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Taresty is a small town with a population of 500, however its not always a peaceful place as it is right next to a tower. Because of this warriors from far and near come to the town, and not all of them have good intentions. There is only one inn in the whole town, and its the closest building to the tower, it costs 90 braill a night to stay there. They have training areas and an arena, as those warriors are a major part of their economy. As its not always peaceful, Taresty has a curfew where no matter how old you are you have to be inside by 9 pm. There are several guards out who make sure you are following the curfew, however people who have cleared a dungeon or tower don't have to follow that curfew.
It was a quiet night for the most part in the town of Taresty. The roads were empty because almost everybody was in their homes asleep. A general of the army was out talking to a royal family head, and Aleem, a young 16 year old boy, was eavesdropping on them"I can't believe that tower, we sent in 400 troops, and not a single one made it out alive", The royal guy nodded"shall we try 500 next time"
"No, our army can't handle this much loss right now, we aren't sending anyone else in"

The road to Taresty had been long and arduous. The wizard was not used to walking such great distances. But that was a small price to pay for the treasures that would await him in the tower. Not treasures of gold... he cared only enough for that to finance his real passion... his quest for magical knowledge. He'd had a small taste of the power, enough to whet his appetite, but knew that he'd only scratched the surface. There was so much more to learn! And the tower of Taresty held such promise.

But right now, first and foremost, he dearly wanted a place to rest his tired feet and perhaps get a meal that did not consist of stale bread and jerky. But where in the world was everybody at? The streets seemed nearly deserted and Dulirn frowned until he came across two men... one looked the military sort.

"...this much loss right now, we aren't sending anyone else in."

Dulirn approaches the men speaking. "Good sirs! I've just arrived... could you, by chance, point me toward an Inn?"

The man in the military outfit nodded"If you follow this road down to the tower its directly on the way"He said pointing down the road they were on and as he said this a Clunk of a rock being kicked is audible as Aleem runs into away towards a nearby house

Wandering around the fields trying to find a road... that is what i had been reduced to doing since my village of lycans was burned to the ground. Now I had to find a new place to call home. A place where I didn’t have to hide my form. A wizard from years ago had given him the ability to change back and forth a finite number of times and he was running low on how many more times he could shift back to his wolf form. Every time he shifted it became more and more painful.

Finally he reached a road. On the side read a sign saying Taresty. I had never heard of it but any place was better than the smoldering mess that was left behind him. He started to walk to the town. He was in his human form but the form was growing restless and hard to maintain. He had enough money to last him a bit but he desperately needed to get back into his wolf form and relax in a bed. He came up across a couple of military folks. “Hello. Could you possibly point me in the direction of an inn?”. What he did find strange about them is that they were talking about battle plans out in the open.... curious

The night covered a shadowed figure lurking on the rooftops, daggers in hand and hood covering his head, though it did little for the horns that served as his hair. He watched as a few other people, most likely visitors or guards, walked through the streets, lit only by lamplight. He decided to remain where he was to get a better understanding of his surroundings.

"If you follow this road down to the tower its directly on the way".

"My thanks, sir!" Dulirn said, continuing on the way the man had pointed him, having no reason to suspect that he was being led astray. And indeed, he found the inn shortly.

"Oh, thank Sezrekan!" he said as he came inside. "A place to sit!" he exclaimed, plopping himself into the first empty chair. "Is there dinner to be had at this late hour?" he asks the first passing tavern wench.

A worker of the inn looks at him"Dinner, I mean not a free dinner no, but for 10 braill we can whip something up for you"

Dropping from the roof without a sound, the shaded personage stalks the shadows, though his use of stealth magic seemed to be a bit weaker than he was used to. Lifting the spell and emerging from an alleyway, he walks past the guards, paying them no mind as he enters the tavern. Sitting near the back of the room, he pulls out a note, examining the contents with great intrest. Placing it back in his pouch, he takes out his coin purse-with the common currency, thanks to a friend of his-and orders himself a plate of salmon steak, with a red wine to go with it.

Aleem sat in the alleyway thinking"if there in not gonna be any soldiers there...then I'll see if theres anyone at the inn who I can sneak into the tower with later"he snuck his way to the inn, and knocked on a back window hoping that someone, who wasn't a guard, would hear him

Hearing the knocking, he opened the window to find a teenage boy in the darkness. “Well this is unexpected,” he chuckled to himself for a moment, “most people I know wouldn’t be out this late at night.”

"er...well I want to get into the tower tomorrow and this is a prime location to get there"He said climbing in through the window"just don't tell anyone I snuck in"

“Your secret is safe with me,” he replied, “I’m not exactly a rule follower myself. As for the tower, I’m intrigued by what could be hidden there, if you get my meaning.”

"it must be dangerous if 400 soldiers failed to make it through...not a single one survived"

Aleem Skyla wrote:
A worker of the inn looks at him"Dinner, I mean not a free dinner no, but for 10 braill we can whip something up for you"

"Please do," Dulirn said, pulling out the 10 braill. It was highway robbery, really. Such a steep price for a meal. But after 2 days of trail rations and more hiking than he'd done in years, he probably would have paid double that.

His eyes wandered the room while he rested and waited for his dinner, only to land on a teenaged boy climbing in through one of the windows not far away, seemingly helped by another figure that Dulirn couldn't quite make out from his angle. So he shifted his chair slightly so he could see and put his feet firmly back on the floor, ready to flee or lend a hand as the situation might dictate. If these two hooligans were up to no good, the wizard surely didn't want to be caught on the wrong end of whatever trouble was afoot.

The worker takes the braill and heads to the kitchen

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