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Rosaline stood out most to me when I was looking over your characters (though I also saw your FFXIV character, and he also has my attention 👀). For Rosaline, I really liked the art that I saw, and the portrayal of your character there both visually and in writing had me invested. :>

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So many wonderful characters to choose from! I decided to land on Felvalian 'Vale' Azmus's page, and I was not disappointed. Apart from the visual aesthetic (dark skin and white hair is a weakness of mine!), there's so much for me to enjoy, from a rich backstory to a coherent set of powers and weaknesses, and I'm so very happy to see he spawned from Monster Hunter! What an awesome game to inspire an awesome character.
I gotta say, Peony is a cool character! Her profile has neat details + her species has a very compelling backstory (I mean, adding aliens from another dimension that enhanced dinosaurs is just... *chef's kiss*)

(To the player - keep up the good work! You possess a creative soul. UwU)
I like Verus! He has great companions and a great backstory! I wonder if there's any implications to being resurrected!
I adore Rosa. Her name is elegant, her aesthetic is too, and I have a soft spot for warlocks. Her profile is lain out in a way that comfortably combines D&D with text-based RP, making it feel nostalgic. Also, her history was worded hilariously, that picture 😏
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All of them—so much so that it’s hard to pick just one, honestly.

But looking deeper, Andronicus always sticks out to me! Reading his profile really makes me feel like I know him—and he seems like such an interesting person to meet. I feel such depth to him that he feels genuinely real. I’d love to meet him!
I really enjoyed reading Wren's profile!
I love her design, that's one beautiful dragon you've got there! Her profile is very neat and organized, and the written descriptions were lovely as well! Nicely done, my friend!
wow! I was just reading through your really well made page for your character Hades! You've gone in such great detail about the character and they are so interesting! The design is *chef kiss*. dayum all your pages for your characters are so neat and well written! good job! 🥺 👉👈
I went to look at Stephanie. I don't know what I was expecting, but the quote got a smile out of me in hindsight.

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