPR! You'll find that this is quite a friendly community. :)

What type/genre of RP are you interested in?

This will be a good link to find RP or post your own ad. Looking for RP

I love playing mash ups of sci-fi and fantasy but willing to try the other genres out there. Might make my own group rp in the future...
I was involved in RP in a game world called Secret World Legends for nearly four years so a mashup between fantasy and Sci-Fi was and still is very much up my alley. I'm doing more group RP with traditional fantasy elements as well as Sci-FI elements at the moment and I'm very much enjoying it.

Definitely take the time to look around and chat with people. :)
Hey, welcome to RPR!
Welcome to RPR ChristopherBarnesII! Hope you like RPing here and learn to get around the site quickly!
ChristopherBarnesII Topic Starter

Thanks for all the welcomes!
Hey Christopher Barnes II, glad you found RP Repository! Hoping you find RP Repository a fun place to be!

If there are questions, here is a useful link to help you get started deeper into your journey here on RP Repository ...
'Getting Started' Guide

And if you want to know more about character-page creation here on RP Repository and all you can do with Character pages, this link has a lot of helpful information on navigating the processes...
'Character Creation' Guide

Happy RP’ng!
Hello Christopher! Welcome to RPR :)
Hello Newcomer, Welcome to RPR!!!
Hi there! May many adventures await you.
Welcome to RPR! I hope you become a great roleplayer one day!
ChristopherBarnesII Topic Starter

Thank you! I hope so as well
Welcome to RPR, ChristopherBarnesII. May you have fun RP here, and enjoy yourself!
Welcome to RPR!!

I hope you find some amazing RPs!! Everyone here is very sweet and understanding so I hope you feel right at home!!
Kim Site Admin

Welcome! Pleasure to meet you. :D

When getting started with RP, I really recommend this primer on basic RP concepts as a starting place. Even if you have some RP experience, it can be a nice way to see what the general norm is here.

When it comes to starting RPs, most people start in the Looking For RP forum to find some other players. There's also a search tool that will help you find what you're looking for within that forum - click "Find RP" in the top menu, then "join game" then scroll to the bottom to adjust your preferences for game types. If you want more info on using that search tool, here's a handy help article.

If you end up joining someone else's RP, they'll let you know the details about how to join in.

If you're starting up your own RP, you have a few choices about how to proceed once you've found a RP partner or two.
  1. You can just create a RP topic on one of our 3 public RP forums: General Roleplay, Sci-Fi Roleplay and Fantasy RP. Keep in mind that because these areas are public, you'll have to make sure the RP stays in the PG-13ish range.
  2. You can choose to RP via private messages, and just create a new conversation thread with all your RP partners as recipients. Since this is private, the only rules that tend to apply are not to do OOC illegal things and be nice to your RP partners OOC.
  3. If you're going to have a whole lot of people in your RP, or the RP setting is going to be very strictly defined and you want to have a place to store world building information alongside it, you might consider starting your own group. This gives you access to profile building tools for the group, but also to creating your very own forums!
  4. In some cases, you and your RP partner might even decide to use some other messenger or game to RP on.

By the by, you can use the "launch chat" button at the top and bottom of any forum topic, whether it's in a private group forum or our public RP forums, to turn your topic into a real time chat! There's also a link in the sidebar of private messages that will let you do the same.

This is a pretty big site with a lot of features and areas, so if you need help, there's a few ways to get help. You can always try typing your question into the search box, or you can look at the categories in the help section. If that fails, we pride ourselves on having a warm and welcoming community. Always feel free to ask for help if you need it!
ChristopherBarnesII Topic Starter

Thank you for the tips Kim! Planning on making my own rp group sometime in the future

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