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JohntheWarden wrote:
@ChapterBillion I'd love to but in terms of RP that'd be difficult because of the attempt at stealth. Should I throw it your general direction so it won't blind your character but will make the situation clear or do you prefer sneaking into town?

No worries. I'll leave it to you honestly. I'm willing and able to roll with what comes. Might be fun to get into shennanigans at the front gate.

Sorry I didn't manage to get a post in today. I should have time tomorrow!

Uhhhhh.... Don't wanna sound rude but what is happening? Nobody posts anymore and my character is sleeping..

Anyone object to fast forwarding to morning? (If so, let me know by tomorrow, otherwise we'll time skip ahead)

Sorry! I've got a whole bunch going on and keep forgetting to post. I'll get one up quickly before heading my character to bed. :)

Yay! I feared this whole thing died with my horrible post XD

*sigh of relief* Good to know, I thought the topic was dead

I'm still here for all its worth, although I am starting to wonder about everybody else. :|a

Well we still have a party of four normally. The people from the beginning seem to have left, but we still have Guile the awakened animal, Rae Stonebottom, and our respective characters.

I think VampireDwarf mentioned she'd be unavailable this weekend... so I'm going to drag my feet a little on posting... :)

Alright! Thanks for letting us know!

I'm gonna try to get a post up tonight. :)


Did we lose the raccoon on the way?

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Forums > RP Discussion > Doom of the Savage Kings - OOC