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About five seconds into that, Victi walked back to Drake with nothing more than an "It'll wear off soon," and a dismissive wave to the men. She listened still, though, and cut the duration down to a few minutes. Not that they would know that she'd destabilized the waveform like that, but whatever.

She asked Drake, "Do you mind if we discuss business somewhere more private? We'll see if this takes as long as I expect."

Adriannu smiled at Raven's friendly demeanor and promptly offered the black cat some gentle pets for a few minutes before getting back to work. Said work was naturally getting her sack of gold hidden until she could figure out how to make use of it. Something decidedly easier said than done, but there had to be a way, she just had to figure it out. Focusing on the task at hand, the child didn't notice the cat's expression of shock upon seeing the gold and thus still have no idea that Raven was more than what she seemed.

Once the gold was safely buried, she headed back into the cave and started tending to her bedding, shaking it out and folding it. In front of the bed would lie a messenger disc just like the one Lisa had, though any attempts to take it would be noticed by Adriannu. However any efforts to locate the child's share would be in vain for it was hidden in a makeshift sheath kept on a chain around the child's neck. Now with the bedding dealt with, the cat like girl picked up the disc and tucked it away into the bag she'd put on her back.

Afterwards, she walked back out of the cave and walked for a little while before starting to climb a nearby tree. Just like a cat, Adriannu made use of the claws on her hands and feet to give her an excellent grip as she climbed. Upon reaching a suitable branch high enough on the tree, she moved onto it and started to look all around her. When looking for food or other useful forage, she liked to start by looking around from a vantage point which was generally up in a tree. From there, the child soon spotted a pheasant on the ground. Pheasants were not an easy prey species to catch, but incredibly rewarding when successful.

With that, she carefully climbed back onto the tree's trunk before making her way back to the ground, taking care to climb in the bird's blind spot. Once back on the ground, Adriannu took one of her dagger out and held it between her teeth before stalking towards the pheasant on all fours in a decidedly cat like manner.

"Uh...yeah. Let's go somewhere else." Drake clears his throat awkwardly and takes a long draw from his mug. In the back of his mind, he's chuckling at Victi's (un)fortunate wording of her request, but realizing that she can totally immobilize him should she want to do so subdues his licentious sense of humor.

Which really only prevents him from cracking a joke out loud.

If people weren't really staring before, they're definitely staring at them now. With horror, shock, and awe stretching their faces, no less. It's imperative that they get away from the public's prying eyes, but not that they skip town or even leave the building. The chimera sets a few gold coins on the counter and asks the barkeep if they have any private rooms. Nobody else hears his request, but the keep looks a bit like a drowning fish as he tries to wrap his head around the idea that he and this monstrous fox-creature are in need of privacy. The man fumbles to get a key from behind the counter, nearly throws it at Drake's waiting hand, forces a smile and says. "H-have a good time."

Drake returns his smile, then turns to Victi. "I've got a room, sweetheart."

Catching sight of that small, round disc seals it. Raven continues to follow her, watching in silence as Adriannu goes about what she assumes is her daily morning routine. The undying desire to say something starts leaking into her posture. Her small mouth opens and snaps shut every now and then like she'd almost come up with something to say. She fidgets with impatience. Tail twitching violently, she's almost hopping from paw to paw.

She follows the girl up to the trunk of the tree and sits at its base to let the cat-child hunt. From there, she watches her spot and then stalk a pheasant. The girl moves in such a feline way that Raven would almost believe she's with one of her own. I like her already.

"You magic?" Kae asked in fascination.

"No," Vee responded, and in answer to Kae's question, Vee turned their head and watched as their vae flew down in front of Kae, still sitting there staring as the small creature flew in front of them, "shard magic."

Kae's face lit up like a child, they quickly stammered to their feet, their two downed vae buzzing off the excess water and flying back into their pods as they did.

"I want try!" Kae exclaimed heading for Vee's vae, this time clearly in the Hope's of permission rather than an attempt to simply take it. The vae quickly retreated back toward Vee.

"No, cost is high. Use blood for magic," they said, opening their hand and showing their wound, the golden brown sap colored blood still pulsing out of their hand. While it looked quite a bit like sap, it was quite a bit thinner.

Kae's expression changed, and with it their desire to play with the magic shard. Who made a magic trinket that one must wound themselves to use? It sounded insane, but neither Kae nor Vee had ever seen magic for themselves. Perhaps blood was the only way it happened?

