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Hi everyone! I'm Demonghoul, call me Demon or Ghoul please, thank you. I guess I should get right into it...I like the band Pink Floyd, Imagine Dragons, Twisted Sister, AMV's, Thousand Foot Krutch, Five Finger Death Punch, Starset, The Offspring, Sickick, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Attack On Titan, Razzbowski, Markiplier, Bendy and the Ink Machine and so many more people, anime, songs, shows, bands, and games. I love the color blue and blood red, Wolves and DRAGONS! I think I'm good at helping people out, os if you just want to talk, let me know, an we can

Welcome to RPR!



Welcome to the most super duper spectacular most amazing place eveeeer!!!
I do hope you're having a fun time and that you're enjoying your stay 'cause this place is awesome!
Is it really that awesome? Did I say that it's awesome? YES! I DID! IT'S AWESOME!
Anyway. . . cookie? 🍪 *biggg smile*

Hello and welcome to RPR.

Welcome to the RPR!(yeets a mug of coffee


Welcome to the Rpr, hope you like out community. Ima huge fan of music and anime so~~~~ if you ever wanna rp just PM me and we can do whatever. 🐺🐺 WOLFOS

Yassss, Imagine Dragons is the best! I’ve also got an unhealthy obsession with the color blue. Dragons and wolves are also the bee’s knees. Welcome to RPR, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the RPR! Hopefully you find everything you're looking for.


Welcome to the RPR

Hi there! I'm new here too but welcome to the site!
I like that you have a lot of interests. I already see that we have a few in common, if you'd like to chat and possibly plan a story, maybe even get to writing one, check out my profile for some details and hit me up in mail.

Welcome! I hope you like it here.

Welcome to RPR, I hope you find your time here to be amazing :)

Hi!! Welcome to RPR!!

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Forums > Introductions > Hi!