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I think that when one player blocks another, they should have to first fill out a message stating why. Then the blocked person could receive a PM that they were blocked by that player, and the reason(s) why, that way there wouldn't be so much confusion for the blocked player.

While I can imagine the good intentions behind this, I feel like this could be ripe for abuse, personally. And honestly, I'm not sure what information one could gain from that that could be of any use.


Unfortunately I have to agree with snipe hunt. While I understand the frustration of being blocked for a petty reason the responsibility of being mature adults should always be on our own shoulders and not dictated by a system or group.

That being said I’m sure we can all agree it is rather annoying and unprofessional to block an individual for an infraction that for the majority of us is considered minor and reflects a poor sense of cooperation and desire to get along with others, and has very little excuse. Blocking should definately be handled far more maturely.

However, all you can do as an individual is learn not to act the same way when presented with the same situation. Learn from others on how to appropriately act and take responsibility for yourself as its the only thing you as an individual have the utmost control over.

That just sounds like a really good way garuntee an immature, trigger-happy blocker's right to the last word. Although, like everyone else says, the intention is solid, that kind of system would be super easy to abuse.

Very abusable, and potentially painful for people who are trying to block actual abusers or those they simply are not equipped to deal with.

I know you mean well, but... this would actually just create more problems, and there's no guarantee that anyone would put more than gibberish in anyway.

Players have the right to block whomever they want, for whatever reason they want. As a human being, we have to respect that person's right. Respect it as someone able to block, and respect it as someone able to be blocked.
Would it be nice to have an explanation sometimes? Yes.
Does it change the fact that this person has blocked you, and has every right to block you? No.

I understand the intention behind this, but we must acknowledge that we all have the right to make this decision, no matter what our reasons for it. And just as nobody else is entitled to our explanation, we are not entitled to an explanation either.

Unfortunately, in the matter of blocking or being blocked, it really simply boils down to accepting it and moving on.

I...don't think that's a good idea for a number of reasons already stated by others.

I don't agree with this because we should be allowed to block whoever we want when we want? I understand that the intention for good is there and to alleviate questions someone may have so to why they may be blocked. But it can also be abusive.

I agree this is a bad idea. I shouldn't have to justify to anyone - much less the person involved - why I am blocking them. It's no one's business.

I tell them to leave me alone a couple of times if they don't. I report them to a moderater. I haven't blocked anyone YET.

I can definitively say that we will not be implementing this. Closing the topic now, as no more discussion is needed. :)

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Blocking Someone