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it's been a while, RPR and I'm back.

I'm offering free sketchy headshots (style my choice). You can see my art here.

One request per person, this is for fun, please do not chase me! I also require an image - no written descriptions. <3
Here I am again~

Getting used to putting my sights on those Discord links so I am here! Thank you for the opportunity again, man, your stuff is great.

Say, if you don't mind drawing animals, could you make a shot of Ilia?
Reference 1Source
Reference 2Source
Reference 3Source

Or if you'd rather do humans, could I get one of Wan Nabes instead?
Reference 1Source
Reference 1-2Sources ↓↓↓
Reference 2
Reference 3
Reference 4Source

Again, thanks for the opportunity and have fun! ♥ ♥ ♥
This is super awesome! 🥰

Here's my girl Hadley, she only has this one art atm, I hope you can work with this!
I'll get in on this too!

I think I'll throw Rain myself!

This is super sweet of you. :)
Oooh! This is very generous of you. Your art is really neat. Shiny!

I would love to offer you my big boy, Trazen. You'll find references on his page. If you need more or have any questions feel free to pm me.

And a great big thank you in advance!

EDIT: So, the link I originally provided led to a picture of the wrong character, cause I'm dumb. This is the link I meant to provide. I apologize for any confusion this has caused/is causing/will cause!
Hope you have fun with whoever you choose!

I think Crow would look wonderful in your style <3
Nin (played by EnkeliAgon)

Thats so generous of you! I hope you have a blast with what ever projects you take on!

If I get chosen, I think this little ball of fire here, Nin, would be cool to see in your style! <3
Oooo how sweet of you! I’m on mobile so obviously I don’t wanna spam images here, but could you perhapp draw my baby? Here’s his link!
I would love a headshot of my dragon girl.
Image Ref Here

My one request is that you make both horns visible unlike only the single one shown here. Also if you need a better reference of her eyes, this reference of her child form should do.

Thank you so much. <3
Sage (played by Xaydrien)

Hello! Could really use a headshot of this character. I don't have any proper art of him.


Closest Reference I can get for him. Facial tattoos are similar to that as well. Hope this helps! Thank you for your time. :)
Wen Topic Starter

Hiya! I see you all and I'll add you guys to my sketch list! May be a little slow but I'll get to it.
Wen Topic Starter

anyways so I FORGOT to post this here, sorry for the double tap you two

Churchtuary wrote:

Timelapse on TikTok

MercyInReach wrote:

Timelapse on TikTok
Wen Topic Starter

Ramika wrote:

Tagged you on Discord but here too


Timelapse on TikTok
Wen Topic Starter

Dndmama wrote:


Timelapse on TikTok
Ooooh! Thank you! He looks so serious and chiseled.
Wen Topic Starter

Dndmama wrote:
Ooooh! Thank you! He looks so serious and chiseled.

The person I saw as face claim looked very serious and chiseled. So I hope I got that across haha

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