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Archer lifts the coin pouch up and puts it in front of the boy's face.

"What's this?" He asks, shaking it around.

It sounded suspiciously full, and felt rather heavy. Upon opening it, he saw the 20 golden coins.

"Now now, what would a young boy like yourself be doing with money like this?"

"Magic or no, we ain't gettin' through tha' door," Rae comments, "It's set inta the floor, an' wi' the weight above, mere mortal strength will nae open it. An' I donnae suggest breakin' it down, 'less yah're keen on wearin' the ceilin'. Now, I ain't sayin' there's no other way beyond this wall, but I ain't seein' it yet..."

The vent above the southern doorway is curious, and she shuffles about the room to get a better view of it. After a minute or so, she wonders aloud, "Do yeh ken there's someway t' get up there? Anyone got any rope, mebbe?

"I got rope but not a hook thingie, grrr." Xepil rubs his chin and looks at the dwarf. "I know! Lemme give ya a boost! Sit on my shoulders, grrr!"

Galiena seemed reluctant to leave her post shining her lantern back the way they'd come, remembering Rae's warning that she'd heard something in the tomb. But at John's prompting, and once the snake skins were done turning to ash, she came forward to look closer at the northern door.

"Sorry..." she says finally with a shake of her head. "I can't decipher them."

Though perhaps awkward, once up high enough, Rae or another could see:

above the south door
The narrow crawlspace wends into darkness. The small passage is only 2 feet in height and width, with a rough stone floor and a ceiling built of branches and roots. Traversing it would be tight... backpacks with gear would need to either be pushed ahead or dragged behind.

"Nuthin..." Josh said to Archer, avoiding the falconer's eyes.

This is what he got for trying to finally do the right thing... injured, probably going to be sacrificed to the hound, and now the money John had given him confiscated. Once Archer looked into the bag, Josh set his mouth in a hard line, thinking he knew what Archer was thinking. "I didn't steal it!" he said. "John gave it to me!"

"Probably not very important. I'll make a quick drawing of them just in case."
He turns to Rae : "What do you see?"

Archer looked up sharply.

"Who is John?" He asked dangerously, eyes narrowing.

This was an interesting turn of events, most definitely. Whoever this John fellow was could be very important, it all just depended on how the boy answered, and the mannerisms he portrayed when he did.

He turned to look at Iraco, a question in his gaze.

After a few awkward attempts, Rae and Xepil manage to figure out how to work together to see into the passage. Her forearms prop on top of the narrow bottom ledge as she peers into the darkness.

She stares and listens, and listens and stares until interrupted by John's question. "Ah, nah, nae much," she replies as she turns slightly in his direction. "Tight spot. Bags could nae be carried - have ta be pushed or pulled along. Worst of it is the ceilin' though, 'tis a mangled up mass o' sticks n' roots. Lights'll hafta be left 'less yeh wanna turn it inta yehr own pyre..."

"Oof, grrrrgg.." Xepil struggled as he kept Rae upright on his shoulders.

"No big deal bout the torches, grrrggg.. we can just.. grrrr.. use Galinea's lantern to light the way. Grrr!"

"Sheesh! You are heavy for being so short! Grr!"

"Are we all going through?" Galiena asked, holding her lantern up to trade for Rae's torch if she wanted and steeling herself for crawling through the claustrophobic tunnel.

((Everyone in the tomb please make a wisdom/perception check with your next post.))

Iraco shrugged when Archer looked to him. "Beats me," the other hunter said. "Must be one of them adventurers."

Josh looked away, struggling to come up with answer that kept him out of further trouble and, strangely enough, a desire to keep John and the others out of trouble as well.

"Yes, Iraco... one of the adventurers," Lloré chimed in, not wishing to betray the others either, but maybe seeing an opportunity to change some hearts and minds. "But there is nothing nefarious here. He saw the boy hadn't had much of a square meal lately. They are good people... trying to find a way to defeat the hound.... for all of us."

"Wait a second... Done with the drawing. Hobgoblin, do you think the darts and spears are usable in here? I might be able to cast a spell before, it might be more difficult inside."

rolled 1d20 and got 17
Wisdom for Perception

"Graahahah! Of course not!" Xepil laughed as he clambered up the tunnel, dragging his equipment. "That's what the trusty scalping knife is for, grrrr, but honestly I hope we don't get waylaid in there. I hate having to fight while prone, grrrr. Also this is probably a bad time to mention that I'm borderline claustrophobic, grrr..." Despite his confession for hating cramped spots, the Hobgoblin still fearlessly went in there with a long combat knife in hand just in case.

rolled 1d20 and got 10

Rae laughs a bit maniacly as she gives a few unnecessary bounces on Xepil's shoulders after his compliment on her weight. "Aye! Wha' di' ya think? That we dwarves was light an' airy like the spindly elvish lot, eh? Nae, we're thick an' heavy like the stone from whence we was hewn!"

She gladly trades the torch for the lantern at this point and climbs halfway into the tunnel. "I dunnae ken..." she replies to Galiena's question before the Hobgoblin comes scrambling up. "Fightin' any uglies'll be easier in the open than up here - hardly even room fer weapons. Whaddya think?"

rolled 1d20 and got 4

Galiena wasn't thrilled about the idea of all of them being squeezed into the tunnel, particularly before they even knew if it went anywhere. Maybe it was simply some kind of vent to keep moisture from building up in the tomb?

But she wasn't particularly keen on being left behind either. And if someone got hurt, she needed to be there to patch them back up. "I guess we could leave the torch over here," she says, going to set it into one of the bronze braziers on the north side of the room.

As Rae and the Hobgoblin go into the narrow and cramped tunnel, they find it only goes back about 10 feet before turning to the right.

"You think you can pull me up, Xepil?" the cleric asks, taking off her pack and handing it up.

John only

As the others are busy getting into the tunnel, John hears something or someone moving quietly toward the room from the tomb's main hallway. Whatever it is seems to pause at the top of the 3 broad steps.


"Sure, grrr.." Says Xepil as he lowers a hand down to lift Galiena. "Fortunately Rae managed -not- to dislocate both my shoulders with her unnecessary bouncing, grrr." The Hobgoblin still obviously sore from carrying the dwarf.

"Forget about the tunnel. There's something coming from the stairs."
He unsheathes his dagger, prepares an offensive spell and says in direction of the stairs :
"State name and business!"
With a bit of luck it's just another adventurer. And even if it's an unknown creature, it already seems to know we're here.

rolled 1d20 and got a natural 10. After the modifier of +1, got 11
Spell - Arcane Projectile

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