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Atlas gave a refrained but assured nod.
"That is only fair." He looks to the drones. "Find the centre most point between the first rift that brought them here and the latest. Keep monitoring other activities from them and inform me immediately should they try again." The drones in unison reply.
"Yes Atlas." They say and begin running calculations. Atlas turns to them.
"You'll need to move fast. When I give the command leap into the rift. No delays. Understood?" Blake nods.
"Yea. No delays." He says reassuring it to himself.

Jackie nodded. "Yeah got it. So where's the middle of where we came in, and the one that just opened?" Jackie asked. At least they were making progress. Maybe once they got back home she'd be able to wake up from this freaky dream, or whatever it is.

"We shall know shortly. Patience now." He says placing a hand on Jackie's shoulder. "Once you two return I suggest you take note of your world. This experience may not leave you so easily."

"Dude, we're in an alternate reality and this is our only way home! It's kinda hard to be patient!" Jackie said. It was abundantly clear she had no interest in remaining in this mirror world.

"Acting rashly won't help, besides we don't even know where the breach point is at this time. It won't be long." Atlas looks to Blake who was quiet but his eyes showed his stress. Atlas put his hand on the boys shoulder. "Your worry is misplaced. Relax and you'll both be home soon." Blake nods.
"You're probably right." He says putting on a forced smile. Several minutes later a drone flies back.
"The point is found and should be easy to access if you leave now." Atlas nods.
"Perfect, Jackie. Blake. Come here." He says holding out his palms. Blake puts his hand on one and waits for Jackie.

"YES! WE'RE GOING HOME!" Jackie blurted out, clearly more than ready to ditch this weird place. Jackie did the same.

The same thing happened as what brought them to this place. One moment they were in the facility and the next they were back in town. Standing on a street corner with a row of shops down either street and blurred cars driving by. Blake felt dizzy but straightened himself up and shook off the feeling as he looked around.
"Are we downtown?" He asks recognizing the location. Atlas looks about and scans for the fissure.
"It would seem so. This point must be the fault line between the other two rifts. Should be around here somewhere."

"What are we looking for with this fissure thing?" She questioned. "Like, a big hole or something? right?" She added. Unnoticed by any of them, atop a building stood a shade, gazing down at them intently.

"It wouldn't be as obvious. Something odd. Like a ripple similar to a mirage. Something that looks out of place." Atlas says as he wanders his gaze up the buildings. The shade above moves from sight but leaves Atlas with an uneasy look. Blake looks around but everything seems normal. The area around them seems like anywhere else in this world. Muted colours and strange deluded sounds. Blake thought he saw something standing in a shop window. It looked like a shadowy shade for a minute as he scanned by. But when his gaze returned he saw nothing there. Rubbing his eyes he wondered if it was a trick of his eyes.

Jackie didn't wait to get to looking once Atlas told them what to look for. Jackie didn't bother with being polite to the people wandering about, simply shoving them out of her way or shoving by them. None reacted, as expected. "Uh... this it?" Jackie questioned. "I can see a weird. Uh..... wiggly..... line..... thing in the air." Jackie said.

Atlas looked to where Jackie indicated in the middle of the street. About the cross section in the road. The area seemed about two meters tall and slightly off the ground. It was about an inch thick.
"That's it. Now you two stand back and I'll open it. But when I say go you must jump through as I can't force it open for long and it'll immediately close for good once it closes." Blake moves to the side. He and Jackie were about five meters from the rift. Atlas puts his hands together like praying and a light starts emitting from them. The air around them crackles and as Atlas prepares this the shades make themselves noticed and stand. Rising up around Atlas notices around a dozen from a quick scan. "Blast it." He says trying to focus the needed energy and get the kids out of harms way.

Jackie jumped when the shades suddenly appeared. It was a large enough group to surround them. She raised her bat, but was obviously trembling. "W-What do we do?" Jackie questioned. The Shades soon began to close in. Jackie swung her bat at the nearest Shade, hitting iti n the head and knocking it the ground. It soon rose to its feet. "C-Crap!" Jenny stammered, taking a step back.

As Jackie moved back, close to Blake and Atlas the taller guardian of them looked to the shades.
"Both of you, are you ready?" He asks as his hands pulse with energy. Blake looks about.
"I, I don't know." Atlas looks to the rift.
"Well I'm sorry but you need to be, now go!" He shouts points his hands to the rift. As energy cracks and light shoots from his hands like streams Atlas pulls and pries open the rift. Blake sees this and moves without thinking running and leaping into it.

Jackie dropped her bat and followed, jumping through the portal as well. Jackie found herself in complete darkness for a bit. At first Jackie was worried she had gotten stuck between the real world and the mirror world, but then she began to open her eyes.

At first she was blinded by a bright light, before her eyes adjusted to find herself staring up at a hospital room's ceiling. She looked around for a few seconds before her mother suddenly came into view. "OH THANK GOD!" She yelped, yanking Jackie into a hug, having been crying. "Where am I? What's going on?" Jackie asked. "The principle fou-found you and a boy unconscious on the steps up to your school." Jackie's mother explained, once she'd regained some of her composure. "Do you remember what happened?" Her mother asked.

Jackie opened her mouth to speak, perfectly recalling what had been happening in the mirror world, but decided not to mention anything. "Uh.... no I don't." Jackie said. "Uh the guy I was found with is he ok?" Jackie asked.

Blake found himself in a similar situation in another room. Having sprang awake and sitting up like he woke from a nightmare he panted as a nurse came over to comfort him.
"Whoa now, calm down it's all right." Blake looked around and saw the entirety of the Hospital room as his blurry vision adjusted.
"Am I in hospital?" He asks and the nurse nods.
"Correct. Do you remember what happened?" Blake thinks to himself. The mirror world was a strange situation that he felt was an odd dream.
"I left school and now I'm here?" He asks playing dumb and around that notion of another world. The nurse nods.
"Seemed like you passed out. We were worried as your vital signs were low but now everything seems well." She says checking a heart rate and as this happens Blake notices the drip in his arm. A minute later his parents come in and he has a similar greeting to Jackie as he ponders what happened. Did he have some kind of episode? Heatstroke? He wasn't sure but felt relieved to just be someplace where people responded.

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