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So I really like the whole draft setting. It's nice for unfinished characters and the age group option is good too. The only problem I have is I feel confident playing my characters in both 18+ or All Ages rps. As such I don't want to hide all my characters behind an 18+ wall. I'm proud and want to show them off. What I have done so far is collect all the NSFW 'stuff' into a single separate page marked as such. But that doesn't mean it can't be accessed by anyone able to view my character. Would it be possible then to mark specific pages or even widgets as 18+ restricted? That way the rest of the character can be enjoyed as it stands while keeping the more adult content safely hidden.

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Absolutely standing to support this idea
Great idea!
I really like this idea. I hope this is something that can be done.
Yes please! This would be wonderful!
I have to toss in my vote as well. This would be great for some of my characters that I want to show off in the public RP forums.

I was about to say that this is a good idea - I would be able to put some violent stuff separately. But after a while, I realized that I personally wouldn't be really pleased to read an "innocent" character profile, then click on another page, and surprise, they're a bondservant or a torturer. :/ I'd rather stay away from characters like those. Not sure if I'm the only one here who prefers to stay away from triggering stuff and don't read them at all, even if some parts are completely "clean".

Edit: I think you can add something like "Blood descriptions on [X] page" or "Blood descriptions are hidden under collapse" in the "Other sensitive content" option. :) Then if someone is okay with hidden +18 content, then they will read the rest and just skip one page or don't click on the collapse thingy. The problem is that minors still wouldn't be able to see it and you still won't be able to show them in public RP forums. :(
Throwing in my vote for this feature as well. It'd allow me to mark RPR profiles as the primary profile even when I'm referring people offsite to read my profiles.

Also, maybe sticking a configurable notice near the top of profiles with NSFW widgets or pages would help with "I accidentally read a not-so-innocent profile problems"? The notice could remain there until a visitor says, "Yes I'm OK with this content". And then the NSFW widgets and page links load after the notice is clicked.
Kim Site Admin

Just wanting to jump in here to say, I have definitely been thinking about this. It's a bigger coding project than it probably sounds like, but I like it.

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