Without another word Vee turned around and walked the couple of steps back to the downed pouch of gold, some of its contents spilled out onto the ground. They bent down onto their knees and opened their palm to see their injury again, considering the best way to pick up the mess.

Before they could launch their vae, however, Kae joined them, bent over in front of them reaching to help pick up the gold pieces and return them into the pouch.

"What to do with it? Take to Village?" Kae asked. Vee shook their head.

"No, message said is dangerous....have to return to owner," Vee responded. Kae paused and looked up to Vee.

"Who is?"

"I not know. Someone in barelands I think," Vee paused a long moment, pressing their palms together tightly to help the wound heal. "I need leave forest and return shard."

Kae stopped completely, looking at Vee like they were crazy. "Leave forest? Crazy! Why leave?"

"Someone look for shard. Strong person with magic. If they find in village...." Vee paused and looked at Kae helplessly. It was a crazy thought, but even at the cost of their own lives, it would be worth it if only to safeguard their home and those who lived there. After a long pause, Vee stood up and looked down at Kae still holding their palms together. "Keep gold, I go," and with that, Vee turned around and began walking away, their shard wielding vae giving Kae a final look as they flew after Vee.

"What now?" Kae said in shock, standing and walking after Vee and abandoning the gold on the ground.

"Have to."

"Cannot now!"

"No choice. Village in danger."

Kae caught up to Vee and grabbed their shoulder turning them around to face them. "What of discovery? Ruins?" Kae asked in a concerning manner.

"Tell them, you find," Vee responded and turned to walk on once more. Frustrated, Kae grabbed Vee's shoulder again and more pointedly turned them back to face them.

"Parent pregnant! Cannot disappear, no words," Kae said, brandishing their frustration in the tone of their voice. Vee stared back hard, a sadness appearing in their expression. It was a thought they hadn't considered, leaving without saying goodbye. What if none of them ever saw Vee again? Or worse...what if Vee never saw any of them again?

Vee shook their head, and uttered out a small noise of uncertainty, looking at the younger Kae surprisingly for answers.

Kae glanced back at the items still on the ground before looking to Vee again, reaching out and taking them by the waist and pulling them closer, midsections touching and faces closer than any non Vynym would likely deem appropriate. Vee's hands separated and welcomed the approach, holding Kae around the waist in return, blood covered palms and all.

"We take things to village, tell of discovery. Spend one day, then decide," Kae said sensitively. The words felt warm to Vee, and made sense. Who knows what anyone would think if they just disappeared, and what would Kae tell them about Vee afterwards? It was an unfair position to out them in as well. Vee nodded a bit hesitantly, and Kae released them, turning around and picking up the last few gold coins and placing them in the bag, then retrieving the holodisc as well. All 5 of Kae's vae buzzed out of their pods and flew up before them. Kae held out both the pouch of gold and the holodisc and the vae formed symmetrically around them, 2 vae hoisting the gold pouch mid air, and 3 surrounding the holodisc.

Kae released them and walked back to Vee, who instinctively extended an arm out toward Kae. Kae reached their arm up in response, and each of them pulled the other into a hip bump, where they held each other closely. Kae took Vee's opposite hand and pushed pressure onto it for them without asking, and Vee willingly allowed it.

"I can carry gold so vae will speak?" Vee suggested questiongly. The offer was to free one or two of Kae's vae, so as the pair walked, Kae and Vee's vae could communicate physically, and thus allow them to have at least two conversations going.

"Is okay. We make better words today," Kae said with a smile, and the pair began walking back towards the village, still snuggled up next to each other as they walked, various vae behind them carrying the three objects discovered in the ruins.

"Good," she says, completely oblivious to the assumptions being made around her, mostly assuming people's reactions are from intimidation. She takes a look at the number on the key and leads the way to the room, the natural sway of her hips probably not helping anything later.

Once they get to the room, she says, "You have questions about what's going on, so ask. Not going to lie, I could use a guide, so if I can get you to cooperate that would be helpful."

Neo would wake up,in a forest he never noticed before.He remembers the message,clear as day,and he saw the shard of the vase,right next to him.He would pick it up,then slowly get up."Man,I already have people coming after my arm,now I have people coming after the shard.He would look at his demonic hand,then said,"I know I'm going to regret this."He would slowly scrape the sharp end of the shard against his hand,blood leaking out of his hand.The shard started glowing a bright orange,and the first thing he thought of was a small earthquake he had at home.Then the ground started to shake,the earth cracking.Then as quickly it started it stopped."So that whats you do...better not let you get in the wrong hands."My demonic arm would glow and the shard would disappear.I then picked up the disk,the bag of gold,and started walking.

