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This is more of a make the person above smile, you can read the person that's above you character(s), as many or as little as you like. Always use the name and remember, this is about making people feel good and being wholesome, no explicit things please :3

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I like to see a fellow Hazbin Hotel fan! Nice Angel Dust!
Emily seems like a nice character for being a witch
Tommy-Vercetti Topic Starter

Saresa seems like a nice guy, probably very observant and fun to hang around, although he seems serioous
Tommy-Vercetti Topic Starter

Stolas (played anonymously)

I like Skipsy, she's got a good vibe about her, even though she's been broken.
Tommy-Vercetti Topic Starter

Weird, only one option, but he's kinda hot, even for a middle aged demon prince

Tanks are great so you are great!
but really you are great
I really like Drans, as I have learned more about sans AUS, I’ve started to understand her stats and personality. She knows what’s right and what’s wrong, honestly, she seems like the type to become a lawyer. Don’t know why I added that last part, but it seemed fitting enough XD

Need I say anything more??? Cat, cat cat! ^^
Tommy-Vercetti Topic Starter

Nice profile pic, really brings out the color in your eyes
Thanks to you, though it’s a good thing, tanks are the new meme on RPR and I love it. If I’m not mistaken, IS-2 was the first tank brought to RPR, and from there, the memes went on.

Bravo to you and IS-2!

you have a lot of characters, I'm sure you give people all of the options
Nova. Who doesn't like wolves or werewolves? Lions may be the 'King of the Jungle' (Lions don't occupy jungles anyway.) But you won't see a wolf perform in a circus.

You also give people a million and a half options, and thus you help RPR
I like Mary's description of "inquisitive, but clueless". It's amusing to envision a 3000 lb dragon trying to help, or just be curious about something, and just wrecking everything accidentally. Seems like it would make for some fun RP scenarios. :)

Jacques... a wonderfully presented character story and that with the history and the graphics really tell a good story!
Oh wow, do I have to pick just one? There's so many fantastic characters this person has come up with, but I have to say that Darrell is my favourite. This character is an amazing homage to the classic rock artists of the 60s and 70s. A well thought out story as well. 10/10
I like Fumizuki. She’s a human warship! That’s so cool!
Rumiko wrote:
I like Fumizuki. She’s a human warship! That’s so cool!

You'd love some of my characters then. XD

AHEM. I like all of your characters! I couldn't pick one if I tried. XD

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