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Neo would nod,going into the place.When he entered,he smelled many things,but mostly food.His stomach would growl louder.He would look around and saw an empty table in the corner,and he would go to it immediately.Neo didn't like public places for one reason,there always seemed to be one guy that recognized him and try to get him in trouble.Neo would then put on his hoodie over his head, preventing the chance for someone to recognized him.

She takes notice to him being uncomfortable. "You know we dont have to eat here if it makes you too uncomfortable." She sits at the table and looks up at him with concern. "Or get it to go if youd prefer."

Neo would shake his head and say,"It's not that I'm uncomfortable,it's just that don't want to be recognized by anyone."Just when he said that,a drunkard would come to the table and say,"Hey,don't you know that this isn't a place for half demons,Neo,why don't you leave."Neo would just put his head on the table,knowing what would happen next.He would say something,get him mad,and a brawl would start.But that wasn't the case,as the drunkard would look at Joules and whistle,which made Neo lose his cool slowly.

She stared at the drunken man. "Please do not whistle at me like that. I am currently with someone at the moment, clearly." She says as she motions her hand toward Neo. "There is nothing wrong with demons in my opinion." She declared as she would look at the drunken man. Why fo I feel as if he will not hear a word I'm saying... he keeps staring at my chest... she sighs as she becomes more and more uncomfortable. "Stop looking down there! My eyes are up here!" She protested to no avail. She knits her brows and looks away a little defeated.

The drunkard would continue to look,and then say,"Why don't come to my table?It'll be much more exciting if you do."Neo was still listening to the conversation.He knew that Joules was being uncomfortable around the guy,and he really wanted to punch him in the face,but he couldn't,so he would continue continue and if he hear something wrong,he punch the dude out the window.

Just then, an attractive man, holding a scary helmet, walked in. He looked pretty young, with no bags under his eyes, the face of a young lifeful body. He made his way to a seat and just sat there, looking like he needed someone to talk too. He sat his helmet facing them and crossed his arms


The Warden wrote:
Just then, an attractive man, holding a scary helmet, walked in. He looked pretty young, with no bags under his eyes, the face of a young lifeful body. He made his way to a seat and just sat there, looking like he needed someone to talk too. He sat his helmet facing them and crossed his arms

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Behind him was a different man, a man with his helmet on, and stood next to The Warden


The Warden wrote:
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The pair stare deeply into the barelands as any human would into a vortex to another planet. The flatness itself wouldn't be as strange if not for the lack of....everything. Very few trees left the land accurately named, barren of the usual limbs and other things the Vynym were used to seeing on the ground. Kae stopped, pulling Vee to a stop as well and they looked at their friend out of concern, both for Kae themselves, and for the current situation they were finding themselves in.

Vee opened their mouth to speak, but the loud noises they heard from the billowing smoke in the distance startled them, and both stared into the distance. They vaguely saw the men in the distance move about, shouting about....something before stopping and apparently staring out in their direction.

Both of them held reserved fears about this, but it seemed plainly obvious it was civilization. Nothing like they had seen before of course, but the reaction was not that of a mindless animal.

Kae walked up closer to Vee, grabbing around their waist and pressing their torso into their back. They peered over Vee's shoulder using them as a kind of shield for protection with wide eyes aimed at the tower, not dissimilar from the way Vee stared at the percieved alien nation.

"What we do?" Kae asked shakily, not taking their eyes off of the tower. Vee stared several moments, already knowing the answer but reluctant to go through with it. Where had Kae's leading confidence gone? When did Vee suddenly become the eldest in their eyes for a change? Vee looked over their shoulder, their face so close to Kae's they were nearly kissing.

"We go," they said before looking back to the tower. "Maybe shard owner there."

With a deep breath Vee started walking in the direction of the tower, a light squish of marshlands beneath their feet in each step. Kae quickly followed along, grabbing Vee's hand and pulling themselves up beside them quickly and attaching to their side.

Anything they percieved as weapons fired in their direction would cause them to flee in terror, but short of open hostilities, the pair intended to walk right up to this alien tower, and likely say hello in a very Vynym way. A way barelandians might not recognize, or even appreciate.

By the gods! They.... they looked like people from that far out! But closer, they were walking plants! Were they.... forest spirits? Magically armoured tribesfolk? Magical beasts? The way they approached cautiously looked almost like a pair of lost children.... The guardsman had called to the lieutenant to see if he could let them know what to do here. He seemed just as lost, but said to let them approach and greet them, so long as they did not take any aggressive action, while he roused the captain.

He had no idea if they would understand anything he would say, but hoped that a jovial tone would translate into... whatever language they spoke or pollen puffed or.... however they communicated. He dearly hoped they used words.

"Why hello there!" he called, "Erm.... Could I ask what your business is.... forest dwellers?" He hesitates as he figures out what to call them, hoping they would not get offended. They did not look armed, but in his experience, an unarmed traveller was likely a sorcerer, and a sorcerer was nobody to offend if you wanted to keep your life.

And two unarmed travellers meant one of a great number of things, most of which were even more dangerous. Add to that the fact that they had just come from an obviously enchanted rainforest, and he was admittedly nervous.

His partner crouched behind the tower-top's low wall, his crossbow loaded so he could stand and shoot if they came under threat. The guardsman speaking nervously manipulated the glass bottle in his hand, which would release a thick choking smoke when shattered on the ground below. He hoped the two creatures would be friendly, being as they had approached so openly, but he was afraid of them.

She looks at him with an awkward smile not wanting to stir trouble. "No thank you. I will have to pass this time. Besides, you would hate to be with me." She gives out an air laugh. The drunken man grabs her arm. "Hey! Buddy I dont know what you're trying to pull here, but knock it off." She glares at him as she tries shaking her arm loose of his firm grip. He squeezed tighter. "You're hurting me..." Her arm slowly becoming noticeably redder as she tries digging her nails into his arm to make him release. "I said LET ME GO!" Her eyes flashed black for only a second. However, he was too focused on 2 other things to notice.

He saw him, got up, and simply said. "Calm down, I think you've had enough"

Neo had enough and decide to punch the drunkard in the face.When the drunkard got up,all he saw was the rage of a demon Hunter.Neo then grabbed the drunkard and said,"You pissing me off and two other,if I didn't punch you in the face,then she would have done worse.

She smiles at his comment as she heals the bruise the drunken man had given her. "That's true. Youd probably be missing a limb or gutted. " she smirked. She looks over at the man who tried stopping it with words. "I appreciate you trying to stop him as well." She bows slightly revealing her chest a bit. She then turns back to Neo. "Thank you for helping me... any longer and I wouldve... well..." she scratches the back of her neck.

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