After a while,Neo found a village,and he was thankful for that.He was walking through the forest with on sense of direction.As he near the village,he realized he forgotten one thing.The medical cast that was supposed to hide his demonic arm."Great,just great.",He would said disapprovingly."Well,let's hope the people don't freak out...",He said as he neared the village.As he got closer,the arm underside and crack started to glow."The hell..."There's only one reason on why the arm would,there's a magical item in the village.(I'm going to post a picture of the arm so every will know how it looks like)
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Jules came walking out of the village. She made sure no one was following her from behind and smiles. "I can finally be me!" She puts her hands up to undo her pig tails and flips her hair almost in slow motion. She then runs her hand through her hair. As her horns grow through. When she smiles her fangs showed almost shining in the sun. Next came her demonic wings. She was about to take flight whe. She noticed a man with an interesting arm.

Her eyes widen. A mixture of fascinating from seeing his arm and fear from him seeing her true form filled inside her. "Oh.. uh... cool arm." She says as she rubs the back of her neck. Her wings rest to her side a little timidly. She smiles awkwardly.

Neo would zone out,at least until he heard the voice.He looked up and saw a woman with wings on her side.His arm only glowed bright,which meant that either she was a demon or she has a shard of the vase.Neo would say coldly,"You a demon?"He summon two short-swords,one blue and one red.However,one thing looked weird,and it was that the swords had heads.Then the blue sword head started to speak."Look brother,a demon .""I see that brother,but it looks like Neo doesn't trust her,at all.",said the red sword.The blue sword looked like it was in a tornado,while the red looked like it was constantly set on fire.
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She blinks to reveal her black eyes then blinks once more to her normal green. "I should've just flown away if I knew youd greet me like that... Though what did I expect? I should be used to it by now." She places her hands up lazily. "Yeah, I'm a demon. Why do you ask?" She tilts her head. "Trying to kill me?" She says with no emotion then snickers. "I have been trying to kill me for centuries! Looks like I'm cursed to stay here to be thought of as nothing more than a monster." She rolls her eyes.

"Unrelated note, your swords are extremely cool! They talk and understand huh?" She stops herself. "Sorry... I will just go. Be careful in that town though." She states as she stretches her wings about to leave.

"Don't go,it it's been a while since Neo talked to anyone!",said the red sword."Neo,not threaten her,she sounds she going though something similar like you...",said the blue sword.Neo would then calm down,slowly."Ok,Agni and Rudra."In a blue flash,the swords would disappear."Yeah, sorry about that,the arm kind of glow whenever I'm near something mystical."He would walk up to you,and stick his human out out."1 sorry,I tend to get defensive.Name's Neo."

Vee sat before their mother, a generic term for one who had given birth without the gender attachments that other races committed the term to. On the mud like ground they looked down hanging their head in a shameful portrayal. Nie, Vee's mother, sat staring hard back at them, one vae of theirs making physical gestures of communication with Vee's in between them.

"All children leave, but you are so young. And to leave the forest? This is a fool's errand! You do not even know who owns this shard!" their mother had silently communicated to them through the use of their vae's physical contact.

"I must! To protect the village. If this sorceress comes here it could mean the end of us all...." Vee had responded non-defiantly, yet standing their ground.

"Then we will send council members to cast the shard from the forest, if it is not here, this sorceress will never arrive.

"That will not stop them!" Vee responded desperately, "When they are finished with the barelands they will come here. Our forest will be gone, our lakes will be dry."

The vae stopped their movements, and Nie's vae released Vee's and stepped back. The small creatures stared at each other in a similar manner to the way Vee and their mother did, and several long moments passed as Nie realized the truth.

"Cannot stop me mother," Vee said aloud, and there it was. The painful truth hidden deep in the recesses of Nie's mind they didn't want to believe. "Please....understand...."

Nie's vae turned around and walked the short distance to where the unseeably pregnant Vynym sat, and stood only a few inches from them looking up at them, and Nie returned a look down to the vae. Vee and their vae watched as Nie reached down and gently picked up the their vae, gripping them around their entire body like a small toy, arms and all. Nie pulled the vae up to their mouth and with a ghastly crunch, bit the vae in half, beginning the chew the upper half as the golden brown blood of the poor creature squirted from the limp remaining lower half. Vee watched silently in what was not an abnormal sight, despite how grotesque another being might find it.

