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I was 18. I stumbled upon a fencing club only about a half hour from my house and started learning. Well, quite a few of the members did this thing on the weekends I'd never heard of called LARP. So I got my courage up to try it out and had a blast!

I played a human wizard (mostly because that was the cheapest costuming option for my broke college self). She was very much a 'Mary Sue', but it didn't really matter, it was still a ton of fun.

That led to some play-by-post between the monthly LARP events on the club's online 'Tavern' forum and then to joining a site similar to this one.

When I was about 13 or so, with my best friend. We did it via MSN or by paper, one would write, then pass the paper to the other reply, it was mostly one liners or dialogues, I think my friend still has the notebooks we used to write until today.

It turned out to be quite a novel, we had over 100 original characters spread over 3 generations and some gods. The first character I can recall was a self insert and another one based entirely on a person I saw once in my life, at a convention.

Aw man....where do i start? I mean i could say 4 yrs old when i loved running around with my friends and family imagining i was some sort of hero. Or maybe 13 when i got access to the internet and started writing stories on AIM and YIM with friends and their OCs. Or 14 when i discovered D&D for the first time and never went back to just normal gaming. Or maybe 16 when i discovered LARPing. Yea probably 13 was when i started rping. And i havent stopped yet. Its a huge passion of mine. I love my imagination and getting into character. I dont know who'd i be without rping to tell the Truth ive made lifelong friends who ive never met IRL and i dont plan on stopping that any time soon.

Oh, wow...I love all these, so much. It's so cool to see where everyone came from and how they ended up roleplaying.

I think...I was 9. Maybe 10. If we want to count before that...I was about 5 or 6 when my best friend and I started roleplaying with stuffed animals. Or, we'd basically LARP. Which wasn't a term I'd ever heard back then, but that's what it was. We'd come up with elaborate stories and pretend we were horses, big cats, was always animals. The characters would have enemies, relationships, CHILDREN. It was hardcore. Oh, and in her pool, we were dolphins a lot of the time, lol.

But my first time doing written roleplay was 9 or 10, like I said. We'd just gotten a computer at home and somehow, I discovered this website called Howrse. I don't remember how, but I stumbled across a public forum and was amazed when I saw people RPing. I'd always loved writing and had hoards of little journals around the house, and comic books I'd drawn myself. The first RP I found and joined was a Warrior Cats one, which I thought was just so cool. I did all my "homework" and gobbled up every Warriors book I could get my hands on, and it just spread from there. I think I RPed on Neopets, too, haha. Then I started venturing out into the great, wide Internet, and have been on dozens of sites over the years.

It's been a good run and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. :)

As young as it is, I started at around 7 years old. I remember loving to write stories and then my friend introduced me to a different site where I could chat with people and act out scenes. There's not much of a story to tell, I've just been roleplaying since then on many different sites.

My first character was a character based solely off of myself. I remember them being overly hyperactive (because this happened before my confidence and self-esteem plummeted to hell) and she was a complete joy to play.

I was about ten and roleplayed with school friends over MSN. It would be script style *like this*, which I think I picked up from Neopets and the YouTube comments of anime AMVs, and our original plots were pretty bad if we weren't simply retreading existing worlds in a 'sequel' with our superpowered self-inserts. Our characters weren't much different from us in personality because all of the thought went into giving them dramatic backstories and the coolest abilities, and they tended to be older than us by a few years to feel more mature.

One of the plots I came up with was that the heroes (our characters) gain powers one day from a Yuki-Onna, disguised as a woman running a jewellery shop who sold magic trinkets that held the powers of any god from any culture (an excuse to pick themed powers). The plot, much less thought out, it was literally "defeat the Death Dragon because he wants to destroy the world". My friend picked Fenrir to be a wolf girl and I picked Quetzalcoatl because DRAGONS ARE COOL.

Ragetyping epic fight scenes to Linkin Park or Three Days Grace was how I spent my early teen years ^^;

Sometimes I joined groups where there was one person significantly older than us in chat (basically an adult among a bunch of 12-15 year olds) and they would (un)subtly flaunt their age and experience to impress us. While there's nothing wrong with different age groups interacting, I always thought it was odd for these 'adults' to be playing among us while we talked about school drama and other typical things, and even if they didn't do anything it was awkward to play 'around' them because their level of literacy was so high when they knew some of us couldn't even spell consistently.

Someone mentioned LARPing here, it looks really cool but I have no idea how to get into it

SunnyD wrote:
Someone mentioned LARPing here, it looks really cool but I have no idea how to get into it

Here's one place to start looking:

Though, as far as I understand, each group is responsible for keeping their own LARP listing updated, so it's bound to contain some that are no longer active or be missing some that might be near you.

