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Oh, yeah, where did he go?

Finally got a reply posted - probably won't have another until Monday at the earliest. :)

Any objections to me narrating ahead to Josh leading them to the tomb? Seems like that's everyone's plan, just want to make sure I'm not skipping something else you wanted to do along the way. :)

Edit: Posted. But if there was anything anyone wanted to try in between, we can certainly still work it in.

I hadn't got anything in mind.

John Silvershield wrote:
What's a mages spell per day limit?

He can have 3 + INT mod in his spell book to start. (So, 4 for him, I think).

However, he can only have 1 prepared at any given time. So 1 turn to prepare, 1 turn to cast. (Though if we're not in the middle of combat, completely fine to narrate them in the same post). And he can keep one "prepared" so that it's ready heading into battle.

But no limit on how many times per day he can cast and there's usually no roll to cast. It just works. :) (Unless the actual spell description says otherwise)

The first level spell list from the book is:
  • Charm Person
  • Detect Magic
  • Hold Portal
  • Light
  • Protection from Chaos
  • Read Languages
  • Read Magic
  • Sleep

If you've got a spell from a different edition of the game you want, we can probably work it in!

Thanks! I've already got the spells ready since the beginning (Light Orb, Detect Magic, Read Magic and Arcane Projectile), was just unsure about the spell limit.

Oof, been busy lately. Not sure when I’ll be able to post. Hopefully by Monday

OK, thanks for letting us know

Cool. We can wait a few days for ya! :)

Sounds good to me!

Is it just me or 75% of players who join a RP just leave without telling anyone?

JohntheWarden wrote:
Is it just me or 75% of players who join a RP just leave without telling anyone?

It is definitely not just you.

But I've been guilty of it in the past too, usually with good intentions "to post tomorrow", and the tomorrows just keep slipping away to the point the opportunity has gone. (Kinda like life, huh? ;) ) So I try not to hold it against anyone.

Though I really do appreciate you guys that are super consistent and who give us a heads up when you're going to be away from the RP for a little while!

Hey, guys! Welcome back, MordosKull! It's been a hectic day, and I still have one more meeting. It should be over in about an hour, and I'll try to remember to post soon after that. :)

Vampire, John, & MordosKull, if everyone's on board with the plan, let me know who goes east and who goes west.

((It's nice of you guys to take the GM's "advice" to split the party. ;-p))

Uh oh! We split the party!!! Normally, Xepil wouldn't really agree to that kind of strategic blunder but I think he's too dang mad at John right now to think clearly. XD

I don't think I've given any good reasons for anyone to go one way vs the other. So I'm just gonna "flip a coin"

1 - Rae & Xepil go east, Galiena & John go west

2 - Rae & Xepil go west, Galiena & John go east

rolled 1d2 and got 1

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