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Nikki grabbed her backpack and headed out the door towards Freedom High, the school she was a senior in, She walked on the sidewalk with her white with blue tips ears and white with a blue tip tail wiggled around, When she got to the school she smiled and put her ears and tail away, went into her backpack and pulled out a spray can. She wrote "Welcome back students" in purple and black spray paint. She put the cans back and walked to the fountain in front of the school to wait for the doors to open. "I forgot how uncomfortable it is to hide my ears and tail, Oh well gotta deal with it I guess." she said shrugging. She stood there leaning against the fountain as the other students talked with the freshmen, sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. She watched them smile and laugh, She rolled her eyes and pulled out a Hi-c and started to drink it.

With his pack slung over his shoulder and a tired huff, Isaac shambled to school. Isaac was also a senior although he spent most of his time away from cliques and in the biology room where it was quiet. He never was a morning person and today was no different. walking to school Isaac would casually slip into lucidity and quickly snap back to the reality of his morning stroll. Walking down the road, dream, sharply taking a corner, dream, dodging a cyclist, dream, arriving at school, and dream. The last one was actually quite nice, dreams about having magic or superpowers are always rather fun. Unfortunately, when he woke to consciousness he found himself head first plunging into the fountain.

(I'm not playing Vermin, I just apparently have to use a character. so he's basically a place holder for Isaac.)

(Does he have the same description, like personality?)

Nikki wrote:
(Does he have the same description, like personality?)

Sure, why not.

Nikki watched the guy plumage headfirst into the fountain, she laughed a bit but walked over and held her hand out and said "Hey, the fountain isn't a bath" offering her hand to help him out.

Taking her hand he shook his head, lightly tossing droplets onto the ground. "Maybe." Assessing his now damp jacket he looked up at Nikki and gave a smirk. "It did wake me up though, a silver lining in everything."

"What are you? A preppy kid" she smerked as a joke and took her hand back when he was up and out of the water. "Why did you fall in anyways" She dried off her hand and stuck it into her pocket.

Isaac gives her a shrug. "Musta fell in while falling asleep, I haven't slept in three days so it's been kinda a problem lately." He then assumes a pose he's probably seen in one of his videogames and speaks with newfound verbose. "Fear not for I have brought money from home, I shall obtain a triple expresso mocha... coffee thingie. so instead of falling asleep, I will be jittering like I have terrets!" He sags slightly in his posture. "Unless my money is now soggy. Then... well then damn it."

Laughs a bit "How much is it?" she said putting one hand on her hip and her other resting on her side. She smiled a little bit and gave a little bit of a seduction stare.

"For just a typical small I think it's like two bucks." Isaac started patting around for his wallet. "My triple thingie, however, is about five bucks. Sometimes I can get it for four if I really butter them up." Finding a dry wallet in his back pocket he begins rifling through it; he pulls out a ten. "Huh, must've thought it was a five and just grabbed it." looking up he notices Nikki's seductive look and replies with is own sultry smile. "Well, since I have a little extra money would you like one?"

"I mean If your offering I'll have one" She smirked a bit his sultry smile. She held her hand out again and said "My name is Nikki" held her hand out for him to introduce himself as well.

Taking her hand he replies "Isaac."

Asteroth was walking along in a black hoodie up on his head and wearing jeans. He wasn’t always one for interactions with other people that well..not after what happened to his parents. He was usually the only one in the back that was quiet and the one nobody really paid any real attention to until he accidentally bumped into two people who were being seductive to each other. “My bad I’ll just be off.” He said as he walked away from them with a slight smile after he slipped a note into the girls pocket.

Bracing against the fountain for support form the sudden bump Isaac glanced over to the hooded kid. "Don't worry, even though we're not on the completely open path and it would be very easy not to bump into us I'm sure you just tripped. Maybe you should get some new shoes or something. Isaac smiles and waves to Asteroth as he departs. "Have a great day, we believe in you!!!" Sliding his hands into his pockets he gazes back to Nikki with his head cocked back to face her. "Soooooo, you wanna get that coffee now?"

Nikki nods and says "Sure" She smiles and walks with him to the coffee stand outside the school but on the school walls. While ordering, she puts her hand in her pocket and notices a little piece of paper she opens it and reads it.

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