They hadn't finished off the first half when they stuffed the legs of the former vae into their mouth, crunching them down with their hardened ridge like gum line. As the munched on their own vae, Nie stood to their feet, turning around in the mud and grass like dwelling and walking to a small door which presented like a cabinet stuffed in the wall.

"If must will take," Nie said softly, opening said cabinet and reaching inside. Vee stood up curiously and for the first moment since their conversation began, their vae wings twitched in anticipation. Nie turned around with a single small dagger stuffed into a leather sheath, a beltline looped beneath it. It was far from a glorious weapon, in fact any self respecting warrior would have discarded it long ago in favor of something less aged.

Vee watched as their mother walked over to them, reaching around them with the belt loop and attaching it to Vee beneath their leafy appendages attatched around the waist area. It was completely hidden on them underneath their own anatomy, it was nearly impossible for even the keenest eye to detect its presence.

Nie grabbed the dagger and drew it out, holding it up in front of Vee as they marveled at it with their mouth agape.

"I find 200 years ago I think. If must go, take. It keep you alive," Nie instructed their child. Vee reached slowly out to grab the child of the dagger from their mother, investigating the piece carefully a moment as they did before tucking it away in the sheath and facing their mother again.

Once faced with what seemed like the last time they would see their child, Nie grabbed Vee's face and pulled them closer, reaching their face around to the side of their head and nuzzling into their hair to find their ear. Once they had they took Vee's ear in their mouth and bit it firmly in what they Vynym viewed as a loving interaction between family and the closest of friends. Vee opened their arms and held their mother by the waist, allowing the transaction and then searching for their mothers ear to return the gesture.

The pair retreated after words, and Nie watched with longing eyes as Vee turned and made their way out the door.

Vee did not say goodbye to anyone else. Kae knew they were leaving, and would certainly pass the word along later. Certainly they were most likely busy anyway. As soon as the pair had returned they called on the village elders to inform them of their discovery. The curiosity of the find of ruins nearby that never had been stumbled upon before caused an extreme stir among not only the elders, but the entire village. The discussions quickly led to study and exploration of the area in the Hope's of learning more about what the ruins might represent. It was very unlikely they would meet those who created them as old as they had looked, but the discussion of that possibility was very present in the excitement. After all, their own race lived in excess of 900 years, who was to say they weren't still around?

Vee hoped Kae kept their vae still (kept their mouth shut) as they had promised about the sorceress. The village didnt need the worry about the possibility of such a powerful being walking in on them. While Kae wasn't sure if that was the right course of action, they had agreed to not mention that little fact when Vee offered the bag of gold in exchange.

So Vee left their village alone, and ignorant to what it was they were doing with the exception of their mother. With a dagger hidden on their hip, the holodisc held to their back with a durable sash, and the shard in hand, they proceeded unquestioned out of the village, and onto possibly the greatest adventure of any Vynym's life.

She giggles slightly at the red swords comment. "I understand. The names Jules." She places her delicate looking hand in his. It was surprisingly a firm handshake from her. "Its nice to meet you Neo. I take it that hand of yours gets you in some trouble. Similar to my... well whole appearance more or less." She knits her brows for a moment then smiles. "That hand of yours is fascinating! It detects magic?" She thinks for a moment. "Wait a minute, are you looking for some kind of magic in particular? Maybe I can help you out?" She smiles hoping he doesnt straight out turn her down.

"Actually,I was just look for a place to rest,and to answer your question about the arm,yes,it could sense magical creatures or objects."The arm would stop glowing,and Neo then grabbed it, taking a deep breath."I know the arm will get me in trouble,so I try to hide it,but I lost the cast I keep it in.But the damn thing keeps getting me in trouble just because it can."Neo would think about something for a moment,then shook his head."Yeah,if you could help me find the other shards of the vase, and please don't lie about you have one of the shards,the arm knows,and will keep glowing until you fess up."The arm would then glow again,but a bit brighter."Great...just great..."

"I wont give you mine since we just met but I do have one trapped in this necklace. Its protected by some demon magic that very few know how to open. Only really healer demons know it and their aren't many of us left. Either way, I do know where one more is but... if you saw that hallucination thing with the disc, and heard about the alien gal hunting us down, then its probably not the wisest to go after that one..." she says in a serious tone as she looks back at the town. "As for hiding your arm, the only thing I can do is heal it by covering it with your own skin. It only last a little whole but enough to get us through town. It wont effect your demon arm in any way either. I'm more or less making skin cover over the arm." She smiles with her teeth. She also noticed him grabbing his arm. "Does it hurt or something?" She tilted her head and looks with concern.

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