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“I’ll do my own.” He says. He reaches for her collar and inputs the same code, unlatching the collar. And looking at hers, he undoes his own. “Okay, let’s put this collar where it belongs and get out of here.” He said. Throwing his and her collar into the pit of spikes.

She undoes hers and examines it. "I hope we don't need this for later." She steadily gets up. She tosses it in the spikes and picks up the crown. "I guess the only thing left to do is place this on the 'kings' head." She looks down slightly. "Does this mean after I do this our truce... will be over?" Her eyes wavered as she looked up at him.

“Well, yeah.” He said this in a ‘you should’ve known this already’ tone. “All of this talking is exhausting and I don’t want to babysit anyone.” He almost looked relieved. “Anyway, where’s this king?” He looked at her with his usual expressionless face.

She sighs and pulls herself together. "Well I don't know what else I expected I suppose. Glad to see where I stand in your eyes." She says a bit hurt but not really surprised. "Still it was a thrill for me!" She points at the king and slightly limps her way to the robot. "This is him" She places the crown on its head. She takes a few steps back.

“Just so you know, it wasn’t bad knowing you, you’re just troublesome at times. I have my own problems to worry about. Big problems... and same with you! You most likely have your own problems!” He said, trying to reassure her. He then watches her put the crown on the ‘king’.

She laughs a little at his comment. "Well of course I have problems. I live in a world that is either fight or die. But I would much rather have a troubling person at times than someone who I do not trust or someone I despise." She sighs. "Either way, it seems your mind is made up so... it is what it is." She shrugs a little and looks at the robot king. She blinks. "Is...uh something supposed to happen now?"

“Maybe you placed it on wrong?” He steps up to where the king is and takes off the crown, readjusting it into different spots. Trying over and over again. However, in a rage of anger, he throws the crown at the king and yells, “Damn it!” He was breathing heavily and was clearly not happy with the fact that he wasn’t back in his world.

"Jaxon... I want to be home too but stop and think for a minute! Listen, what we know is its not working right? So we have to find out why. If this robot is not the king then it means someone or something else is right?" She steps closer to him. "I promise you I will get you home so you can deal with your big problems. Because right now this place? This place is my problem and I refuse to let this room defeat us and I refuse to have you give up right now! Our truce may be over but I am seeing this one through. And I'm not only doing this for me but I can tell you want out of here too. Who am I to say no to that." She moves the robot and sets it at the bottom of the thrown. "You bow to me robot!" She sits on the thrown, places the crown on her head and the gems glow. A beam of sunlight covers her from above. They hear a loud rumble like something has opened.

“What did you do this time?” He mumbles to himself and looks in the direction from which the rumble came from. He doesn’t take a second glance at her when he starts walking to where the sound was. He takes the knife out from where it was kept in his belt and walks forth.

She gets up off the throne and mumbles. "You're welcome" She follows behind him low to the ground with her knife out. "there is an entry to another place right there. Do what you want but I am for damn sure not staying here." She enters through the door.

“Tch.” He walked faster, wanting to get this whole fiasco over with. He just wanted to be back home. He wanted food. He was dehydrated. How long had he been in that glass room he awoke to? How many days? How many hours? Questions were piling up by the second as he walked.

"You sure are acting anxious aren't ya? Can't keep your thoughts together there?" She stops in front of him and sighs. "Breathe and focus right now. Worrying is only going to make things worse." She turns and keeps on walking.

“Heh, like you know what I’m thinking.” He smirked and walked ahead of her, hoping to lose her by walking faster than how he normally walks. Suddenly he comes to a door. He opens it and carefully steps inside, the door closing behind him, but still unlocked.

"the nerve of this guy" She keeps her pace and sees the door. Seeing as there is no where else to go she opens it and heads inside. She sighs. "Now where am I?"

‘Just a big empty room?’ He looks further down the dark room and sees himself. Confused, he walks down to the other him but jumps into a mirror. “A mirrored room?” He asked himself. Suddenly his expression gave an evil smirk and disappeared. He held his knife up to the mirror, ready to break it if needed.

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