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I was just playing Star Trek Online (saved a planet from the Borg!) when it occured to me that there maybe other players here. And if not just Star Trek but one of the hundreds of other online games as well.

Eve Online is the other MMO I play from time to time (not at the moment) and I discovered Furcadia when it was only a few months old. Besides that, I'm also looking forward to The Old Republic (probably not a big surprise to anyone that knows me ;)).

So what do you play?

TOR looks great. I kinda wanna try out DCUO, too. I'm not huge on WoW or Guild Wars, and I never tried Star Trek. I even tried AdventureQuest Worlds. I'm honestly not much for online games myself beyond RP, I don't have the time and money necessary to full dedicate myself to it, which leaves me lagging far behind the rest of the world.

But if they made a Witcher MMO, I'd probably drop out of school for that lol

I play Furcadia. Sometimes I'll play Mechquest or Adventurequest, but usually my loyalties lie in Furcadia.

And Robot Unicorn Attack.

Furcadia's the only MMO I play on, but I tinker around on Neopets, too. (The last plot was so awesome holy crap.) I dipped my toes into WoW, but never found it very engaging, and I used to play Ragnarok Online a whole bunch, but haven't really had time lately.

I derp around on Furcadia a lot. Occasionally, I'll play WoW, and even rarer, Second Life.

Furcadia is the main game I play. In May, I'll have been on Furcadia for 9 years, my goodness!

I also play Dofus now and again. Rushu server. I'm an Eniripsa~ I'l waiting for Wakfu to come out because it's going to be insanely awesome.


I hang around in my spot on Furcadia doing..nothing much. I love TitanROSE, since the original ROSE started making you pay to play..which made me mad.. I intend to try out Second Life once I have a better computer..and turn 18. I also might try EVE, seeing as they have a beautiful new character creator.

Tasha wrote:
I also play Dofus now and again.
I tried Dofus out long ago. The whole "isometric" thang threw me off a bit at first. In the end I just couldn't stay into it.

Andryn wrote:
Tasha wrote:
I also play Dofus now and again.
I tried Dofus out long ago. The whole "isometric" thang threw me off a bit at first. In the end I just couldn't stay into it.

I gave Dofus a shot, and it was fun for a while... but eh, all my friends seemed to abandon it, so in time I gave it up too. RPGs that can be multiplayer seem to be funner in groups.

On the other hand, I roam Furcadia, mainly, and occasionally Gaia's zOMG game. However it's sort of losing out just like Dofus did, unfortunately.

I play Aion currently.

I've been on Furcadia for ten years now. I've been on and off WoW for the last five or so. I've recently purchased Star Trek Online but haven't had the chance to really play it due to other games taking a bit of a priority - a dream in Furcadia and a guild in WoW.

The only game I roleplay on is Furcadia.

Game-wise, the only thing I play is zOMG!, over on Gaia. Three more rings to level up, and I'll have them all maxed out. X3

Other than that, I really only roleplay on forums and AIM if I know you very well. I've never really been able to get into those massively complex multi-layered fantasy games where you have to pick a class and level up skills and such. They never hold my attention for more than a week or so, so I eventually just gave up on joining them.

Used to play WoW, LotRO, and DFO.

Mostly I stick to Furcadia, but I've also done Dragonfable and one or two Facebook games on occasion (Glory of Rome, mmm <3)

Mostly stick to Furcadia as well. I used to play WoW, but I lack the time to dedicate to it so I quit. I also derp around SC II. YES, AN RTS, NOT AN RPG, OMG BURN ME. ;D
I also played around on AQ, but that's years ago.

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