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The holiday season is coming, and I know that for many of you this can be an extremely painful time of year. So I want to share this website with you:

It's a bunch of moms writing letters to you as members of their family over the holidays. I hope that if you need it, you can find some joy there.

And I hope that you find joy here. As a moderator and RPR community member I want to tell you that I open my heart to you as well as we close in on December. If you need some more words, some pictures of cats, or someone to listen to you, drop into my PMs.

Please don't feel a need to reply here unless you truly want to.

If any other community members wish to share words of love and support here, please do so. But just like that blog linked above, please no advice unless someone directly asks for it. This is just about being excellent to each other.

:) <3 :) <3

Wouldn't... LGBT be fine? Or even LGBTQ+? I mean I'm trans so I'm not trashing just... this acronym keeps getting longer and longer... longer than it has to be. You won't trigger anyone if you keep it short. Besides, why specifically the LGBT group? Just seems weird and singled out to me... Sorry, that's just my opinion and I needed to express it. Feel no need to reply.

I appreciate that there is a lot of debate surrounding the acronym and not everyone feels the same about it. However it took 5-6 characters and about two seconds for me to use the more inclusive version, so I like to make the extra effort.

As for why I specifically mention people in these identity categories, well, if you take a look at the website I framed this topic around, you'll notice that the website says it focuses on LGBTQ youth. I added the other letters because I like to, but it is topically appropriate for me to mention the target audience of the site I'm talking about.

I don't feel that is singling anyone out. My intention was demonstrate active support for people who often don't get it during the holiday season. I apologize if my thoughts about this are incorrect and you feel singled out.

As a bisexual and demisexual (on the ace spectrum) woman, this means a lot to me! Thanks for bringing the site to my attention. This time of year is very hard for me for various reasons.

<3 I'm so happy that sharing the site might help you! And thanks for being so open about how you identify, I love learning about all the different ways of existing there are.

A thought can't be wrong, only different. I hate he people who tell someone off for their opinion. I just wanted to express mine is all.

I think it's nice that you shared this. And love and hugs to everybody that needs that.

Aww, that's so sweet! Thanks for sharing. :)

Folks in that community have a much higher rate of family rejection than those not in it, and often times things not geared specifically at minorities end up providing them with inadequate assistance. Hopefully we'll reach a time when it's not necessary soon! As for the usage of the full acronym, it's simply polite to be more inclusive, and those who get left out are more bothered than you might realize. For example, I'm a member of a group that's in those extra letters and tends to be excluded even when our letter is there - asexuals. Members of the ace community tend to get so excited when they see the full thing shared and them included. :)

Of course, I prefer SAGA or MOGAI myself, but the LGBT+ set (yes, I'm also lazy and habitually used the shorter form specifically to avoid having to explain it to those asking why and complaining about it being too long) is much more recognized and set-in, so I'm not sure it's ever going to really swap over. Plus, both SAGA and MOGAI technically include some or all cishet people as well, but this isn't the place to discuss the pros and cons of any of that so... If you do want to talk about it, feel free to PM me, I guess? ^^;

Just trying to provide further explanation, mind you. Not attacking.

As someone who works with queer indigenous youth in Canada, it's amazing to see the 2 in there! I'm sure some of my kids will love to know they're being included in your title.

I will offer my services as a queer-'mom', I'm a transdude but I have accepted I am a motherhen with queer people. You're all worthy of love and you can rest assured you are loved. I'm proud of all of you.

It's really strange how good it feels to see my letters in there. I know I'm represented in all the different ways it applies to me, but someone taking the time to write it out just feels a little bit sweeter. Thanks c:

That said, this whole post is wholesome. Thank you for that. I love seeing stuff like this aaaaa

@Abigail Thanks so much for adding kind words <3

@Novalyyn Thanks for providing some extra clarification! I learned some new things from your post, I think I'm going to PM you about those different acronyms because I haven't encountered them before!

@Cacophony I have a few Canadian friends who speak regularly about indigenous issues (some of whom are indigenous themselves), and I simply love learning about the ways that first peoples conceptualize gender, and, well, to be honest everything else. Thanks for sharing your experiences and a little about yourself!

@MadRatBird I'm so happy that you're happy. :B Thanks for adding your thoughts!

@Katrina: I appreciate your thoughts, thank you for expressing your opinion. <3

I never knew something like this was around! I want to share with a few of my friends who I think it will bring some joy to. Thank you so much for sharing!

I'm so glad to see this topic! Thank you for spreading awareness Ben, I also really appreciate the inclusive acronym - I'm included in the + but I love love love the emphasis on asexuality and two-spirit because quite frankly they get left out too often. I hope the site/blog will help many people around the globe. :)

I also want to say that anyone who's having a hard time and needs a safe space around this time of the year to talk or connect is more than welcome in the group Here For You as well. I make great efforts to provide a safe and inclusive environment and welcome everyone to come chat and connect with people who care.

You're not alone, you're valid and worthy of love, care and acceptance.

I think this is awsome!! Being an older human on this long list of amazing people, it warms my heart to know there is love, and acceptence everywhere! When i was a teen it wasnt that way, i came out as bisexual and well school, home and life in general where hard for me. I didnt have a group, or a “mom” or anyone to go to really for a long time. So even though iam older and love myself i want to thank you all for making this, and anyone who needs a friend, shoulder to cry on or even just some support, please donot be afarid to message me :)

I'm lucky enough to have supportive family and friends who love and accept me for who I am as a queer nonbinary asexual, but it makes me happy to see resources for those who aren't as fortunate as I am being spread around, especially this time of year when family tensions run high. I cannot state this enough: thank you for sharing this!

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