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I'm very sorry, hun. Genuinely not trying to rush you. Take your time and get to it when you feel ready. I have a tendency to forget about things myself so I thought I'd add a reminder just in case that happened to you as well, but definitely not meant as a 'hurry up!' sort of reminder. *hides in a sack in embarrassment*

It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Just be patient with me a little longer. When I post outside of my set rp hours on my profile, I do so through mobile which is extremely slow.

Aww don’t be embarrassed Mama. We totally understand why you sought out Tora. Sometimes we even need a reminder to not post (not saying any names...points at self) lol. So yes, I know you are genuine and patient with us as we balance out our frustrating RL’s and our beloved creative processes. It wiil be slow but worth it. Just hang in there everyone. Have a Great Weekend! ❤️🤓


everything is such terrible timing for me irl schedule is exhausting until Halloween so apologies if my writing quality is all over the place or whatever

...crap, speaking of Halloween, I need to tend to be trick or treat thread I have...


*reaches down and props Tora up on her own back* We got you girl. And you got this. Don't stress.

Tus has unfortunately decided to withdraw from RPR in general due to health reasons. If anyone has an extra character they want to throw in to join Corym, let me know.

Your character will have been part of the earlier lectures of the Council and have also gotten separated from their partner in the maze.

Oh dear...Poor Tus. I hope he gets better!

Ouch, it's been a rough year for people it seems. I hope Tus gets better and in the meantime takes it easy. Same for you Tora, I hope things start looking up on your end.

On a side note, things keep looking increasingly grim for Corym. XD

As I said before, if anyone has a character they would like to toss in to take Tus's place to help Corym, let me know.

If we do not have anyone to replace Tus, again I do not mind bringing Valens in to work with Corym. Just let me know.

I have a character or two I could include but they wouldn't have the background in the world that Serv's character does.

Serv, I think we discussed before that Valens has his own role for later. XD

Mama, feel free to coordinate with Serv about your character and his world and see if you guys can work something out together. Let me know.

Mkay. If it's gonna be me then don't anyone wait to respond on my account. Let's keep the ball rolling. I'll let Corym stew for a turn or two until I'm sure what character I'm gonna bring in and how.

Which makes the next post officially Serverus and Gweyr!

Sorry for taking so long y'all. I've had things in the way of posting

It's no problem man! A lot of people have finals or holiday prep this time of year. Even then, if those aren't the issue, there's the seasonal bug that gets passed around. As long as you take it at your own pace for your health's sake, it's fine with me!

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Forums > RP Discussion > Crown of Laurels OOC