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Alright, thank you! I saw the preferred things and wasn’t sure if it ruled out traditional entirely lol

Here is my entry >> <LINK> !! I did fantasy, I can't wait to see the results of this contest! :D

Orrik_Zynn_x2 wrote:
Vespin wrote:
IMG-0220.png Here's my first attempt at an entry. it's some sort of possibly undead, funky dragon who would probably fit under fantasy and creature genres

Errgh, this is flip-friggun epic looking! God I love dragons...couldn't help but compliment!

Oh! Tysm!!


My genre of choice is Arcadepunk. I dunno if it exists, but I'd like for it to! Interpret as you like.

A hologram lady for sci-fi


I think I made a submission probably 4 years ago now. I just use my mouse to draw then.
It looked like this!
I think I improved a ton which is reassuring! Anyone can improve their art!!
This is my submission that belongs in the "Other" category. If anything this is a Villainess


Mine will be finished by the end of the day! Hopefully that's alright :)

Finally! I was worried I wouldn't make it this year. Totally decided to go with the book reading critter idea as someone brought it up. :>

Genre: Creatures/Fantasy


Full Version Here:

Man, as much as I wanted to participate this year, I ended up not having time. If I were to participate now, I'd have to come up with something in less than 3 hours, and I highly doubt it'd look good anyway since I'm still not very good at art. Everyone else's art looks so good though!! Good luck to everyone!!

EDIT: Hold on, I might have enough time to finish after all! WOOT!!

Straight out of your screen and into your heart, here comes the RGB Hydra! They would be suitable in the creatures, fantasy, or even cyberpunk genres, depending on how you look at them. :)


Full size here.

man i really love all of these 😍😍😍 great job everyone!!

Everyone's entries look great! I have been letting MMOs unstoppably dominate my life, but didn't forget about this contest.


I managed to get this character for the fantasy genre done just in time! I think I did pretty good, though I didn't really shade much..

I'm posting a Google Drive link because photo hosting sites are being dumb and converting my transparent background to black.

Here's my drawing!

Thank you so much to all our amazing artists!! Judging is underway... Usually this process takes a few weeks, but I'll be as snappy as I can about it! ;)

*excitement intensifies*

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