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A once peaceful place, with magic and discovery. The world of Erna made many advances in magic. They created magic that could cure almost any illness while using very little energy. While they face attacks from the magical creatures that also inhabit Erna, the people have lived in a peaceful place, that is until the barrier had weakened. Creatures of Chaos have managed to weaken a magical barrier that kept them from invading, but now is their time.

The creatures of chaos broke down the magical barrier and have overrun the people of Erna. With the chaos they were spreading, the people were unprepared and Erna has turned into a wasteland. Soon, with all of the chaotic energy generated, the lord of chaos has entered the world and corrupted most of the people to do his bidding.

The people that were not corrupted went underground and formed a resistance to push back the chaos. Now a war is brewing, between the Chaotic creatures and the people of Erna.

Now that you know how this all came about, which side will you be on? Will you be one of the chaotic creatures? One of the corrupted? Or one of the people that try to claim back their world?

The Rules are simple:

No auto hits or dodges, let your character get hit and miss every now and then.

No controlling other people's characters.

Romance is ok, as long as the other person agrees to it and it cannot be forced. Let it devolpe some.

"Giddup," Hendrik Threston said with a small slap of the driving reins upon the rumps of the two carriage horses and the large prison wagon started rolling forward again along the rutted road. It creaked loudly, though not loud enough to drown out the cries from within the locked cage where his shackled prisoners were currently being held. He'd take them to the Lord's keep for questioning and to collect his bounties.

The bounty hunting business, he'd found, had only improved under the rule of the Lord of Chaos. Tracking down and rounding up members of the Resistance. He and his family had never been wealthier.

"Quiet, you lot!" yelled Booker, one of the two riders bringing up the guard to the rear, as he banged on the bars with his heavy club, possibly catching a few fingers of those not quick enough to draw them back inside.

The dragon stood proud above the cliffs, his promised dominion almost at hand. He’d always desired power, though mostly through his own means; but when chaos had offered him a kingdom of his own with little to no effort, how could he refuse?

He perched on the highest crag, surveying the lands below. A prison cart made its way past the road, but he didn’t bother; it belonged to the chaos, and he would not disrupt the process of obtaining his riches and glory for some puny mortals, barely a mouthful of meat.

She looked at the dragon from her perch she had gotten to. She wanted to put a arrow through its head so badly but she knew that would only cause her and the others trouble. She looked at the arrows she had, knowing she'd need more unless she planned to use her magic. She walked away from where she was, making no noise as she slipped into a small bunker she made. She put her bow an arrows away, waiting till she got some orders to do something, ANYTHING at this point.

She sat in a chair, facing the door. She listened to the prison cart, hating what Chaos was doing to people. She traced the wood pieces of the chair, waiting till someone came and gave her something other then watch for chaos and warn people if the dragon tried to take em down.

A Knight walk in front of the prison wagon carrying a sword that was on fire and bearing a full set of steel amour. The Knight stopped in front of the wagon, raised his sword and say one simple word,”Stop,” the Knight say without any emotion, the Knight also have a bow strap to his back and a flame in his other hand too. The Knight have a air of darkness and insanity about him too.

A blazing knight; now this was interesting... The drake leered on as this event unfolded, ready to take action should it be required. Of course, he had noticed the small girl in a makeshift hovel nearby, but she was of small, if not any at all, concern to one such as he.

The Knight feels the dragon looking down at him, The Knight have fought dragons before, but it was always one at a time, fighting two different enemies at one is not the smartest thing to do. The Knight sigh deeply,’Why do I did things like this, hell i’m not even part of the resistance, yet I do things like these,’ the Knight thoughts to himself as he walk slowly to the prison wagon while glancing up at the huge dragon resting on it peak.

Seth, the Lord of Chaos, was waiting in his castle made of hardened Chaotic energy. The castle itself was dark purple in color and there were occasional bolts of purple lightning flashing across it. Seth was currently looking out of the window of his throne room. "Let's see if this bounty hunter has captured more people for me to corrupt." He said to himself.

Blaise, one of the resistance leaders, was watching what was going on, waiting for the perfect time to free the prisoners. When he saw the Blazing knight, he found that it was now time to act. He revealed himself and summoned forth his Phoenix wings and his sword of fire. "Let's free these people." He said and fired a fireball towards one of the carriage drivers.

((Realizing already Hendrik (and myself) is a poor fit for this RP.))

"Out of the way!" Hendrik yelled to the knight, not halting the horses, but instead driving them up into a trot, which bounced and jarred the prisoners trapped inside.

Just then a fireball caught him and the bounty hunter fell backwards and to the ground, the rear wheels of the carriage crushing him almost immediately. The horses bolted in fear, straight toward the Knight.

And it seemed the entertainment only increased; he grinned maliciously as he waited for the perfect moment to attack, holding back until they thought they could win, then swooping down and killing them all in one strike; it would be so fun to crush and burn them to crisps.

Blaise ran towards the carriage and went to cut the horses loose. When he did that, he sliced a hole into the carriage to free the prisoners. Blaise was ready to attack anything at any moment as he helped the prisoners escape. He looked in Lucy's direction and gave her the signal. Blaise then looked towards the dragon and beckoned it to come to him.

So, he knew; clever mortal, but not clever enough. He shot a bolt of flame at the resistance troops, deciding to see how they’d react before charging them.

Blaise flew into the path of the flames and sent a time fireball towards them. The tiny fireball collided with the flames and started to absorb them and grew in size and heat as it moved towards the dragon. "A Phoenix is not scared of the flames of a greedy dragon." He said. Blaise was trying to taunt the dragon and get it to keep focus on him while the others escaped.

“A Phoenix, then,” Mersoth sneered, “then your death will be a great pleasure to me.” He launched himself off his perch, diving towards the fool with his full fury burning like an infernal flame.

Blaise's eyes ignited and he took the form of a full fledge Phoenix. He flew to intercept the dragon. "Let's see if the greed of a dragon is able to tale care of the loyal Phoenix." He said and fired a fireball towards the dragon.

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