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Ban the person above you for a silly reason. None of these are real obviously, but feel free to use characters and your profile.

An example would be the following:
PERSON A: Your banned for living

PERSON B: You are banned for being able to be banned for your ban as well

PERSON A: Banned for writing a lot
Now have fun!
Also note: be nice to each other: not super nice, but no like, banned cuz (curse word) you
Kurai Zankoku (played anonymously)

“Your banned cause you’re pink….”
Wanderer's Den (played by LostWanderer) Topic Starter

"Banned for being Greyscale"
Kinoko (played by kujiou)

"Banned for being swag"
wyvern Hydra (played by starwolf)

“Your banned for being a big meanie!!”
"you're banned for looking like a mermaid"
Dimi and Stör (played anonymously)

You have been banned for discriminating based on appearance.
Shame on you.”
Dark and Void (played by LostWanderer) Topic Starter

"Banned cuz night"
Gl¡tch (played by kujiou)

"Banned because you're short.."
Banned for being simp-able ( this is a joke)
" banned for uh....being a simp..."
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

"You're banned for being naked. Oh wait... I'm naked too! Oh no!"
Cain (played by kujiou)

"You're banned for being dumb"
Ezra (played by Rayne_Storm)

"You're banned for looking like Sapnap"
Toxic Ryuu (played by starwolf)

“Your banned for being too damn attractive…..”
Wander (played anonymously)

"Banned for being birb"
Gaelic (played by Siren_Lullaby)

" banned for being adorable"
Ashling Edgar Micheal (played by kujiou)

"Banned for being absolutely stunning!"
Baku (played anonymously)

“Banned for being a strawberry. This is a fruit only chat!”
LostWanderer Topic Starter

Banned for being honest

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