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Also, welcome darkborn202!

-Gives a full teethed smile, so large that eyes close-

Gweetings, fellwow Ar-Peehers!

-takes off dentures-

I hope this will be a wonderful experience for all! And hope that I don't ruin everything...
No, no. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...


I'll do my first post tonight, at CTZ, somewhere around 9-11. I want my first post to be detailed, and I don't have time right now for long detailed posts. Sowry...

Posted. I hope the reasons I gave were suitable for at least participating in the trials. I had to add some self deus ex machina (I hope that's the right term...)

Welcome, Darkborn! Great to see you arrived, my brother. Welcome home! 🤓

Serv, always a pleasure to RP with you. When I'm not writhing in emotional pain.

darkborn202 wrote:
Serv, always a pleasure to RP with you. When I'm not writhing in emotional pain.

Muahahaha, greatest compliment I got all day.

Do you feel we have enough contestants, Tora? Or would you like me to bring in another?

I was hoping to have at least 3 pairs, and my wish was granted lol

But I would be open to having more people.
Unfortunately I will be going on hiatus from tomorrow until Sept 4 when I get back, so this RP will probably be on hold like many of my others. Hopefully you guys dont misbehave too much in the markets or wherever you guys will go to spend time with/without one another before the trial starts (when I get back). Xyla, in consequence, won't really be available for talking.

Kk, thanks for the heads up. If you do get another and need a partner for them, I can provide. Otherwise, let the socializing begin!

Question: Is there a specific posting order we have to follow?


Edit: just so long as you're courteous and don't post like, four times if everyone hasn't gone, loool.
Exception is for me(Xyla). I'm about to go on hiatus so you guys can go on and socialize without her.

The trials will commence when I get back (the next morning in story-time), so no rush.

Imma be adding a list of basic strengths and weaknesses to Amara's page soon (hopefully tonight but definitely before Tora gets back) so that it doesn't feel like I'm just pulling special abilities and such out of my butt once things start to get real.

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