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I’ve noticed a few ‘musical characters’ browsing the character list of late and thought it would be nice to have a thread for musicians and bands to have the spotlight. Come here and share all your musical characters and show them off!
Darrell Sanders (played anonymously)

Darrell Sanders - a musician who developed from his introduction as an NPC high-school stoner in a public rp a few years back. He’s been quite a fun character to write as he’s gone through a lot of changes and developments with the various RPs he’s been in. Currently he is doing a regional live tour along the west coast of the USA and Canada and has an album out.
Trevor is the lead vocalist, ok male lead vocalist, (he doesn't want to offend Starla!) and keyboard player for Threat of Invasion. They are a local garage cover band from Teal Cove set in the year 1982. All of the members are currently in high school.
Jackson (played by Zelphyr)

Well, uh... I've got this guy. >.> He's musically multi-talented, but focuses primarily on violins and fiddles.

He's also sort of... um... murdery, though. Tons of spoilers in his profile if you're after details. He's been changing dramatically in the past year or two, and he's intended to be flexible for use in different time periods/settings, so apologies if you stumble across missing/conflicting info. ^^;
I have a few music centric characters but Nic here is the only one I'd consider worthy of a band. A drummer by trade, she can be a bard or just a general punk rocker. No matter the setting though she's always down to jam.
Brash (played by Pantrane)

Brash is one of my most fun characters to write. He is retro to the core. His band is in the modern era, yet all of his lingo and trends are from the 80s. He’s a shred genre guitarist like Vinnie Moore.. His band is one of those types which always seems to tell a story with their songs… Mostly Sci fi in their case. His rhythm guitarist is Nightowl who is more of a thrash metal type. They often play dueling solos or pieces which harmonize off each other. Brash plays bubbly, warbling notes over the owl’s dark, heavy sounds.

They have a female vocalist who is charismatic and funny… Capable of dealing with these two. I need to formalize a bassist… They’ve probably had a few. The drummer isn’t very developed. The band has even done movies.. I’ve animated scenes from a film or two.. Time traveling rockers… Does it get more 80s retro?
Brakash (played anonymously)

Maeve (played by Galaxy-Star)

This is my only character who's job is music based. She a bard and her main instrument is a violin but she's interested in play and learning any instruments.
Brash (played by Pantrane)

Brakash wrote:

I like this orc’s selected theme. It’s kind of a retro shred metal. Lots of harmonic screams, solid tone with that hint of darkness in the chords as the song really kicks off. Face melting solos abound, I’m sure.
My 'not your typical vampire rockstar' here, Spencer Caine, is the lead singer of a alternative rock band consisting of his closest friends from high school (they're all adults now though lol)

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