If you're lucky enough to have multiple in your area, I'd suggest trying them all (or as many as you can)! There are some groups that focus mainly on combat, others that are almost all RP, and everywhere in between. Rulesets vary wildly too. Some are super rules-light and others have huge lists of defined character abilities.

If money is tight, some game organizers will allow you to come play as an NPC, monster, or similar for a much reduced price or even free. Which is a nice way to get familiar with their game and meet the people without too much up-front commitment.

I was about 16, and my first ever character was my wolf sona Shasta Moonpaw, i began rp on wolfhome, then irc clients and then forums and of course sites like here. Shasta is my oldest and most cherished character a reflection of myself in every sence of the word.

She is a kind, wise wolf with an air of youth about her, respected in her own right among so many who have had the pleasure of meeting her, i sadly donot play her as often as i used to, mainly due to the fact that most ive roleplayed her with no longer rp or i have lost touch with them. But because of how long she has been in exisitence ive started a book about her life, one day ill finish it perhaps when her exisitence actually comes to a fitting end.

For now she lives in the depths of my soul, sometimes i rp her just for the joy writing as this wolf gives me, who knows maybe some i rp with here will be lucky enough to meet the mysterious ebon fae.

I think it's really interesting to see folks on here linking RP all the way back to imagination-play from childhood. I never really stopped to think about it before, but in a sense it is like a carried over skill from that part of life. I'm probably a little older than most of the folks that have answered here already (at 35), but I can definitely verify that imagining yourself to be someone or something else during childhood is totally a common and normal part of child development. If we're counting that too, then I was definitely doing that as far back as I can recall.

On a personal level I feel that RP of varying types (like tabletop gaming, LARPing, online role-play writing etc.) is an awesome way to encourage and maintain creativity! Musicians make music, painters paint images and writers need to write!

I began some form of online role-play when I was just a little less than 16. Having the internet at home was uncommon at the time and though there were probably dedicated sites for it at the time, I mostly participated with friends in chat rooms or gaming lobbies (back when that was a thing). I can't recall characters or stories from that far back (that was over half my life ago), but it was probably just one-liners. I do recall that it was very loose/casual and not structured with plots or stories.

There's been a lot of years for me to learn, grow and change!

I was about 15 when I started roleplaying with my friend in high school. We sent replies over text or wrote them down and passed them between classes, I think there was even a short while we emailed to each other also. My character was basically a self insert but 'cooler' because I had no idea how to make an oc, but eventually she developed her own personality and after a few years of rewriting backstories and development she's become one of my most beloved oc's.

What my friend and I mainly roleplayed though was Hetalia, specifically Hetaoni which was a fanmade rpg game based off the series, and our ocs were fan nations we shipped with the actual nations. Now we ship those two oc's together and their ship name is actually my current username. XD

Oh my god. Okay. Just thinking about it makes me bang my head on the wall.

I was probably around nine or ten when I began roleplaying, but I actually didn't know that it was even called a certain name. I used to live in my home country, where I lived alongside my grandparents. They had a small laptop and I often played around with it as much as I can... And well, I was a huge fan of Adventure Time during my childhood! Specifically the ship Flame Princess and Finn! That was my first ever ship.

And well... I came across Adventure Time Wikia and joined the public chatroom. I saw a bunch of characters acting like that and I got excited so I tried to roleplay as well. I tried to act like Flame Princess and got myself a Finn, I think. Hehe. I was pretty prideful myself.

I remember adding those roleplaying accounts on Facebook (such as Starfire from Teen Titans!) and I was actually convinced they were real. I would PM the accounts and just ask them a bunch of questions... Geez, I don't even wanna know what I replied to.

i was ? ?? 9-10 i think ? It was on roblox. It was this generational Soul-eater/Fruitsbasket/Oc mix (it's actually where my user comes from), and it was extra funny bc i had never seen either anime beforehand. My oc changed a lot but they were typically Very generic bc i was 9 and not yet as extra as i am now. Usually they were a girl idk if i played any boys during that time, and I didn't even know what 'non-binary' meant at the time lmaoo. They often followed well inside tropes like mystery girl/ tom boy / best friend and whatnot bc, again, 9.

Hmm maybe 16? I still count my first RP partner as the best one I've had to date. They were really active had good ideas, and we actually wrote like 10 times per day. So yeah, we were really into it. I wish we still kept in touch.

I started around 12 or 13, and being a cringy weeaboo, my first "character" was just an anime character from Fairy Tail. A friend and I creepily decided we each dated said anime characters in real life and it got to the point where we actually believed it. But eventually, I actually made some good characters with a previous friend of mine and matured a hella lot (thank god).

The 3 years or so of angsty characters was rough, but you know everyone goes through that phase.

I can't reply to each one of this, but I've read all your stories! Thanks so much for sharing, you guys! <3

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