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Oh dear... I can't believe I was not subscribed to the OOC forum !

I better read up to catch up!

Varen just got skipped! : O

I'll wait for him.

My bad Varen. I got confused from the other thread lol. You posted in JTTN and I had after work brain. 😳

Ahh well mistakes can happen to anyone


Nice meme... I quite liked Princess Bride

Oh don't even get me started on Princess Bride. I could go all night. It's my favorite movie of all time. Cary Elwes is bae. So bae. All the bae. Like, I like to think that I could be pretty chill around celebrities. They're just people, right? But I know if I ever met that man...god I'd fall at his feet. I don't care how old he's gotten (and he's actually aged pretty well). I will always love him.

No, no, no. The best part? "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Oh, and the part where the pirate-boy-captain dude says 'Nothing in life is free, Highness. The only people who say that are people trying to sell you things." (rough quote...)

There is no best part! They are all best parts! I do have a particular fondness for the wine scene. And Inigo and Westley's duel. And-god damn it there're all so good!

Also it's "Life is pain, highness! Anyone who says otherwise is selling something." Because yes, I can quote the entire movie from memory by now. Thank you for noticing.

And then here is moi who has never seen the movie OTL


OOOOHHH YEAH! That midget guy!

And both goblets had poison anyways :)

Wesley is quite a trained lover with his "As you wish..."

Tussss! Spoilers! Tora hasn't seen it yet!

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