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I'm just glad to hear that people are still around! I can wait as long as people need, and I understand things get in the way. I've been guilty of waiting quite a while between posts on my own thread for emotional and stress issues.

Hey guys,

Since Tus is taking a while, I will be modifying my post and posting once more with another member of the council instead relatively soon. Keep posted.

Brief change of plan! After some discussion, Syaoran has decided to fill in a Council position, so he will be the next post and will be the one who explains the first task.

I'm going to make it clear that character death/disqualification is entirely possible, as such is the nature of these trials.

Hopefully we can keep this rp going! : D

Also I edited my previous post and added some pictures if you want to see what the Councilmembers look like.


Got it! I'll resume work on the map too if I got time. I just wanted to make sure the thread was still alive before putting too much work into it.

Apologies for the lack of involvement; I'm sorry to say I wont be able to continue my part in this RP. Please refer to my bio if you're curious as to why; I wish you all the best of luck with this plot and hope it goes well! I'm sure I'll be reading along as it develops.

I'm so sorry to read about your circumstances, Strawberry. I'll be wishing you and yours the best.

Oh, that's awful. I'm sorry to hear that a member of your family is suffering, so I understand the importance of being there for them. Take care of yourself, and I hope things improve for you!

Hey guys, we have a late newcomer!

The story is still pretty fresh at the beginning so I felt that I could entertain another request to join.

Welcome, Serverus!

Oh yeah, it'll be interesting having a random human characters amongst all the elves present. It'll cause a bit of a stir from both the Council and the other combatants.

And Strawberry, I wish you the best, really. I'm praying for you.

Welcome new person! I really do hope we can manage to get this rp properly rolling. Wanna fight a labyrinth! Sounds fun!

Hey guys,

given that we dont have as much people anymore (tus seems to have vanished, breezy is gone and now strawberry) I'm going to bump the original forum topic looking for more people.

You guys can also post again if you want.

Greetings all and thanks for the warm welcoming. I hope to contribute and support this story. Very intrigued with what I’ve read thus far!

Updated list of players:


I'll bump the old thread to look for more people. I was hoping to have at least 3 pairs for the maze task. In theory there are 20 character slots open since that's the # of candidates currently in the Council's audience chamber.

It if would help, I could throw in a couple of my other elvish characters. I also have Val and Eva who could easily be bumped up to full elves. ((I really seem to have a thing for half elves...weird.))

I'll let you know if I need them.

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